ASUS Prime X399-A Motherboard Review

lol I said 8 channel when I meant 8 stick / 4 channel lololol. long day.

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


ardas says:


Josh Lowry says:

I love how I’m not the only one that noticed the what looks like a triple slot graphics card

ardas says:

Seriously, how can I not block ads if I get served 1 minute unskippable grammarly ad? I’ll give this whitelist for separate channels a try and we’ll see…

hottake says:

best outtie ever

Heaven's Elegance says:

I got this board myself. to bad the prices here in sweden are horrible, almost 320 us on sale. oh well! It’s a decent board, im pretty happy with it, needed the I/O compared to x299 i had before and my ryzen 7 setup before that.

Daniel Diaz says:

You mention this mobo is good for first gen threadripper, do you have better recommendation for 2950x?

Alex R says:

How would this work with Qubes 4.0? Would there be adequate pass through?

Brandon Burton says:


rphxleonine says:

I can’t stop staring at that behemoth of a GPU……..

Peter Jansen says:

Nice open source music at the end while showing the IOMMU groups and BIOS-settings.

Alexander Rewijk says:

i don’t know i still can’t deal with case prices,
i mean, i’m runnning a r5-1600 with a 20 buck 2nd hand cooler master here with 120/140 mm exhaust on the top, it’s perfectly fine, exceot the fact that it isn’t built with 2,5″ form factor drives in mind.

hard to justify anything over a 50 dollars for me, i’d rather put that money in hardware,
but i guess that point gets kinda moot when your mainboard already costs like 300 insteda of <100,
and your cpu >600 instead of ~200

i’m the kind of geek that could actually find a way to utilize 16c/32t, but still not enough to justify splurging on, because i’m also the kind of geek that knows what he really needs.

HBY says:

Optane on an AMD?????

No name ok says:

You need more space in the root partition, Wendell

Puerta_De_ Muerte says:

Idk if that graphics card is big enough.

eug3nius says:

You know what beats RGB memory?
Soldered RGB memory!

SliM420 GaMing says:

Gained subs and lost weight….good look.

Reedith Graham says:

Are we getting any closer to thunderbolt on threadripper?

Will Kolbe says:

How come that rear fan is set to intake?

Frozenfar says:

could you actually use one of this builds and make a showcase of what they can do but not only a benchmark chart? maybe a video about how to create a vm to play games? not just games you know but games and windows stuff, like programs with names like looking or plastic or glass. you can forget the plastic though. you know, and i don’t think anyone needs edit we can scroll through just fine you know. just as a suggestion.

TekTick says:

128 GB of pure rainbow happiness

erroneum says:

I actually am building a system with that same board, but still need to get a case with room for 6 3.5″ drives (because I’m rather tired of losing data to drive failure)

Chris Yu says:

I’ll wait until I can drop my 128gb 3200 Corsair branded Samsung ram into a TR system and have it run with no drama. I’ll stick with my 7820x until then.

Biking With Panda says:

I have this board. it is buggy. ASUS doesnt give a fuck about Linux users and so the RGB is useless..

accesser says:

Loving the last few videos I don’t game (at all) but I really want a home lab setup to run a bunch of VM’s so this is great info

Mike Hernandez says:

I wonder what Robert Rodriguez and even Tarantino for that matter used back in the day to edit thier stuff? Would this be overkill for film makers today?

Sean DeMarco says:

Nice to see you again Wendell ..

Open box savings = awesome! : )

As for the look of the build it looks too clean and the color scheme is awful. That RGB raindow also makes me want to cry.

pishbot says:

that glorious ram! sweet build. happy xmas/ny, wendell

MrSidiox says:

The ASUS software support is absolutely terrible. For the first few months it works fine, but they hardly ever update the software past release and the half year Windows updates tend to break it, bad.

Frank J says:

Unfiltered rear intake fan WHY

yumri4 says:

i am wondering does Microsoft 360 and/or Microsoft Office Word count as a “business application” ? As those are the 2 single threaded programs I can think of for business. the .doc and .docx file types seem abundant when giving a manager a document while .pdf is very common for documentation so also Adobe Reader whatever version they are on now.

Bon Charusorn says:

nice build! i ve been thinking about going similar setup but couldnt justify the total cost to performance yet. im using a dual e5 2670 w/ 64 gb ecc(surplus setup) with 2x amd Nano. i dont game but mostly i work on editing media and doing Boinc after work. so the maching is on 24/7 doing something. if the amd setup is 25%+ faster for Boinc, i consider it justified but i havent seen anyone Boinc with it. it would be nice if you could test it out 🙂

tingokuman says:

Is that your gpu or you just happy to be on camera

Hkuba says:


MannerMan says:

This board has full ECC support, right? I’m considering it for a budget friendly TR 1900x build with ECC.

Davey says:

I dont know about AORUS products anymore… Correct me for my arrogance but theres a heavy load on the PCH (interrupt?) thats handling all the rainbow effects. Youll see this with 2 threads with a heavy load 24/7…. (I own the Gigabyte x399 gaming 7). Had weird issues since the launch of x399 and Ive just about narrowed it down to the BIOS & this.
Edit: I got a 32GB quad channel kit of 2400MHz of the ram you suggest and its been flawless. Have it gently OC’ed to 3GHz now. Wonderful ram

TeeTeeNet says:

The motherboard has 8 DIMMs slots and Threadripper has 4 memory channels, 2 DIMMs per channel. 8 channels are for Epyc.

Brutaltronics says:


Dragisa Kresoja says:

R7 1700 costs 120EUR more than TR1900x, why?

Casper042 says:

8 DIMMs != 8 Channel
All TR boards with 8 DIMM slots are 4 Channels and 2 DPC.
8 Channel is reserved for EPYC.

Eric C says:

Beastly graphics card..

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