ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero Wi-Fi X470 Motherboard Review

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Scott Thomas says:

So if I got a 2700x and I could get a crosshair hero VI for 139 or a VII for 239… Which should I go with? Worried that no one else is talking 6 vs 7. Not a single video online comparing the two.

ItsComingOutOfBothEnds says:

I still rock a crosshait V formula Z.

I’d need a lotto win to buy this.

Stranger says:

Anyone know the soundtrack name? It sounds(the chime) like an inspired/remix of some song from the 90s.

Silky_ says:

I really wish ASUS would make a WS board for threadripper.

Don Barron says:

This is by far the best board I’ve ever used.

Soda88 says:

liquid nitrogen 2 mode? N2 is the chemical formula of nitrogen

Shiv Shiv says:

Will it support working ecc ram?? Please tell the ram u using …

ulamss5 says:

The board has the sockets/pins for temp sensors, but the bios doesn’t give us the option for fan curve tuning based on the temp sensor instead of CPU temp… Is there a software that can take control in windows? Speedfan is abandoned and doesn’t support ryzen.

Garry Perkins says:

Great review. I want to return to AMD (held out on my old 8-core for as long as I could, but was forced to upgrade to the dark side), but I simply cannot buy right now (out of work).

Quasi84 says:

If you split the GPU slot into two x8, can you pass through one of the devices to a VM so you have two fully functioning GPUs, one for the hypervisor and one for the guest?

ArhGee says:

Lol, yeah. This motherboard is a true halo product.

StaySic4Ever says:

Good seeing more refined and improved board in the top lineup with new gen.

Amir Alsudani says:

hello, I’m considering this Mobo, was wondering does it have auto overclocking for us lazy asses

amateur_wizard says:

2:39 I gasped or had what some call a nedgasm.

/RL/ SwiftFox says:

Will the Ryzen 5 1600 work along with this MB?

Sędziwój says:

Do you try overclock using Performance Boost Overdrive? How far it may boost, compare to standard OC

Эрвин Роммель says:

how much temp vrm during render or stress test?

Locks Rocks And What Nots says:

I’s to the V for the ROG!

Shambles1980TRealOne says:

I do not like the music i thought the ice cream van was out side

Fatal says:

But I have a CH6

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

I wish I could afford a Matrox capture card, which is a proper capture card unlike all the rest. har har

SoCalSlaughter says:

Why do people say pronounce Asus as “A seuss” Do you also say seuss pension? or suspension?

Owen Parry says:

I’m probably going to use this board in my new build, but as a Linux user I have a question. Can the ASUS AURA RGB be configured from within the BIOS or will it require a dedicated winblowz install? I wish ASUS would release the I2C specs so that the Linux community can create a dedicated driver/software. ASUS has nothing to lose by doing this but they have a childish ‘it is ours and we don’t want to share’ attitude!

Troy says:

Would you consider testing the X470 Taichi……?

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

My HERO lost a bet to me and I forced him to wear a comb-over and his left sideburn 1nm longer than the right for 1 month. He hanged, he hung, he slipped on a wireless soap on a wire 5 minutes later. Goodbye, Poirot.

Brian Jones says:

I got this board as an open-box, plus the 2700X for $500 after tax at Microcenter. Steal.

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

Using RAID on anything other than a server with a proper hardware RAID card is really dotting the ts and crossing the is.

Allan Dunaway says:

Love this board. I did initially have some issues but found it to be a faulty power supply. Currently running this board with a 2700X, 32GB of ram at 14-14-14-32, NVME boot drive (M_1 Slot), and an ASUS ROG Strix 1070ti. Love it so far. I did have the CPU overclocked to 4.25, but I found better performance by just letting XFR do its thing. One thing I didn’t hear in the video that may be worth mentioning is that ASUS gave the BIOS on the board a lot of extra storage for future proofing the board. I am hoping this board will carry me through the next couple of processors.

Richard Bogan says:

Engagement – ASUS ROG love. My last two boards were higher end Intel MB’s. I’m planning a RYZEN build in the fall and will most likely go with ASUS ROG again. They just work and I’ve had zero problems with them. Thanks for this coverage. Love the review!

Frode Bergeton Nilsen says:

Can this board underclock Noctua fans? I run my NF-F12 at about 130RPM with a Gigabyte board. Is that possible with this one? The Gigabyte board is a bit buggy on this, and the underclock only works, after a calibration using the windows fan tool provided by Gigabyte. After that, all that is needed is to the bios. But can Asus do the same?

Rene Pena says:

Really happy with this board. i was able to get my 2700X to 4.3Ghz, at 1.35v stable. Oh, and forgot to mention, only with SMT disabled. its strictly a gaming rig, so i really dont need the 16 threads. battlefield 1 really puts the 8 cores to work man! great video man!

Justin Hudspith says:


Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

No, sleep, ’til 2933 32GB NVDIMMs.

Appalling68 says:

For those of you familiar with a guy called Buildzoid, he gives an excellent breakdown and analysis of the power stages and VRM design of this board. I decided to buy this board just because the VRMs and other components were considered “overkill”, and simply will not overheat if you know what you are doing. His channel is Actually Hardcore Overclocking but the video was done over at Gamer Nexus:

p.s. Don’t mean to step on the toes of Level1Techs. Just thought I’d add in how much this board seems to be appreciated by the tech and/or OC community. But yes, it’s really expensive!

Traumglanz says:

This really is long overdue to review the class leading board for x470.

MikaelKKarlsson says:

Let´s hear it for The tweaks and stuff!

Piotr G. says:

You can do nvme raid on X370 Crosshair VI Hero and X370 Crosshair VI Extreme too, just need pcie to m2 card.

John Galt Line says:

Still not as sexy as the CHFIV, but I like it. The pricing actually seems fairly reasonable for what it is.

conspirecy theorist says:

It gets my 3200 ram to 3600

Pseudo Soul says:

USB x 1,000,000 = Happy Gamer

Francisco Santos says:

You should had bought the ASROCK “TAICHI ULTIMATE” version

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