Asus Z97 Deluxe Motherboard Review

This is my review of the Asus Z97 Deluxe and my first experience with the new Z97 chipset.
What do you think of Asus’s new design?

Chapter Selection:
00.16 Box contents
02:35 The board
05:29 Close up tour
11:31 Rear IO
11:54 Quick look at the BIOS
14:51 Overclocking
18:16 Quick look at AI Suite/Software
20:57 Conclusion

Pricing & Availability:

Overclocking tests were done over two days with 2 hours of Aida64 being classed as stable.

Test Bench Specs:
Maximus VI Formula or Z97 Deluxe
Intel i7 4770K
Corsair H80i with SP120
16GB 1600MHz Dominator Pro Memory
Corsair AX1200 PSU
Dimastech EasyXL

Other overclocking settings:
The LLC, UnCore, VCCIN/VRIN and vRing were also managed during the manual overclocks. I did not mention these settings in the video as there was not a noticeable difference between the 2 boards worth pointing out, so I used the same settings for both boards.

Overclocking results are not comparable to other reviewers results, as every CPU has different characteristics and will not react the same to voltages/clocks/settings.

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Pajy says:

your voice allways turn me on fuck you

Tim Schlein says:


I was wondering if you could consider doing a series on how to pick the parts / build a gaming PC.  Thanks!

Miguel Hernandez says:

you should do asmr videos! ^_^

Gaellin O'Rourke says:

Any chance on a review of the MSI z97 XPower AC?  Trying to decide between the MSI XPower AC and the ASUS z97 Deluxe, thoughts?

Will be using: i7 4790k CPU with duel ASUS Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II GPU

Thank you much for your thoughts.

wondertwins says:

You are such a role model for young women around the globe!

Tâm Huỳnh says:


sebbysebbseb says:

I just brought this motherboard. Now I gotta wait til friday for the cpu. The main reason I brought this board was for the duel LAN ports and the Wi-Fi. Oh and the more USB ports the better.

Jonathan Bottcher says:

Why is her mouth making a wet noise every time she speaks?

Martin Halvax says:

I have watched this review a few times now. Not just because I like blonde girls. You basically sold this board. Of course it is mostly ASUS’s “fault” I will buy it, but you played a major role. Thank you!

Andy Lindsay says:

Your my new best reviewer, I appreciate the more in depth review of the products then most main stream reviewers. Keep up the good work and thanks.

sener kul says:


Michael Clay says:

Is she actually saying something…

The Gamer's Game says:

I actually find it hard to understand what she says sometimes…

TheVintageCustom says:

Hi, thanks for the review.
You are not the only person to say 10k hr caps. Asus state on their own site that it’s 5k hr. I think the spec changed, and am more inclined to believe people who have it in front of them, like yourself, than the mfr’s website, which is riddled with errors.

I was wondering if you, or anyone reading, could help me out.
After spending a good couple of hours going through both the Z97-Deluxe and USB3.1 manuals, I can’t add up the PCH lanes, and what gets disabled and what doesn’t. I think they made an error in their manual or something. There is only 18 lanes for use from the PCH, with some compromises using Flex I/O.

4x SATA III = 4 lanes
1x SATA Express -or- 2x SATA III -or- 1x M.2 = 2 lanes
4x USB 3.0 = 4 lanes
1x PCIe 16x @ 4x = 4 lanes
4x PCIe x1 @ 1x = 4 lanes
TOTAL lanes = 18 (the maximum the PCH can support)

That’s all fine. Everything is accountable for. There’s a total of 18 lanes to use and they’re all spoken for.

Now the secondary ASMedia chip driven stuff…

2x SATA III = 1 lane (ASM1061)
1x SATA Express -or- 2x SATA III = 2 lanes (ASM106SE)
2x USB 3.0 = 1 lane (ASM1042E)*
TOTAL Additional lanes = 4

These are found by substituting this 4x PCI slot lanes
PCIe 3_16 @ 4x:

Page 127:
[Auto Mode] = Keep the USB3.0 + auto detect PCIe_x16_4 @ 2x and disable SATAExpress_E1
[x2 Mode] = Same as above, without auto detecting PCIe. Disables the SATAExpress_E1
[x4 Mode] = Run PCIe_x16_4 @ 4x + disables both ASMedia USB3.0 and ASMedia SATAExpress
[Disabled] = All ASMedia stuff works, PCIe_x16_4 is disabled.

The manual makes a meal of this, swapping between SATAExpress_E1 (ASMedia106SE) and SATAExpress_1 (native from PCH), which is absurd, because the native one wouldn’t and also can’t be disabled – can it?

* One or both of the USB3.0 ports driven by ASM1042E (1x PCIe 2.0) looks like it might feed the ASM1074 chip and USB_E12 and USB_E34 near the front of the board. ASM1074 is a 1x USB3.0 upstream / 4x downstream hub.

Now I have worked that one out, my problem comes when I look at the USB3.1 version:

Gone is the ASM1042E USB3.0 chip and in it’s place is an ASM1142. ASM1142 takes 2x PCIe 2.0 lanes to create 2x USB3.1 ports. That is 1 more PCIe 2.0 lane than what can be gotten by savaging the 4x lane PCIe 2.0 3_16 slot. An additional PCIe 2.0_x1 needs to be dropped, but the manual makes no mention of it.

My guess is that the ASM1061 SATA III chip has been sharing lanes with a PCIe 2.0 x1 slot all the while, and that’s why the SATA_E12 (or SATA_E56 in the old manual, why 56?) doesn’t mention these ports being disabled by the PCIe 3_16 x4 slot.

How are Asus providing an extra PCIe lane to drive that USB3.1 chip?
Am I correct with the original USB3.0 incarnation of this board?

As in depth as the following review is, there are many errors:

1. There are 2x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot. Asus do this with most of the boards, except the z97-WS with it’s PLX chip.
1b. This board doesn’t have a PLX chip
2. The M.2 is shared with the native SATAExpress. The review indicated that it’s not, and is shared with the ASMedia driven stuff. An ASM1467 does drive it via SATAExpress/2x PCIe 2.0 lanes.
2b.. The ASM106SE SATAExpres bridge has nothing to do with M.2, it turns 2x PCIe 2.0 into 1x SATAExpress/2x SATA III.

# Edited and cleaned up.

indrewder says:

Lauren you should consider doing a series on how to pick components, for beginners. I love watching your videos, and your channel seems more geared towards the PC enthusiast. 

You are obviously knowledgeable about the subject, it would be cool for you to do, if you think people would like it.

Carnage _Few says:

WOW!!  A beautiful woman reviewing awesome goodies.  I’m now a subscriber!!  Great vids!!

Jon Car says:

Can you test this board with a Pentium G3258 over clocked with a new 750 video card.  I understand that the performance is outstanding for little cost.  The A version of the this board with the Pentium would be a great test.

nicksworld says:

I had the worst experience with this board. It has issues with SATA ports, my HDD’s always were not detected randomly. Piece of junk.

Bing Bang says:

Thanks for the good review 😉

Esoareen says:

Came looking for good MB reviews for a first build and ended up here finding a best one. Others like Linus gave so many (quick) infos in so little time but yours is more detailed, indepth that very much helpful to most like me (tying to build first rig) though at times difficult to catch you due to your accent. Still Great video and look forward to more plus review on graphic cards. 

Seshoumaru says:

very informative 

Marcos Fazzio says:

Marry me?

IamdarkProductions says:

Is it possible to flash bios in these z97 boards of asus without cpu? z97i plus specifically?

magicaldog says:

ordered and on it’s way !

iddn says:

Stop saying ‘ahm’ all the time

wykedinsanity says:

oh the wings was the other vid…i think

wykedinsanity says:

waves at jerry

Bboy Sugafree says:

Hey Lauren, do you play any games? As a fan, I would love to squad up with people I watch on Youtube.

Anindya Mukherjee says:

most beautiful reviewer on youtube

John Dizzil says:

really good video, keep em coming!

jesaustralia says:

Yea perfect dialect – it almost made me cry – I wanna be able to speak like that!!! – I’m danish and love when people use their language to the full – you do. About the review – I understood some, but that’s not your fault – its my knowledge as in general computing knowledge – isn’t good enough – you sound like a beast expert know what I mean? 🙂 – thank you for your review – I think you convinced me to buy it. Cheers mate

Wolf Bauer says:

Hey lauren!
Thank your –  a pefect information about the board (now, i buy this..)
Also very nice to look……  🙂
I really like your channel
Greez from Germany!

Harvey Sullivan says:

Excellent review gj

TrueVaexel ™ says:

Which motherboard are we talking about again?

Rodney Terry says:

Asus BIOS looks really awesome. As much as i like my Gigabyte board the BIOS isn’t very good. 

Paulo Pê Costa says:

“ÃM” ……….. bla bla bla “ÃM” …. kkkkk

TehJonel says:

holy crap, she knows her stuff. 

Énvagyok Csakis says:

ohh dear…have you got a boyfriend? :/

Nima Jalali says:

Very well reviewed. Beautiful lady, lovely accent, and knowledgeable! Thank you for making my life (in this case choosing an ASUS mainboard) a lot easier with this thorough, well paced and thought out review.

Marc Bourgoin says:

Heyyo, lol hmm… so Asus released a Z97 Deluxe motherboard with a Qi wireless charger… and their Zenfone 2 doesn’t support it… good review though Lauren! Lots of detail. 🙂

MrLocariox says:

hello +TastyPCTV  greetings from lima, peru. i just have a question, did you studied anything realeted to computers? cause i see you have great knowledge about computers.  keep up the really good work you are doing

RedRoot4711 says:

60,000 viewer here.
This or Formula?

mmarsbarr says:

Thanks for this! Saved me from RTFM!

Jonathan Ramirez Garcia says:

Pretty Good Review!!! All the details very well explained!!! Glad i found your job! 😛

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