Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming Motherboard Review – The Best B350?

Today we check out the excellent Strix B350-F Ryzen Motherboard, is it the Best B350?
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Thabs Mashego says:

Got this board in September 2017, great board with all the necessary features. At first it wasn’t great, it would randomly boot at start up (unstable ram timings, g.skill trident z 3000mhz). Everything gradually improved with bios updates. Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.8mhz and g.skill trident z 3000mhz at 2866mhz (was running at 2933mhz but not 100% stable). But yes great motherboard with all the necessary features, stable and solid after bios updates!

Da Chop Up says:

This board is not worth the price tag

Chris Weber says:

I picked this board up as well as my R5 1600 for 255 bucks. Couldn’t pass up that deal!

Vinsu Karma says:

is it working on gnu-linux?

Nick sprenkels says:

Had a lot of problems with that board..

Thomas Hadley says:

Completely agree with your assessment, I chose wisely.

Brian Wilhelm says:

Best looking B350 board. Had it in my Ryzen build, very stable.

Allison Pell says:

No PS/2 connector. That’s a deal-breaker for me right there. You’ll get my model-M from my cold, dead hands.

David Johnston says:

I love this board! Got it as a deal with my R5 1600 plus a couple of games for around £260 awesome bargin!

aleon1018 says:

the video picture made it look like it had burned up

Liquid Anthrax says:

Does it have WiFi?

george11693 says:

I got it for 60 usd after rebate 🙂 but my ram can only hit 2666 mhz and not the rated 3200mhz 🙁 which would’ve helped my 2400g a lot.

blooper74 says:

I just bought an Asus ROG Strix B350-f mobo and want to go with a Ryzen 7 2700x. The Asus website says this board can use the R7 2700x, but I have seen people saying that I will need to get an old AM4 chip to update the bios to run the 2700x, is this correct? Could I update the BIOS without a CPU in? Sorry, I am new to building pc’s and am terrified that I wasted money now. PLEASE HELP

zach m says:

Does it have 2 usb 3.0 headers?

zuriel keta says:

thanks for this review. i’m caught in between prime b350 and the strix b350-F. Want the strix b350-F because of intel lan chipset. My current old pc has realtek chipset that’s why im doubting to buy prime b350. Can you enlighten me on this one? Does strix b350-f has full esd protection too in usb and audio ports too?
Will pair the motherboard with ryzen 5 1600 and gtx 1050 ti and 8 gb ddr4 2400 ram. Is this specs okay?
Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance!

faisal rahmat says:

I chose this board just because I already have a strix graphic card…

classicrockonly says:

Could I theoretically see myself getting a better OC out of this board vs. my current MSI Mortar B350M?

tigerbalm says:

How do you boot in to Bios with NO PS2 keyboard?

Tech Pappee says:

RGB header in the middle is for AMDs wraith (rgb) max/spire cooler I would assume. You could always use it for strips

Logan Wolv says:

Still waiting for the Frank review

Shoto says:

Got this for that ALC1220 audio codec. Definitely better than ALC892. Come to my channel for an overclocking guide.

Deathmaster _Yt says:

Can I add one more GPU in it???

Da Chop Up says:

I got a b350 tomahawk mobo for 75 usd I’ll pass

theWanderer521 says:

Thanks for this review. The color scheme looks like a dusty mobo 🙂

Elsa Debroglie says:

I do fine with my Asrock AB350 Pro4. Got it for half the price of this mobo too.

Josh Wyder says:

I’ve got this board paired with a R3 1200, went with it because it’s an awesome board, one of the best b350’s and imo the best looking. Oh and that RGB bring amirite

Kyle Pimentel says:

Hi, can someone tell me what that lithium battery on the motherboard is for?

Ζ † N says:

Is there no option to set both the base frequency multiplier AND the turbo/boost multiplier, allowing you to oc the base to 4 then the turbo to 4.4-4.7 on 1-2 cores? My old asrock a68m-itx had this option, and it allowed me to oc a 760k from 3.8/4.1 to 4.4/4.8, where 2 cores would turbo up to 4.8 and the other 2 up to 4.4, resulting in a significant increase in single threaded ipc during gaming.

EulogyAdd says:


Junaid Kaleem says:

I have strix b350f mobo can I fit
•ryzen 5 1600
•corsair cx550
•coolermaster masterbox lite 5
•corsair vengeance lpx 4gbx2 2400mhz
•Seagate barracuda 1tb 3.5 inch 7200rpm 64mb cache?

davekell36 says:

after having this board for a month I can tell you a problem I have with it, btw ryzen 5 1600, gskill xflare 16 gig 3200, win 10 pro 64x. Now the 3200 ram is the issue I have, after 2 weeks of my crashing problems I dropped the speed down to 2400 and have no crashes in games or bsod anymore after a week . it can run 3200 but when the machine is pressed it hits a wall.

McRom37 says:

Tech Showdown: You think it will Also Support?? ADATA, Series XPG Z1, 16GB Type 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM, Speed DDR4 2400 CL 16- Timing 16-16-16- Voltage 1.2V. Reason cuz i am going to buy this mobo

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