ASUS Z170S WHITE PCB Motherboard Review


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Loresk Canada says:

los pollos shirt.. two of them probably brothers, los pollos hermanos .. walter white. Illuminati confirmed.

cenqz says:

Ok the MB supported only 2100-2400 mhz ram, does sombody know it’s worked with 3000-3200 mhz too ? I saw some people their use 3000-3200 mhz sticks but idk if it’s worked or not !

ars3nic_ says:

I was pretty sure you got hacked

Kev Crick says:

Wow I literally stopped watching for a couple days out of fear because I thought someone named Salazar Studio was ripping off your videos and I didn’t want to give them credit.

J.D. Whited says:

Salazar Hub

Game Lard says:

i was like who the hell is salazar studio? lol

James Wood says:

I like the new name and I was figuring you might change that eventually based on your content

etzico says:

i have that motherboard, its great

1sonyzz says:

captain asus: winter z170

Edvin Gusinac says:

I see it now!! I still like Science Studios. That was something unique to you. Not feeling the new name.

Nathan Stephenson says:

Greg, that isnt a usb reset switch, its a BIOS flash button…you can flash bios from USB with press of a button! See, you dont know about it…help a brother out and allow me to upgrade from my Z77 sabertooth and give me that z170s!!

ShieldBird FTW!

Shayan Sarwar says:

I like the name

Sammy Morini says:

Thought T-Force meant Tri-Force…

played too much OoT as a kid… lol

Videojuegos y cocina says:

Salazar Studio, i buy it and the motherboard is awesome and beautiful.
i have one problem, what is the best ram for this configuration.
i5 6600k, asus saberthoot and rx480.

White Noise revived says:

mine’s better z170 titanium mpower

Wolfgang Christl says:

Can you review the X99 Taichi board?

Haffa Houble H M says:

i have the same mobo but i have some problems with fan control except that it’s a great mobo i recommand

Photoharv says:

I’m rebuilding my pc, and was waiting for a review like this to pull the trigger! Thanks dude

Dominick the Banana says:

Your last name is Salazar? Pretty badass.

Kaiser King says:

I like that you changed the name.

Mr Doodleydoo says:

Ohhh your name changed! Another techtuber changing their name!

Agah Celebi says:

Which Keyboard are you using sir?

wyzemann says:

I’m totally in agreement with the channel name evolution. One can’t remain the same and expect better results on YouTube or in life, for that matter. Also, you’re one of the few science-oriented individuals who actually adhere to COMMON SENSE as much as cold hard data and/or experience. Thank You, Greg, I’m learning so much from your channel and a heap more from you.

David Traver Adolphus says:

Thank you! I’m planning a white/blue build, and that’s the board I’m hoping to use.

Svyatoslav Tsebak says:

im building a new gaming pc and i know little about computers. i was thinking of getting this motherboard for its aesthetic and functionality, and id be pairing it with a gtx 1080 and an intel i7 6700 k skylake processor. is this a good idea? advice would be appreciated!

D. C. says:

Have you updated the bios on your 1070s? I made that mistake when I was doing the testing over the weekend for my sli video (different channel then this account obviously). If you need a link to the down load or just want the zip file let me know.

Shayan Sarwar says:

your my favourite tech tuber

Tom Jung says:

I want to oc my 6700k up to 4.8ghz.. Can you tell me the cpu core voltage for overclocking 6700k?

Robert Ongrui says:

What is the name of the white keyboard?

iMountainDew says:

I need to know that keyboard somebody tell me please.

petre podila says:

are you hungarian?

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