Cheapest AM4 Motherboard on the Market!

Welcome to my review of the asrock A320m-DGS, the cheapest AM4 motherboard on the market consistently selling for just over $50. I used this board with a ryzen 7 1700 for over a month just to see what it was like.

Current pricing and availability for the Asrock A320m-DGS:

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Songs Used:
Kenny Segal – Procrastination [Majestic Color]

Personal Rig:
Ryzen 7 1700:
Master Liquid Lite 120:
HOF Ram:
Sapphire RX 460:
OCZ VX 500:
EVGA 850 B2:

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Annamma Zachariah says:

Does this board support ryzen5 2400g OUT OF THE BOX?????????or do we have to update the bios???????

Cloudsy says:

would this work in a micro atx build?

Dojo Games says:

do i need to update it for ryzen 2200g?

Jake Joris says:

i found $25 AM4 Motherboard

Peyton Fenner says:

Whats the website to install the drivers off of

criplingnerds says:

Can it overclock?

Sabdiel Martinez says:

Is the 350 compatible with ddr3

Tech By Matt says:

Sorry for being a day late with the upload.

Also, if it looks like a hurricane was going on in the background during some of the Broll that’s because it was lol.

Dark Fighter says:

Pls someone to send me names for the best pc boxes for this motherboard!

Zykerfox ! says:

Do i need old cpu to flash the new driver?

Ricardo Torres says:

It’s a mini atx right

Unknown Sally says:

on newer fans they now have molexs which yo could hook up all to gather with the power supply

Thomas Corfield says:

An excellent, informative and well presented video, with no umm-ing or aah-ing. Well done, and greetings from Australia!

VRIceblast says:

The reviews for the board aren’t very good. It’s dirt cheap, and you get what you pay for.

Daniel Osinga says:

can you overclock on it?

Le Leedler says:

No VRM heatsink… No buy

Vice Stojčić says:

I am overclocking cpus and gpus since my first pc parts even now my pc is oc but after all these years i can say its not worth it performance and temp wise and the cost of cooling and oc boards. Better buy cheap boards with locked cpus that mach your need where stock cooling is even enough and silent and will last forever. Gpu oc well today they do it themself or you cant do much than it came out of the box. And you will save money power and can more often upgrade the cheap way and stay up to date. P.s damn you ddr4 prices.

HyperDrive says:

Asrock does really cheap but good mobos but since it wasnt available on the shop I went with msi a320m pro vd/s

xd Will136 says:

how many fan ports does this mobo have. I have a case with 2 included fans

Raphaël Côté says:

does it support amd a8 9600 ???

Ecks Gaming Benchmark says:

That motherboard is decent but if someone was to get into overclocking they would need something like a MSI A320M GRENADE which sells for about 50$ – 60$ and while that board can overclock it can only do so by at least 10% performance boost which would make it last a year to two years longer.

KHop_YT says:

I have the HDV version in my build, please spend the extra money on a HDV version

KHop_YT says:

A Friend of mine gave me a free A320M-HDV, which i like, except i can’t overclock my CPU

Abner Chamate says:

This board lacks pci, so I´ll go with Gigabyte 320 HD2, and keep my trustful EMU 0404 soundcard. Ryzen 3 2200G and 8 ram in the near future and 10 years to come probably. I game very little but Vega 8 runs fine at 720p no OC need it.

Local dog says:

overclocking is overrated. anyways this was really helpful, and helped me get an idea of which pc might be by next, i also think that this motherboard is great for budget computer building, and is good for people who just want to get a decent pc (like me).

Kenny Dee says:

You forgot to mention other boards offer bluetooth and wifi built in…

seppe roskams says:

i can’t find the drivers for this motherboard, i need help

Benz Dimpas says:

Gtx 1080ti gonna work in there ?

Something4aLL says:

Can I use ryzen 3 2200g????

Aslan says:

thanks. good review. suit for my need atm

Patrick Yin says:

i am biulding 3 pc of this shit m/b, first one already got fxxk up, using gigabyte for 20yrs there is no such a problem at all!!!

Taxation is Theft says:

I am thinking about getting this board along *R5 1600 + GTX 1070ti* and *two 8gb 2400mhz RAM* sticks, do you guys think it`s worth it?

I am not going to overclock, do SLI or use more than 2 RAM sticks.

I intend to play competitive FPS @144fps with a 144hz monitor

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