Asus Strix Z270E and Z270F Kaby Lake Motherboard Review & Comparison

We now have Strix Z270 motherboards! Wait what?


John P says:

The way that Youtube award thing on the shelf was rocking back and forth had me on edge

Santosh Prajapati says:

For gaming

Best ??

Gavin Bryan says:

I plan on getting multiple RGB devices for my build (Asus Strix GTX 1070, the soon to be G.Skill Trident RGB ram sticks, and the NZXT Hue+ lighting system, and possibly the Corsair HD fans in the future) and was wondering if this motherboard would support them all in sync with Aura RGB. I know it’s a lot of RGB lol thanks.

Jurriaan de Jongh says:

Thumbs up for the honestly Tom! And of course, the rest of the vid. As for the lights. This one took my interest because of it’s color scheme. I’m a big fan of the minalist, monochrome, whatever you call it, builds. And this looks really, really good. As for the LED, I can live with it because it’s only up there, and looks rather charming. Do have to agree with you that the E should have some more features. Cheers!

SlayerDarkRaver says:

can you boot from Samsung 960 m.2 nvme pro on the strix E?

RageQuit Games says:

A simple question from someone who doesn’t know that much about pcs: Why would you need an USB 3.1 type C port at the back of the mobo? aren’t the most cables USB to USB type C adapters? I mean, the most micro USB cables have one normal USB side and a micro USB side. why would you need the type c at the back then?

mike berry says:

Tom I got a asus z270f motherboard and it doesn’t like watercooling pumps destroyed 2 pumps but air coolers has no problem any idea how I can use watercooling without destroying it.

pAceMakerTM says:

Thanks for the video. RGB bit dragged on a bit. It’s a silly and pointless gimmick…

Sir Armin says:

I built a pc with the Z270E Mainboard. Im totally happy with it running it with 7700k and 3200 Mhz G.Skill Ripjaws.
But tbh it would be really cool if the ROG Logo on the mainboard would also had RGB (what i thought when i bought it lol)
At the end if u go for for a rgb stripe it would be totally enough. i dont really want a christmas tree in my tower. 2 or 3 components with rgb is enough.

Michael B says:

Im a New Subscriber!! This review was absolutly amazing lol i have been looking everywhere for a review like this thank god for you. Also for $150-$200 what would you suggest between 3 Mobo’s.

Robyn Allen says:

I have an asus gpu, just ordered the z270F. They can sync together and my corsair keyboard and razer mouse can do their own thing. :’) And I do agree on the lighting. I loved these boards for tha sort of two colour light. But I wish the rog logo lit up or there was something on the underside. Dimm slot.. The msi gaming pro carbon is very nice but I’ve heard the bios and things are problematic.

MrDv8r says:

I am having a lot of trouble trying to decide between the Asus z270F and the MSI Z270 Pro Carbon. Any thoughts? I am going to be using a i7 7700K, Samsung 960 Evo, and either a Galax GTX1080 EXOC or the Asus GTX1080 STRIX 8G/A8G/O8G or the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G/ ARMOR OC 8G . Any thoughts or suggestions on which motherboard-GPU pairing is the best option?

_ Zilinsky says:

I genuinely can’t believe that something like lack of RGB lighting is regarded as something negative these days. Ridiculous. But I am the one who can’t understand whole RGB masturbation in the tech world so who am I to judge.

Michael Llewellyn says:

Trying to make BIG decision [for me] between this Z270E STRIX [which has “good” reviews] – OR – Asrock Z270 Taichi which I can find NO good reviews to make informed choice between the 2…..they are roughly the same price BUT the Taichi has MORE Features.  PLEASE Advise????    THANKS!

jacco doevendans says:


Phil & Kyle Cool says:

hi where can i get one of your t-shirts ?

Phil & Kyle Cool says:

will take my i7-6700k ?

Digi Maestro says:

haha you re funny good watch :DDD

Danny sørensen says:

You are 100 % correct there is just not enough RGB ! c’mon ASUS !

tantaluss68 says:

I’m having trouble understanding what ram I should match ith the Z270 boards is it the same DDR4 ram that is used with the Z170 boards?

Mattias Broberg says:

ASUS, I feel, has given the competitors an open goal with kaby lake generation. It seems a bit like a confusing mess, I’m sorry to say. Really liked the looks of the old Maximus range.

Monkeyspeare says:

I want to use the z270f on the Crystal 460x case. With the build, that would be 6 fans, (the 3 included and 3 added on) is that possible with this board?

Dimwitland says:

Great review, been gone so I am behind. Great job old man.

Michael B says:

Also YES!!!!!!!! I assumed it had a light under the heatsink on the bottem right but now that i know that it only has one goddamn light i cant bring myself to buy it :(. This is the motherboard i wanted to buy and the whole reason i watched this video but because they didnt put atleast one extra accent light on it ANYWHERE i can’t buy it and it pisses me off because i didnt give a damn about the other ones. Thanks ASUS for thinking about people that dont like lights but i do. PS. just make a damn off switch in the bio’s for people that choose no rgb dont loose customers by putting 1 light on it.

Aggelos N says:

can you run a skylake cpu on this motherboard without problems?

Michael Llewellyn says:

U R Right!  They should have at least “balanced” it with a light feature down lower like u said!

Captain XLAB says:

I didn’t really care about lights before but when I saw this, HELL YEAH THERE SHOULD’VE BEEN MORE LIGHTS FOR THAT PRICE… xD


MSI Gaming M7 vs Asus Maximus Hero for gaming?

Yolive 1301 says:

Good video =]

tantaluss68 says:

what ram would you recommend with the ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING?

Savoyer Economics says:

Why minimium of 2800mhz? I though that Memory Speed didn’t make much difference, when paired with the CAS.

HighTech - News , How to's , and Reviews says:

OC3D TV @oc3d TV … Tom, I just got a z270e in for a new 7700k build.

The board they sent me (feb 20th) had bios 0505 installed. After being extremely confused as to why it would not post. 0505 does not support the 7th gen processor.

the board does not have a way to manually update the bios without it booting to the bios. So unless I had a 6th gen processor laying around to update the bios with I am basically screwed.

Just thought you and everyone else should be aware of this issue.


Michael Creach says:

I have the 270E board. the first thing I said after I finish my build and lite it up…thats all the lights… now I have the Asus 1080ti strix, and it’s way better. but I do wish there was more leds on the motherboard.

Adwait Potdar says:

then which other mobo would u suggest at that price range?.. strix f price range

MikaMaistro says:

agree whit the lighting of the motherboard 22:20

Rahmat Rad says:

Thanks for great review
for 4K video editing which system do yo recommend? I mean: CPU +Mainboard and GPU?

Jean-Francois Gagnier says:

well… Lights in the chipset are usually barely visible cause of the Graphics card anyways 😉

Daumier says:

So it must be a freaking good board then, if the biggest issue is a lack of lighting.

rushingaming says:

why are they the same price then. might as well get the Z270E instead and get free wifi/bluetooth even if i wont use it

Kira Ryuzaki says:

z270 e strix or maximus ix hero ? hmm

Dwayne Dibley says:

sound advise geeza.. was gonna buy the 270e…. was….

Sergio Vision says:

so main difference is wifi?

SN0WMaN says:

Just got 270f just because of not much light’s

VividFlash says:

I don’t care about lights performance is where is is. I would have liked some heatsink for the m.2 SSD to be on there

tantaluss68 says:

i have a question I seem to be having trouble finding the answer to on the deepcool the pump has a 3 pin connector i want to use it with a asus z270e motherboard but it looks like the pump needs a 3 pin connector and the motherboard only has 4pin connectors is there an adpator or some way other then the micro usb conector?

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