ASUS X99-A II – Review / Best Value i7-6800K Motherboard

ASUS X99-A II – Unboxing and Review
This is a detailed look at all the features of this motherboard, so if you’d like to know everything about this board, enjoy!

I have also reviewed the older version of this board, the ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 which came before, you can watch it here:

This motherboard is ideal for the i7-6800K CPU which is what I recommend you buy for general high end computing performance.

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ASUS X99-A II Motherboard – –

This is my overview video showing why I think this is the right choice for an i7 CPU in August 2016:

Part II – i7-6700K vs i7-6800K – Skylake vs Broadwell-E

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4GB MEANS 4GB says:

FASTER ram does matter for gaming, been proven time and time again.

Mo Rezai says:

what about ASRock Taichi and Professional Gaming mobos compared to this one ? thanks 🙂

Ahmed Abduljabar says:

Great review .. just finished watching it for the second time.

Flat Stanley says:

Just a side note he shows DDR4 3200mhz in the video, beware this isn’t supported it’s 2133/2400 for the intel 6800k only.

YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

They told me the 850 evo will not work with this board you need to use the 950

Tim Esseboom says:

Hi first of all great video! im thinking about buying the i7-6800K in combination with de Asus X99-A II, I have a question about de RAM. Intel says the 6800K supports DDR4 2400/2133 does this mean that if I use RAM with a higher MHz it wil not work? Also Asus says in the memory support file for the X99-A II : “When running XMP at DDR4 3200 MHz or higher, the system’s stability depends on the CPU’s capabilities” So what will happen if I use RAM with a MHz higher than 2400 and flip the XMP switch?

Dave Vasquez says:

Just came across your awesome review of this board. Really appreciate the level of detail in your breakdown. I’m about to purchase but was considering the i7 6850 processor as I do a lot of content creation. I’d heard you have to put your video card into one of the other slots to get x16 if you use this particular processor? Also, curious what you think of this processor vs. the 6800. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Rusty Pietrzak says:

If I read correctly, you can ONLY put DIMMs in 4 of the slots with the i7 6800 CPU. So why have an 8 slot mobo?

R.H. Swapnil says:

You are by far THE BEST youtuber in this sector! I’m So glad that i found your channel. You’ve helped me soo much man…. :’) Thanks a Lot! 🙂 Keep up the great work….

SchizoidMan says:

There are many poorly rated consumer reviews on Newegg for this board regarding the QC. What gives? Do the consumers just not know what they’re talking about? Or did +Tech Deals just get a board that passed QC?

I find the most difficult part to pick for my 6800k PC is the motherboard, there are very few that are highly rated.

orlared says:

So you can use 3200 MHz Ram in this board using that XMP switch because I see speeds for this board listed as type DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2666 / 2800 / 3000 / 3300 / 3333

N Mars says:

Recent subscriber. You sir have the most concise and clearest explanations/guides/comparisons on the Tube. Plus, this is exactly the same MB & chip that I just used on my first build. Love it.

bonzaipeter says:

these boards are very bad.. 🙁 bought this one for the same cpu.. boot hangs up.. and its more tha 15-25 seconds on SSD PRO Samsung it should be like 5-10 seconds.. it has usb power issues.. dont buy this board.. maybed RAMPAGE but not hits X99-A II … we at the company had and have bad issues and if you look it up.. its very common and still to this day not repaired issue from ASUS.. i have rampage and i have allmost no issues.. but for my costumer its been a nightmare.. for 280 euros :(. Save you some grey hair for a long time..and just dont buy it.

Exodanify says:

This was such a GREAT and DETAILED review. Good job!

Heinz19946 says:

but the max frecuency of the procesador isnt 2400GHz??, i mean if u put rams oif 2800 it will only work on 2400 right?

Bilal Ahmad says:

It support intel 5960x

Mikah Mitchell says:

Does the manual include diagrams of the PCB layout? If not, where would I be able to find one if I ever have problems with this board? Side note: is that white I/O cover removable with ease? I’m not a huge fan of the white, and would like to paint it

Aleks Nash says:

One question, what about all those bad reviews on NewEgg and Amazon? It’s like 50-50 chance of getting good vs bad board..

audiraptor says:


vinnu nani says:

Asus rog strix x99 it inbuilt wifi.
your rivew this x99Aii.
so which board is best for i7 6800k.pls rly me.

Carl Hillman says:

Dont buy this POS, mine died after 3 months and my RMA came back as we dont know whats wrong here’s your busted ass motherboard back 3 months later.


sir, can review Asus Dual gtx 1070 white ? I need to know it’s good or not

wrogers814 says:

Great video, very detailed and informative. Also, explanations were very clear.
Your comments raises a couple of concerns.
 I just purchased the Asus X99 Delux II and the I7-6800k cpu putting into a Master cooler Mastercase Pro 5 case + plus the Hyper 212 Evo for cooling. Ram, 2x16gb DDR4 2666nhz sticks.
you seem to suggest that I should upgrade my cooling to liquid and install memory iin multiple of 4xs. Again, great work.

mugiwara666 says:

Hmm, so 3 case fans (normally) but you can have 5-6 if you use a splitter huh?

MrMusic Crow says:

I purchased this board and i have corsair 460x case which came with 3 sp120rgb fans and a fan controller. I want to get 3 additional fans but i’m not sure how to connect 6 fans. Help ;-; [I’m a novice first time pc builder]

luu cho says:

You have ESD bag contains the motherboard but then wrap around connectors with regular, non ESD plastic, which destroyed the purpose of ESD…china made, I guess?

AlphaCrucis says:

I really wanted this board to go with a 6800k and 1070 Strix, but had second thoughts after seeing all the terrible reviews on Newegg and Amazon and then reading about the poor customer service ASUS has been having as of late. Are there any other boards that hit this sweet spot that this one does in terms of price and features? There are just so many X99 boards to choose from and I have yet found the best way to start sorting it out.

vinnu nani says:

sir I want to build 6800k pc.but i confused about 2 mother boards.
Asus rog strix x99 or Asus x99a ii.
which one is the best for this prossesor

Hans Langer says:

Hi, thanks for the video!
Obviously M.2 MVNe is the future, and to Make a good decision about what M.2 to buy. could you give us more info about that?

Does the amount of PCIe Lanes (28 and 40) dependes of the CPU and MOBO?.
I know i7-6800k only has 28 lanes, and i7-6850k has 40 lanes (that’s why must be more expensive).

How many M.2 can I connect to the board? Is that simple as calculate:
GPU=PCIe x16
M.2 (1) =PCIe x4
M.2 (2) =PCIe x4
M.2 (3) =PCIe x4

If I use a PCIe 4x adapter to connect a M.2 SDD, it will affect the performance comparing to the native port?
Can I combine Native M.2 Port and M.2 Using adapter to create a RAID 0 ? (2x SAMSUNG 960 EVO 256gb would be cheaper and faster than 1x 960 PRO 512gb)

Barry Shain says:

cables your wondering about are not lighting //// temp sensors

Umbles says:

I HAVE to ask. I am buying my components this next week and had chosen this mobo, until I read the reviews. In the review seconds there seems to be a decently sizable amount of people saying these boards are busting. This is my first computer build and I am now not as confident in getting this mobo, what have your experience been with it? Am I reading too much into just the negative or are there serious problems with this board? I also noticed most of the bad reviews are pretty old, is it something that they’ve resolved? I can’t seem to find any forums on them in the last 3 months.

Prasanth Sundaram says:

is it neccesary to have 2 eps connector one 4 pin and the other 8 pin for the motherboard or would just one 8 pin be fine ?

TheSillypig says:

I never really found a feature on the more expensive motherboard that make them worth buying. I have a ASUS X99-a/USB3.1 and the only thing it’s bigger brothers offer is WIFI, bluetooth, fancy RGB, fancier heatsinks and maybe some extra ports. Don’t need all that crap.

OlaGolme says:

This board is pretty bad… it is not stable… look at the reviews online.

Track848 says:

I stumbled across your channel last night while researching my next phase of an on-going build, and subscribed immediately–what a great channel! My ongoing build involves transforming a Dell XPS 8100 into my own build.  I have upgraded the memory, power supply, graphics card and case, and up next are the motherboard and cpu. I really like th 6800k and X99-A II combination, but have two questions for you:

1) In addition to creating and editing videos for my youtube channel, I also help manage a larger one that has a much higher volume of new content. I’m not a gamer, but do a lot of work on photos and graphics as well as video editing. Would the 6850k’s 40 PCIe lanes help speed up rendering times or be beneficial in any other way, or would it be about the same as the 6800k with 28 lanes?

2) In this video, when you mention NVMe and the Samsung 950 Pro, you suggest that it could be set up as scratch drive for video production or a boot drive; I already have a Samsung 850 for my OS drive, so would I simply plug in the 950 as a separate drive to obtain the 2,500MBps read and 1,500MBps write speeds or would it be recommended to also make the 950 my OS drive?

Thanks in advance!

SyncF says:

Currently have no money, but I managed to buy this board, it is just absolutely beautiful, and definitely feels like heaven compared to my old OEM board.

Olympic Gaming says:

the vibe i get from this guy is that he’s a ‘show man’ and not really a pc enthusiast. but man, he does his job good. very detailed and good advice. A+ production team.

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