Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Threadripper Gaming Motherboard Review + Linux Test

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JonnyB says:

The Fancontrol, dosen’t work corectly on mine. The annoying minifan in the I/O shield, is disabelt in the bios, but it kicks randomly on at full speed, wich is to loud.
The minifan dosn´t help much on Vrm temps.
Since Bios 902 my boot problems are gone.

James Mastroianni says:

the 10gig networking isnt value here, if you want 10gig value you get the asrock x399 fatal1ty board (which is a better board all around, asus is just overpriced af)

Chris Dude says:

If I were to buy the 1920x or the 1950x I would for sure be running with this motherboard. At about $500-ish, it’s about as fully loaded as a motherboard can be. It has a very nice aesthetic, the DIMM.2 slot and included card is a huge plus and is something I would actually use right off the bat, plenty of connectivity for literally anything I would ever use for gaming and content creation. Great video and great board. Thumbs up from this guy.

larry fleming says:

Hey what do you think about the PCPER Fiasco ? I think they got the wrong man on there butt .. Jim @ AdoredTV is a BEAST at research and if they are doing wrong ( and it seems that they are) he will find it and bring it to light!!

Peter Chatman says:

Great presentation.  Is there any chance that we could get 2 x 3.1 gen 2 ports in A and C rather than just one of each, and have a possibility to front mount 2 USB type A and Type C.  I’m a high user of USBs and want super high data transfer rates to all, but maybe if I put in a accessory PCIE Card at the back with same 3.1 gen 2 and type A, it will do what I want.

David Galbraith says:

Why are all these threadripper mobos coming with Wifi? Why on earth would I want Wifi on a desktop?

ig33ku says:

Thumbs for the 5 mins for music 😛

John Torset says:

Hi L1T, does Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Threadripper Gaming Motherboard supports bifurcation? If not ASUS needs to update their BIOS so it is possible to utilize all four drives, in raid, for their ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 card. The same apply to ASUS Prime X399 Motherboard as well.

Jani Valtonen says:

Nice board but the price urgh.

Garry Perkins says:

Video engagement

Lembu Abraxas says:

I found this video informative, you’re mileage may vary.

Pieter Rossouw says:

ArrGeeBee looks kindof tacky on a motherboard like this. Also the “gaming motherboard” branding is rather dumb. Who buys a threadripper chip for gaming??

Veritas says:

Insane pricing as with all rog boards on any platform of 2017/2018 , its no wonder they’re not selling many motherboards, the asrock fatality or taichi are just as good only more reasonably priced, rog= asus tax no thx i don’t think i’ll be ripped of today.

Redwan Hasan says:

They could have made the 10Gb NIC built in!

Max Hughes says:

So is it the foxconn that is tough to close?????????????

sneakeyboard says:

Thanks for reviewing this one. I did notice the bad reviews that were present with all e-tailers were ignoring the fact that this is a new technology. I should be able to wait until the second-generation of threadripper is out before upgrading; my pleb-5, 4 core CPU can still hold on.

I do hope that Asus considers ATX at some point, I don’t need all the extra features that this board has nor does my chassis support E-ATX.

fivemillion says:

But was there a postcard in the box? See now my X399 Taichi came with a postcard adorned with pleasing Taichi artwork. It stands proudly on my desk.

James says:

I don’t think there is a single case with USB type C that supports E-ATX at the moment lol. I didn’t look at the ones with overkill RGB though so maybe, I would love to see a E-ATX version of the Silverstone Kublai seems like the cleanest USB type C case at the moment but won’t fit this board.

Josh Russell says:

Yeah, that sounds even worse than my MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) board… (2600K). If it’s going to be more problematic than that… No thanks.

Mike S says:

Well done and details as always Wendell – Cheers!!

Dvs says:

Great Review of that motherboard Wendell.

Liquid Media Games says:

it’s a very nice Mobo and love the UEFI tours on the reviews. chat later.

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

Nothing says extreme like a 486DX50. Extreme overheating.

demonofjapan says:

I wanna upgrade from a fx8500 what do I move to?

thegreatga says:

I have this motherboard and have really enjoyed it. I do however have the foxconn socket, and struggled with installing the cpu. It took multiple attempts and ultimately required extreme force to get it in. The included asus oc software sucked, and I completely uninstalled it because of so many problems (read forums)(very unstable and resulted in crazy voltage spikes). I easily oc’d my 1950X cpu to 4ghz with 1.125V, but could’t get my gskill tridentz 32GB ram to the rated 3200, only stable at 2934mhz. The only complaint I have had is the lack of bios updates, while other asus boards and other board manufactures are getting updates more often this board seems to be forgotten. The lights and all the hardware do feel premium, but I really don’t use any of the bells and whistles, I just wanted the 10Gbe nic that has been working flawlessly.

DjLongCock says:


Video editor messed up. The usb type-c front connector is the thing right beside the 24 pin power connector

Trooper_Ish says:

USB DRIVER STICK!!!! OMFG THAT’S AWESOME!!!! and sorry for caps. but FINALLY!!!!

Brynden Rivers says:

I dislike how all these mobo companies slap the word “gaming” in all their product titles

namcost says:

Only thing I hate about Asus mobos in todays world, is the ugly bios…. I like simple, non flashy bios, maybe I am just oldschool and miss legacy bios…. but I wish they had “skins” for their bios so that you can have it super basic and to the point, and then flashy for those weird ass people with red everywhere like you just sacrificed a goat to satan….

Krazie316 says:

The motherboard and Threadripper had some issues on windows as well. The worst part is how The Ai suite software enables usesystemclock in bcdedit. I couldn’t understand why a platform as expensive as this with as much processing power as it has could be responding so poorly in everyday normal usage. I had anything from glitches in the browsers to strange audio and video glitches in games. Immediately after finding out about the HPET issue and disabling usesystemclock in bcdedit, the system was working beautifully. Night and day difference, including a much faster boot time. There were a lot of people that either returned, or were about to return their Mobo’s and/or Processors over the HPET issue. I’m glad someone figured it out although I don’t think the information is widespread enough.

I also got a Zenith Extreme with the Foxconn socket but my experience getting the screws to catch were not nearly as bad as other people made it out to be. I’d say all in all my initial experience was very disappointing due to the price these parts all cost in conjunction with the issues. However it didn’t take long to figure out how to iron out all the bugs and I’m very happy with my system now.

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