Bang for the Buck Z97 Motherboard Showdown Part 1 – Physical Overview

There are a bunch of great motherboards available for right around $100 nowadays, and in this series we intend to break down the differences between a few of them. First up, the physical overview.

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hey B wat's poppin' says:

I have a question mainly regarding motherboards and ram. I have a YouTube channel (that is not this one) and I have 16 gigabytes of ram in two sticks of 8 gigabyte ram. I noticed an increase in performance when I went from 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes. I use a HD60S to record and I have a GIGABYTE G1 GTX 970 Superclocked GPU with 4 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory. My processor is a AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor that runs at 3.50 GHz. My Motherboard is, as far as I know, an unknown MSI motherboard that only supports 2 ddr3 ram sticks. I was wondering if I should upgrade my motherboard and increase my ram sticks, upgrade my ram only, or upgrade my CPU motherboard and ram. And it would help a ton if you had any recommendations as to what I should I should upgrade to. please keep in mind that I have as low a budget as asking my dad if he’ll get it for me or about $500.

ToxicUnicorn says:

I just wanted to know what is a cheap but good mb but all I hear is everything but that

Jeff S says:

Corsair all-in-one CPU water cooling

Bruce Gordon says:

Which asus board is that?

wilko048 says:

Is the asRock compatible with DVI and D-sub

MuhammeT Emin Polat says:

hello msi? gigabyte? asus? montherboard?



Nathan Patterson says:

below this z97 price range, what is a good gaming motherboard for me.

Travis Boyko says:

ha ha I have 12 HDD plugged into my rig… I could never have enough Sata ports…

Chris Granados says:

crunchyroll is for nerds

jyothi nippani says:

help me i need a ddr4 2400mhz supporting motherboard with 1151 for 60-80$$$

Jimbo Yokimbo says:

That “yes or no” bar graph was horrid.

Sahil Mulla says:

any trusted websites that gives detailed reviews on mobos with all the detailed specs ?

Beep Beep I'm an Sheep says:

Beep Beep I’m an Sheep

RedReadper380 says:

are z97 motherboards compatable with LGA-1150 intel core i7 4770 3.40 ghz

Veselin Krastev says:

Hi, I’m looking for a motherboard to pair with the i5-6500 and the gtx 1060. I’m not doing cpu over clocking and I’m obviously not doing SLI. I’ll have one HDD and one SSD. I’m almost sold on the Asus h110m-A. I just don’t think I need the extra features that h170 motherboards offer like more slots for storage devices, more usb ports, or more ram slots. I chose a case with a fan controller so I think that solves the problem with cooling. I there any other reason Is might want an h170. Will it actually affect performance?

Rezinator says:

Hey PC users! Will the ASRock H110M-DGS Micro ATX mobo’s pcie x1 lane be obstructed or blocked by the Rx 480?! I ask because I need to install a wifi card into the board 😛

Thanks in advanced 😀

aurjun tamang says:

I have MSI Z270 carbon pro and I love it

The Profile Picture Artist says:

Can these fit on my dell computer?

Liam Gratehouse says:

” Zed ” 97. Yeah.
He’s Canadian.

321Tdog says:

Would you say it’s worth going for a MB which has USB C in this day and age?

ZIPMusic says:

If anyone has any questions then you should just go to and ask in the forums. You’re much more likely to get an informative reply.

Adam Preston says:

why does the third board have a broken PCI lock

Gabriel Oluwakotanmi says:

are these motherboards overclockable with 7600k?

Ajlok C.M. says:

“Is that you need to look a bit closer before pulling the Trigger.” someone please say that to American Cops…

Paulo Esteves says:

What’s the difference between pci-e 1 2 or 3? And can I use a 1060 on pci-e 1?


These people at Linus don`t seem to like AMD lol, most things regarding mobo or gpu are Intel based.

Adityo W. says:

can you do this one with the skylake architecture?

Kristófer jónssón says:

will the z97 g43 from msi support a i7 6700k?

Justcampus says:

Of course I need those zillion sata ports because I am going to buy 16pcs 128gb SSDs and set them all to raid 0 so I can get 10gb/s write and read. What I will do with that speed? Simply nothing. It just cool to have 10gb/s r/w.

Yaser Humeid says:

please do a video on benchmarking

Jeff S says:

process will be the Intel i7 6850 and Nvidia GeForce 1080

stephen strassen says:

wonder if you could help gaming and performance asrock fx990 extreme 3 or 6? a3+ cpu being used 8350 and 8gig graphics ,32gig of ballistic tactical ram zalman 12x triple fan cooler and themaltake p3 cast with riing 14 140 fans..the board is my main concern

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