Asus ROG Strix B450 F Motherboard Review



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Miguel Águeda says:

I honestly think the msi mortar is better for the price, having a stronger better cooled VRM and most important features.

Aditya Bayu_P says:

I prefer msi

Fixa33 says:

Reviw Msi Gaming Pro Carbon Ac, it looks like the best B450 motherboard

AJ Racing in VR says:

So compared to X470-F, it loses 2 USB 3.1 gen 1 on the back for 2 USB 2.0, has max memory support of 3200Mhz, and slightly worse VRM which still handles 2700X fine.
Other than that, the X470-F and B350-F look near identical. Same expansion slots, same audio, same SATA connections, same fan/RGB header count, same M.2 setup.
All that for only 2/3rd the price. Am I missing something?

Bodo Fathy says:

Can I insert Ryzen 5 proceser in this motherboard

Syke 21 says:

im legit about to return my strix b350-f just so i can buy the b450-f

issaciams says:

Alright well this board is now at the top of my list.

Vablo 1 says:

4+4 phase vrm for 120 pounds shitty deal

Stevo Lam says:

I was looking for the shield for about 15 minutes until I realized it was built in…

inAbag says:

Interesting, HardwareUnboxed reported very lousy VRM temps compared to the cheaper MSI B450 Tomahawk and AsRock B450 Gaming K4.

Just Me says:

im sure your 7100 views is REALLLLLLY putting the pressure on them

David K. says:

How do you measure the VRM temps?

Shark with Manners says:

Hardware unboxed had this board as one of the two worst boards

ShadowizedX says:

buildzoid released a pretty good video( v=pq0MLtjFS1A ) about the VRM configuration on these and quite a few other boards, its definitely interesting and something to take into account before making a purchase.

Kuba. M says:

I cannot wait till I get this board

Thunder says:


Ali A says:

what the heck? a nearly 6 minutes review from TTL :O , blaspheme!!! wait a minute, did Intel kidnap you and force you to do a short review for Ayymd MBs?

gr33n Tech says:

That plastic shroud covering the heatsink and seems… the vrm temps… the way you are selling it… on no the MSI B450 Tomahawk is really the way to go.

TheCooperman666 says:

Only if you like your vrm’s to be over 100c —->

Fabius Maximus Cunctator says:

Seems we aren’t overpaying on Asus boards as usual?

MrDoozer001 says:

still doesn’t get a ding 🙁

Nick V says:

Very Good board but with so few power phases (mosfets per side) compared to the rest of the competition with B450 boards.

CJ LS says:

I bought this motherboard for $150, and I got the ASUS ROG Strix Impact for free. My country has higher prices (czech republic)
I do not plan extreme overclocking, and with a good case aiflow will not be a problem with VRM temperatures.

Nicholas Henkey says:

I had one DOA board, and one board with 2 dead DIMM slots. Don’t know what’s happening with Asus QC but I’m going to return all my stuff (purchased as a bundle) if I need to, just to get rid of this board.

Ashtronomic says:

Finally! I’ve been waiting for your review of this! <3

miccellomann says:

Sadly some VRM heat problems as your friends from Hardware Unboxed pointed out. The B350-f Strix should be a better option here.

paul Williams says:

I just ordered this and board pairing it the 2700x…crazy? But get dropping it in the focus g….i know the case is just over $50 … crazy?…im adding 4 140mm fans to help improve airflow…everything arrives tomorrow…ill keep you guys posted

Randall Lawkin says:

Just watched hardware unboxed and this board is ok compared to the ASRock and Msi board even the ASRock itx board Vrms run cooler I’m kind of sad. Buildzoid nailed it right on the head and he wasn’t even able to test it just on specs

satiyorum says:

HI Can i wact 4k HDR with this Motherboard and AMD RYZEN 3 2200G Processor Thanks,

Zaytahh says:

I bought this motherboard along with a Ryzen 5 and my PC wont turn on

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