Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula & Code Z270 Motherboard Review & Comparison

The ROG high end boards are back with a vengeance! I get my hands on the new Code and the familiarly named Formula


sumit john says:

Sir pls give me one answer code vs formula which is better for performance

JAY LEE says:

you can talk all day about how great the AUDIO is on paper but what about the actual audio performance. did they fix the ground interference issues??? screechy sounds from mouse movements through headphones w/ and w/out the front base? Loud pop through speakers when powering system up or down? etc.
These are dealbreakers for me!

Buddy Raydi says:

Hi. Thank you very much for this amazing illustration video. I’m planning to get a new powerful gaming pc but i am stuck with whether i stick to I7700k with ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME or shall i i get Asus Z270 motherboard? Can you please advise what is the best? Thank you in advance.

gobighdgames says:

why no captions i have trouble hearing and need captions please add captions

Paul Gaglione says:

stupid question but first time building a gaming rig I’m a bit confused can this mother board only be used with water cooling? or can it be used without? also does this have built in graphics card because HDMI on the back? sorry stupid questions but first time building rig and not use to all these high end mother boards for gaming totally different them building a every day pc for surfing the web. if not what’s a decent graphics card to run with this and cooling system? thanks

Vanilla Bumblebee says:

Don’t make me believe 3200 MHz RAM is slow, please, is it?
I’m going to get the Formula along with Trident Z 3200 CL14 RAM. I’m only interested in gaming performance, nothing else.

nervoustwitch77 says:

I am very interested in a build with the this new Asus Formula,so I have a question if I up grade my current build which is a maximus 4 extreme z68 mobo with the I 7 2600 k a ennermax 1300 psu 2 asus posiedon 980 cards a mushkin redline ram will everything here work with the new cpu or do I have to get new ram new psu so on so on,I will be upgrading the board and processor but trying to keep from having to replace everything

Stev A says:

How much difference is there between the Formula and the Rampage V 10? Are they still fairly close, or is there a monster difference? I’m leaning towards the Formula, but still waiting to see which board I can end up getting the best deal on. Thanks for the vid. Also, do you have a compatibility chart on your site, such as does the Maximus IX Formula work well with the Cooler Master Master Case Maker 5T? I would love that combo. Do you get information of when sales or deals are coming on this products?

Alex Lee says:

I love you bro! Best reviewer out there, and just doing it raw and not getting fussy about it. Pure pro

Tim Ericson says:

Hey! What’s the distance between the two top PCI-E slots for SLI on the Formula? 🙂 Great video btw 🙂

Psycrow says:

So the ROG formula mobo is the best in this serie beside the new extreme that is for water cooling ?

jonas Hyldgaard says:

they should make some cheaper Motherboard with the same “full body armor” as these! im in love with the design i just don’t have the money!!

New Aviators says:

Well done! That is the most in depth look at this board i have found. Enjoyed that you took us on an actual visual tour of all the bits. First m.2 slot, nobody else shows you that. I will be watching you first for reviews.

sausage lips says:

The Maximus…


Zayed Doleh says:

How many fan headers are on the code (for normal fans not water pumps)??

Willie says:

Does anybody know how to turn off the RGB lights on the Code Motherboard when I power the computer off?
Currently the MB RGB lights are on 24-7.
And NO, I cannot find the answer in the manual.

Saad Ali says:

I was watching your video and then i was gonna call it a day & i only logged in to SUB your channel and give your video a thumbs up for all the trouble you went through to make this video for us.

ChriStarTV says:

Does this motherboard supports hhd with SAS 12Gb/s ???

Psycrow says:

Is the formula mobo the best with the most features ?

David Whitfield (Djwhitty) says:

Hello Tom!

I just purchased a Maximus IX Hero, i7700k because of your reviews. As well as some 4133Mhz GSkill Trident Z RGB Ram. Unforunately I can’t see to get 4133Mhz no matter what I try, not even 4000Mhz. I got 5Ghz on the Processor with your guidelines. Could you please post some settings as a guideline to what you did to get it? I tried VCCIO at 1.25v and VCCSA at 1.25v. Tried RAM at 1.35v and even 1.4v but Gskill said dont push it past 1.4v. I’m pretty disapointed I can’t even get 4000Mhz. It just doesn’t even get to the BIOs when it restarts.

Thanks in advance.

Basir Abbas Gardezi says:

Is it worth the extra money to get the formula instead of the hero.

I am confused between Asus Formula, hero and Gigabyte gaming 7. I can come up with the extra money if it is worth it since I usually keep my PC for at least 4 years before shifting. Any suggestions?

Harjuno Radityo says:

bisa kah diantar krmh ?

loki apple says:

That Heatsink on the chipset is tiny compare to Hero.

Julian Gallego says:

Great video. An index in the description would be useful as well

tantaluss68 says:

do you know if you can get the WIFI pci card for the hero serie there is a pci slot and the holes in th i/o shield just don see were you can get the actualy card

StarFury777 says:

You OC the memory to 4000, but what was the base XMP of the memory and the timings.?

Ronen Geyer says:

Hi Tom could you please make a video about your OC method?? film a behind the scenes over clock tweaking. it will help a lot. thanks

Rob Games says:

there is a case where you can see the back Crystal Series by corsair

aigfn gforce says:

aura not working on maximus ix formula motherboaed when will u will fix this glich

terferi says:

Am I supposed to connect my h100 waterblock power to the aio header? I also have a fan hub in the case and should I connect that to the CPU header? I’ve seen different things and not sure what’s best.

Rico Rodriguez says:

That FPS tho

zypity says:

Would it be hard to take off the armor from the formula to paint it white? I probably could protect the transparent parts with some wood glue or some tape cut to the exact shape?
Been thinking of getting it, but want to make a white build (plain white) with a fluorescent (UV spectrum responsive) custom loop OR with a stripped LCD side panel (which needs a lot of white light and as white a pc as can be)

Mafoo B says:

I love that you tossed the CPU installation tool away!!!! finally somebody understands that it’s retarded!
I’m a tech and I’ve seen a handful of people ruin their builds by using that and melting the motherboard.
Great video!

iPocky JP says:

14:29 what is that “slow mode” switch on the bottom?

lamar tucker says:

im buying this and going to force it into my case like a dirty whore who dont know what there doing

AnteICash says:

Jesus Christ when the fuk are they gonna start using a horizontal 24pin connector???!

PowerRanger83 says:

Great review! Very insightful.

BT-7274 says:

formula or the extreme for overclocking?

Uacole says:

What size sli bridge would I need?

Majid Arif Siddiqui says:

I think the BIOS review was dragged too long.

SRAVAN S says:

is your finger bleeding

TechRage says:

Could you tell me where you got the motherboard display stands from? I cant seem to find them anywhere

Michael O'Neill says:

I just purchased a Asus Z270 Maximus IX Code and was wondering if the sound quality on the onboard audio on the Maximus is as good as a discreet audio card SoundBlaster Z,  I have a Corsair speaker set that shines with the SoundBlaster Z card and was hoping I could leave the card out of my install.  Asus talks about how great there onboard sound is and was thinking there might not be any reason to have a sound card anymore. Please Help?

Darryl Masters says:

just took delivery of my formula. i7-7700k, extra radiator and fittings, weekend of draining and re-looping and OC’ing…happy days

Никогосян Ладик says:

крутая мать

William Constantine says:

Can I use my core i7 6700K on this motherboards?

W-_-T says:

ASUS makes so many boards and no clear way to tell them apart.. They literally make too many I think. They pluck little features missing from each or add others. It’s like looking at a Mercedes and playing Bingo with letters and the alphabet

king alix says:

Tom, i have a question, i have bought the formula and an the Corsair H115i.
now im confused as to where i have to connect the pump, to the AIO header or the cpu_fan! Please help out guys if anyone knows. my first build so i don’t wanna mess this up.
Thanks and appreciate it

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