ASUS Strix X299-E Gaming Motherboard Review + Linux Test

We might have botched the first upload, sorry! 😀

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Intergrator says:

What a mess the PCIe situation on Intel platforms… And people actually pay more for this nonsense

Alex Disibio says:

More AMD motherboards please.

Siim Kuusik says:

Left the video run from beginning to the end without sound in a separate tab to get you the watch minutes. No offence, just no interest in building a PC.

Bomberspell says:

While this is very informative / great review alike – I would rather get the i7-7700k IF I could afford it. double thumbs-up!

Mike S says:

LOL Why is every motherboard a Gaming motherboard. What about content creators,. virtualization nuts. Ugh.

Tony says:

When you’re so early only 360p is available.

The Yellow Tub says:

Reupload just because of the Aorus logo?

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

How can society stay in the sweet spot dark ages of 1440p when you upgrade to the future of 2160p!!

C_Tutos says:

potato quality

tomtalk24 says:

Those highlight flashes used to show where headers etc are have got way too fast, playing “spot whats been talked about”. Feels like 0.2s, sure it was 0.5 ish before.
04:10 ‘s flash for the leds is just impossible to see, unless your looking at it 🙁

Robert Murphy says:

“This is a little technical you can skip over this part if it doesn’t matter to you…”

*Leans forward, turns the volume up*

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Nice review. Keep up the good work.

Brutaltronics says:

360p squad.

Jon WarrioR says:

Better go with the Apex for x299.. I heard some people complain about the vrm heat issue and the power delivery which is especially on this board really bad.

GingerSquatch says:

So what your saying is that even with a $2000 CPU you ONLY get 44 PCI-E lanes…. Way to go Intel, you deserve to lose a massive market share…..

Lord Nomadpunx says:

i wish i had more loot lol

vskye1 says:

I swear I watched this video earlier. 😉

fpsintelligence says:

I think I went 720p back in time.

James Mastroianni says:

You shouldn’t be losing nvme connections for sata ports. With x299 nvme should be cpu connected only, not on chipset. with 44 lanes, 2 graphics cards at full x16 (which is overkill anyways, although no ones tested vega cf on x16 vs x8) that is 32 lanes used, leaving another 12 for other slots and devices. That is 3 x4 m.2 slots that would have full bandwidth, or could share with other slots on the motherboard (so if you get a intel 750 ssd for your intel 7900x, you do not need to sacrafice a gpu slot to get a proper connection 🙂 )

D Silver says:

Thanks Wendell

Hostile says:

Why are you using Winrar?

TrueRegulators says:

Music is too loud imho.

pcfreak1992 says:


SomeoneBloodyRandom says:

I never even noticed the botched first upload….

So ummm. Yeah 😛

Mike S says:

Great review @wendell, some nice info on the IOMMU groupings etc. Cheers!

TinBin - Craig says:

360p geee

Witnaaay says:

Surprisingly little I/O on the back of this motherboard. My 2500k mobo from years ago had a bunch of USB and like 10 sata ports. My ryzen system only has 6 SATA and like 6 usb ports. Why are modern Mobos so limited nowadays?

CaNsA says:

Whats up with the “out of focus” bit.
I’m not a fan of that.

T B says:

Just picked up a Hyper M.2 x16 card. Does anybody know how/where to buy a VROC key?? It seems to be a mystery at this point. Very frustrating

ClosedSSH says:

Skeet skeet Wendell.

Snikker Knikker says:

And here I am still using i5’s from the Sandy Bridge era, I’m hoping to get them to the 10 years 😀

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