Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard Review


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ygalion says:

i hear a lot of bad things about asus and how they do not care about customers

Dogzilla07 says:

Any chance Asus left the additional am3+ mounting holes on the new board like they did on VI ? xD

KillDeer says:

Will there be a full review for the Prime Pro board? I can’t afford these mega motherboards

Andrew Murczek says:

when Gigabyte 7 ???

Kris says:

so for 4 pin power if i’m not using water cooling it’s ok not to connect it to psu ? but is it alright if i’m not connecting the 4 pin power while using 7 fan (3 thermaltake 14cm riing + 2 aerocool 20cm led fan + 1 AMD Wraith Prism cooler + 1 noctua 14cm industrial 3000rpm fan) for cooling my system ?

Veritas says:

£250 for the asus C7 (non Wi-Fi) lol asus greed thats not gonna happen esp when the gigabyte has wifi and those heatsinks for around £200.
Surprise that yet again these boards are overpriced and yet again u.k. asus tax, maybe you should mention that to your asus hommies.

Dual Scimitars says:

Idk if ryzen2 is enough to make me buck my 8700k….

Mark r says:

Wow amd dont overclock much anymore

Keith Brooks says:

Pleas do the retest with the new UEFI. I’m planning on getting this mobo and the 2700X cpu within the next monrh.

David K. says:

The 10+2 phase IR3555M VRM is really good, best on X470

Max Xlr8tion says:

You mean two coasters…

Stalewind Farto1078 says:

This board looks OK but I’ve noticed 2 other non hero boards from Asus (H370 and X470F) look like cheaper boards than previous (hot garbage IMO). If this is the new Asus trend, I’ll have to rescind my Strix Asus policy.

Keith Brooks says:

Not caring for the MSI’s looks and Gigabyte has a bad UEFI update rep. on AMD mobo’s.

ZeroB4NG says:

shouldn’t this be named Arez now? because AMD? …at least keep your naming consistent Asus.

eggy1711 says:

good video just saw it, can you test it underwater, just checked the EK Water Blocks from the asus x370 fits the ASUS Crosshair VII Hero not sure if you have one.

ZEED says:

Expected better review. You said You been in rush with all boards ect. Maybe do 1 board a day review next time around??
Id like to see msi vs asus next mont. Do like best vs best battle??

And I confirm 3 things still have not been fixed on C6H over year later. Sensors fans and sleep bug.

Jack dN says:

Ordered this board.

MantaProx2 says:

First time in awhile Asus won’t be on my shopping list due to rolling over on the GPP quicker than lighting

Mr B says:

HI Did i purchase the wrong mobo? omg

Freedom ToThink says:

Good Review, It shows that you tell it like it is, and not what the board makes wont to hear.

Mech0z says:

Any chance you could test how well the wi-fi performance? I would love to know if its as good or close to the standalone wi-fi cards asus sells as this is much cheaper than those

440DieseL says:

Why no Taichi in the roundup?

Bio Flame says:

This is what pc guys jerk off to…

Jonathan Bruce says:

well I’m coming from a Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 board with a 1700 and am interested in upgrading especially since the new x470 has 2x m.2 available now. Not sure about staying with Gigabyte. I’m tempted with the non wifi version of that board though.

Open your eyes says:

Stuttering in the video is driving me insane…

Stavros Avramidis says:

it’s a pity they didn’t add the led display
maybe on the extreme model

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