Asus Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard Review

Can the Rampage Extreme VI live up to the name or has the Apex stolen its thunder?


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TechExcalibur says:

OC3DTV, thanks a lot for this review! Now the question of the month is – when can we get our hands on this bad boy?

omeer rahman says:

I’m convinced now. I gotta get this!

ninjafukwan7 says:

heads up!! @ 6:36 instant 1980’s camcorder look, feel and zoom.

Jay Tee says:

Amazing! Can’t wait to buy this 🙂

Fabian Buckreus says:

I went for the X299 prime deluxe, because I was afraid the Rampage VI wouldn’t fit in my Corsair 570x case. I think I’ve made a huge mistake! 🙂

OzSimRacing says:

It’s a pity we have absolutely rubbish cpus on offer. I was really excited about the RVIE when x299 was announced. Then to find out the 7900x is using rubbish TIM. Then hoping the 7920X and above will be soldered and to find they won’t be. Disappointing

Sten Isaksson says:

1.1 Gbit on a 10Gbit network? Seems kind of slow. 😉

Wraith6765 says:

Will Asus please learn that not everybody who appreciates (and is willing to buy) high-end motherboards wants to use a friggin’ super tower? Some of us like a powerhouse system in a normal ATX-sized case…and an 11″ wide motherboard doesn’t fit inside a normal ATX-sized case!

Si Levy says:

I want the tshirt more than the board… And I want the board a lot!

XequlixX says:

7920x review any time soon?

Dre Dejong says:

RBG ‘if you don’t want it you can turn it off’, ‘it must cost a lot of money’. OK. No thanks.

Danny says:

RGB whiners are becoming worse than those who whine about vegans.

TheTexwiz says:

This is one of the best mobo I ever seen , the rgb is insane I love rgb makes it look outstanding…

WhiteRabbit says:

Why bother with an expensive mobo?

Ben Smith says:

Any chance of a Rampage evolution video as you did with the Crosshair boards Tom?

TheHope12322 says:

Too many damn lights.

lexi miller says:

Do you think they’ll eventually go all out like this for TR4. Not sure how the Zenith compares but it’s like $200AUD cheaper so i have to assume somethings missing

Excal abur says:

Great review as always and I LOVE UR SHIRT!

General Specs says:

Hey, Tom, have you seen those new CZ Intel water-blocks – copper base plated in silver? I bought one yesterday for £40, and I am extremely impressed – extremely, especially in light of the price tag. I am going to email the store or company or manufacturer or whoever or whatever is needed to ask if they are going to be doing GPU blocks and possibly other water-cooling items that are also extremely good value for money in light of EK, AquaComputers, etc, etc. I am also going to inform them of the great benefits of sending their new products over to you for possible review, and I do hope that you do not mind – if you do, just reply and inform me not to bother. So, along with Mayhems own 360 full copper and brass rads for £30 to £33 and this new CZ sliverplated waterblock with a lot of plated mircofins to boot, Oh…. and my Kalvin 36’s that I managed to get for a bargin price, well £90 or so, I thought was a good relative price, I have had some wonderfully posivitive and back pocket enhancing buys, within the doldrum and driary landscape of ever increasing computer piece price increases that are totally void and abject of relative wage and household income increases.

Freedom Chasers says:

Speaking of homeserver…. any Chance there will be a Video on how to set one up? About to retire my old rig and wanted to use it as Rendering Machine and Home Server.

TheMorbiousStone says:

it can’t be the best ever made its shitel

B10HAZARD says:

200k Congrats man. =)

V a p o r i z e d says:

Asus Can Do No Wrong in Tiny Toms Eyes?

Videocomputer says:

I personally am quite a bit tired of flashy designs of motherboards. I would like to see some retro designs (good old green pcb or something like that) combined with modern industrial style.

thinusary1 says:

I wish the X370 maximus board share a similar design

The Metal Shed says:

Yeah but, do you know when it’s being released?

Techkey1 says:


Norman Rand Wolfe says:

Love the “Gear Head” T… I’ve covered all the bases on various occasions 😉

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