ASUS ROG Strix Z270E – Motherboard Review

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Felipe Gomes says:

Hello Tech Deals

Could you tell me if it worths spending extra money in Rog Maximus IX Code? Z270E is enough if i dont want to overclock? Im in doubt because of special features about IX Code that Z270E doenst presents.

Jacob Saslow says:

great vid as always. going to pick one of these up tomorrow to replace my busted gigabyte g1 mobo

Octavio k says:

Hello great video:
I want to comment my experience:
I have Strix z270e GAMING. And was horrible to make the installation of this mobo with this $%&/()= installation tool. First of all installation tool doesn’t fit correctly in processor (And i push down to ensure that fits on it) so when i tried to install in the soquet this %&/() drop my processor on the ground. But before this, BIOS and video was not available, i search this problem and several people have no BIOS and no Video with Asus motherboards. Ok after several attempts and one problem (without take off processor) I remove cooler and processor and result was….Bent pins and WORST Burnt processor because bad contact with pins. PLEASE DON’T BUY ASUS MOTHERBOARDS WITH THIS “ADAPTER” you gonna throw up your money (I have i7-7700k)

Mr. Kush says:

am i the only one, that cant stand looking at the Motherboard sideway? Is bordering me a lot lol…
I thinks i got this board with ROG 1080 ti 🙂

Christian Lopez says:

should i get this or the z270 gaming pro carbon from msi?

kimosabi0909 says:

excellent video

C Claus says:

Would this be good for an i5 7500? I know the h270 version is cheaper but i need wifi and might upgrade to a 7700/8700k in the future and overclock

Chris In Minneapolis says:

great mb. i do a no see through 200r case and a above average 270 chipset mb like this works great need nothing more for gaming on a 34″ asus at full 4k 100hz well over 60 fps avg with single 1080ti and room for another for sli and future proofing. it has wireless one less thing to buy. unless u r going for show with liquid cooling setup absolutely no reason to buy higher tier unless planning to 3 or 4 way sli. this board would look great in open setup but imo u spend up to another 20% on overall build when going custom water cooling and if it aint going to pc beauty pageants i dont care about display. just amazing what people pay on liq cooling displays when air cools as good.
good channel.

Jake Kordecki says:

Amazing Review!!

Mohamed Nashaat says:

Speaking in moderate speed and in a calm and collected manner. Explaining every single tiny detail. Man , This is the fastest i ever subbed to a channel. Good job man, this is exactly what i needed to fully understand everything about this motherboard.

DatesOG says:

Tech Deals quick question for this board if my monitor is VGA can I buy a DVI switch to connect the VGA to the DVI on the Motherboard? Or would you recommend something else? I believe my monitor does have DVI but I would have to purchase a cord. My monitor is 1920×1080 resolution at a basic 60Hz but the picture is good? Should I think about switching to a monitor with a HDMI? I will be putting a GeForce 1090 FTW graphics card on the board. I apologize I know its a lot but I would appreciate it if you answered! Thanks and keep up the good work!

traingp7 says:

This will go nicely with my ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 I bought last year.

Shalanda Maebane says:

hello tech deals. please help:) this is my first time building a computer of my own and i notice that in this video the thermal sensor connector (2 pin T_SENOR1) wasnt mentioned here then instructions: “this connnector is for the thermistor cable that monitors the temperture of the devices and the critical components insides the motherboard. Connect the thermistor cable and place the sensor on the device or the motherboard’s conponent to detect its temperature”
I followed everything from videos like this and referred back to manual and but I dont see no cable for that and it doesn’t say below of that in manual that you would have to purchase separately so I’m not sure if I skip that or should I just contact them during business hours to see if that’s a missing piece or to talk to technical support but I’m reaching out to any available resources that can help me period thank you.
my build:
strix z270 e gaming (motherboard)
strix gaming geforce gtx 1070 (graphic card)
G.Skill trident z rgb 16 gb ram
intel core 7 processor skylake
consair cx750 m power supply
cooler master hyper 212 evo
phantek enthoo pro series case
windows 10 home 64 bit

Ralph Quinones says:

I found the Maximus IX Hero, for just $20 more. I chose that deal! Love your videos, great job.

Josh M says:

Can you turn off the RGB lighting on this motherboard?

Richard Kemirian says:

My next board. Never should have gone MSI…. first time without Asus will be the only time :s

Legend Rio says:

i have Z170 pro gaming is exchange possible?

Keegan S. says:

Is this overkill for the i5 7700k Kaby Lake?

Cristian Sarmiento says:

Can anyone tell me if this board is compatible with an intel i3 6100?

Sourav S Kumar says:

Can I use Intel i5 – 7600k in this motherboard?

taffyG1 says:

Hi you say i will need the software disc to download the audio drivers ? cant i download them from asus website has I’m doing myself a new build and wont be installing a dvd cd player so wont be able to use the software disc thanks.

Jonathan Klein says:

I’m confused, it looks like the WiFi antenna screws into the motherboard but in the video you show it’s attached by a cable?

Jim Rossi says:

MY computer just died I have all the parts but motherboard processor and ram. Is there any other board that can get the I7 to 5ghz?? I really dont need the lighting or wireless for my desktop.

Jason Becker says:

Will this motherboard (specifically WiFi) work with Linux most likely Ubuntu or another Debian based flavor

Nelson Vargas says:

If I use this board and Chip for gaming and editing on premiere at 4k and rendering will it work?

Toadvine42 says:

Awesome review. Debating an upgrade from my 4690 setup and the second you started talking about that 3d printing add on possibilities I was sold. $40 more with wifi, RGB, tons of features. sounds like a good buy to me.

Giancarlo Vinciguerra Morales says:

where i live there is only z270f version, can a pci wireless AC card work as good as the integrated in the z270e? will be really nice if u make a video about AC pci wifi cards, Thanks. (sorry for bad eng)

J K says:

Great review and great video. Keep it up.

Matthew Owens says:

If i add two M.2 ssd’s in PCIx mode and not SATA, will I still lose my SATA ports 1, 5, and 6?

Michael Llewellyn says:

I presently get my WiFi Signal [pretty dependably strong too] from my ZOOM Router which is right next to my ‘puter.  Noot long ago when my Cell Signal went in da toilet….I found a life saver which uses the WiFi Signal – Hangouts & Hangout Dialer APPS.  And NOW to my question, would I still be wise to get this MOBO w a built in WiFi [probably better than my 3-4 yr old ZOOM].THANKS & tks for great review too!

Tech Deals says:

i7-7700K Build Video coming soon – $1,500 gaming PC!
This will be my new test PC to do a broad series of performance videos on RX 470/480, upcoming Vega from AMD, GTX 1060/1070/1080, and to compare with AMD Ryzen as soon as I can get one!

Shoe Nerd says:

Which model is identical minus the wifi?

SupraSmart68 says:

My apologies if you cover this later in the video as I’m only 2 minutes in but from the get go, this board does NOT have 3 x16 PCI-E slots like the old EVGA nForce 790i SLi, only 3 x16 LENGTH slots as we can see. What is not obvious unless you look much closer and/or flip one over is that they are not all fully connected to run at 16x. The 1151/Z270 chipset is limited to 16 PCI-E lanes total and only the top slot is fully pinned for 16X, the second or middle full length slot is wired for 8x as is the bottom one, though it has x4 printed on the board for some reason even though it’s a half slot of pins exactly like the 8x one. Maybe it’s for extra socket stability but it wasn’t worth re-enforcing it like the other two above as few people will use it for heavy cards if at all? Anyway, I only received mine today and haven’t got the 7700K yet so can’t verify the lowest slot speed. It seems like my top end pc’s are on tranquilizers compared to two decades ago. We’ve REALLY gone backwards with all the bloatware and security updates bogging them down. Mine update Steam for 5 minutes every time I start them up. It’s ridiculous. Rant over. For now. Maybe.

nhs2008NC says:

Hi Should I get this board or ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 plus the wifi module (Intel 7265). the ASRock costs a wee bit less with the module than this board.

I’ll be using with i7 6700k and 16gb G.skill 3200 ram and gtx 1080 armor oc.

Corvo says:

thanks man

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