Asus Z370 STRIX-F & Pro Gaming TUF Motherboard Reviews

STRIX-F Amazon:
TUF Amazon:
These new Z370 boards from Asus are pretty sweet, with the Pro Gaming / TUF board coming in a more budget flavour, while the STRIX-F is a little higher end. Both support intel’s 8th generation 8700K CPU, along with the rest of the CoffeeLake chips. Let’s take a look!

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Daryl keam says:

Are u on drugs? Dont forget to breath. Jesus……

Saint Flow says:

Ah damn. came for more info about the TUF regarding stability/OC and if it keeps up with the strix series if you dont need the extra features but you barely talk about that one :/ (Because with 170€ vs 210€ its quite a difference in moneys if you dont care about rgb and dont know yet if you ever use the m.2 slot!)

sunil thapa says:

wow, is this review or rapping ……….

Bothand Nether says:

R.I.P. Sabertooth

Il-Sentinela-lI says:

They just killed the Sabertooth/TUF brand…shame on you Asus

BeginnersTech says:

Nice review buddy cheers

Maxx Zimonick says:

Just give each board their own review. You basically just added in the Tuf board, and mainly talked about the Strix board.

Drexx Laggui says:

Glad finally someone is talking about the TUF series! Been a user with Trooper B85, Sabertooth Z87, Z97, X99, and Z170, and later, TUF X299… all Mark 1’s.

TUF doesn’t look like it’s dead yet. TUF has two line-ups now, the “24/7 Durability” (which is Mark 1 ?), and “Gaming” (which is Mark 2 ?).

jackelofnar says:

What I have been hearing the asus mb are really bad for z370. They have really bad voltage droop shame on asus

Robert Mackay says:


Sevos says:

This one or the Maximus X Hero for 5Ghz?

SRAVAN S says:

I like the TUF !
It can overclock !
5 Years warranty !
No too much flashy RGB !
It has a better IO 
It has more surge protection !

Gamerx Streamer says:

Best board for game streaming???

ِ says:

MSI and Gigabyte >> Asus

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