ASUS Strix X370-F – The Perfect Ryzen Motherboard?

ASUS Strix X370-F – The Perfect Ryzen Motherboard?
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Kalpesh Prithyani says:

Can we expect APU’s for RYZEN 7 (desktop version) ?

Alexander H says:

Nice video 🙂 just found this video after ordering the same ram (but 2×8 gb kit with cl14 and 3200 mhz). Last board was msi with fx8350 but I think a pricier asus board will be a good decision especially in the long run. Keep up the great work

Bobby Morelli says:

it has a vrm thats worse than the x370 prime

Timmo says:

Damn I wished I’d watched this video before I bought my mobo… I knew that this board supported AM3 coolers but didn’t know that I’d have to buy an AM3 backplate.. I ended up buying a replacement one from amazon and macgyvering the standoffs for my all in one with random nuts I could find for now.

Great motherboard in my experience so far, Definitely recommend it.

Love Kush says:

All Ryzen Motherboard have only 4 Sata ports.

Mariano Peralta says:

i wonder why they didn’t bother to include the wifi adapter that the z270-e includes, it would have been perfect.

Liam Clarke says:

Paul, did you need to use an am3 backplate to mount the cooler?

Cap says:

It will be the perfect motherboard when they put it in a mATX form factor…

SpaceOrbison says:

so which is the bang for buck board?

IKH TV says:

That is no good value for money

Walter Diaz says:

What’s the best computer case for this motherboard ?

PSB says:

Does this board have built in wifi?

Unedited Gamer says:

Not to be negative but I really dislike this boards design. Yes it’s a lower tier board and cheap but the MOSFET cooling just seems overly large and aggressive.

Compare that to any other part of the board and it looks rather different. I think it’s just the size of it. Maybe if they made it smaller and made the north/south bridge heat sink a little larger it to would seem more balanced to me.

Taste is subjective tho.

jjay8319 says:

I like this video. How about doing the asrock x370 fatality. Im looking to pair that board with a ryzen 5 1600x for gaming streaming and light content creation. Any thoughts paul or veterans to pc building.

Daddy Blxcklist says:

Is the gskill RGB still working with this?

Laurent Bill says:

On this Motherboard, it is possible to put a ryzen 7 1800x of this Motherboard?

xcr says:

How are the vrm heatsink temp’s since b350 use the same would be intresting to know how good they perform at 1.4V 4ghz/3,9ghz with a fan over them and without one. Havent been able to see any reviews telling vrm temp’s under overclock etc on this board.

David K. says:

Paulie, y r u doing this, the VRM is 6+4

Xavier Frosth says:

Paul not ev3ryone lives in f4ee internet free zones! So that’s why there are drivers disç included!

Aiden Kauzlarich says:

What does no surface mounted power and reset buttons mean? That you can’t connect a power and reset button?

Weston Road says:

309.99 Crosshair vs 244.99 Strix?

Abhay S says:

Will this run on 500 watts cooler Master powers supply

TheTrekGuy97 says:

I got this board, my last non-budget board was the Rampage iv extreme, sandy bridge-e era lol. This feels like a nice balance between budget and extreme. I figured RGB lighting was more gimicy.. but fell for it and paired with with 3200 g.skill 16GB (currently running at 2933) and wraith cooler with my Ryzen 1700. Honestly it ‘feels’ no faster than my 3930k at stock. However it does seem to draw significantly less from the wall.

I’m very happy with the board, dropped a Samsung 960 m.2 evo and recycled my msi970 and it is a nice rig. Knowing what i know now though, i wouldn’t have side graded from my 3930 and held of for another generation, but that has nothing to do with the board.

JayOnEarth says:

Good review mate, cheers

KASA says:

How about the Asus Strix B350 F gaming?

liam koloke says:

This board or MSI x370 gaming pro carbon?

Ivan Kuzmanovic says:

Nice video xD,can the b350 version of this board overclock ram safely? This one costs 100 euros more then the b350 so im like is it worth the investemnt xD

savvas apo says:

will the trident z c16 3200 rgb ram kits work on this board or only the c14 ones? i am asking because the qvl list of the mobo has only the c14 not the c16 ones…if they dont and because i dont have the money for the c14 tridentz rgb rams sould i buy a corsair rgb ram kit at same stats or they also dont work for ryzen boards?i am planning to have a ryzen 7 1700 x370 f strix mobo with some rgb rams at 3200 i prefer c16 cause its cheaper but i can revert to c14 withs ome extra savings

Rizky Hadi Felani says:

Google should really fix their youtube’s auto caption wordings especially for tech things.
It’s been over 3 years that auto caption keeps saying ASUS as ‘a soos’.
Then the new AMD Ryzen launched, got it wrong again by saying ‘Rison’.

JustasHastas says:

How crosshair doesnt have HDMI input? how I ment to connect my monitor? or I am missing something?

Gary Berry says:

ASUS ROG Strix X370-F GAMING vs Msi X370 GAMING PRO CARBON which one is better?

David Minor says:

Does anyone have an opinion about the placement of the M.2 drive location? I am liking this board due to having only one and where it is placed. I have read that these can get hot and most people hate it placed under and even above where the graphics card goes and this is the only one in my price range that has it down towards the bottom.

Monstrology says:

I can’t find the Auro software download ANYWHERE!!!! Any help? I bought some RGB fans and RGB strips for my case but I want it one solid color not this pulsing Rainbow.

Shelby Philipps says:

can you use corsair vengeance rgb ram on this motherboard?

Artur Gordinho says:

Can you explain for me usb splitter you talking in min 8:24+-?????? i need one and don’t find in Europe but if you tell brand or model its possible to find tank you an excellent video!!!

Niket Sharma says:

should i buy this or a Gigabyte aorus GA-AX370 k5?

Blade phonnical says:

does it have wifi?

Gabriel Spirito says:

Bonjour quel ssd m2 faut t il pour la carte mère svp un 2280 ?

Classic Gamer says:

I’m I the only one who says excellent when the intro does?

Stance says:

109.99$ is 110 not 109.

cynaptic says:


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