Asus Prime B350 Plus Motherboard Review – It’s Only Okay

Today I check out the Asus B350 Prime Plus and was disappointed.
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Bodacious T says:

To make the audio better on my system (I have this motherboard) could you recommend a good budget sound card (very budget) like around £20-£30. Also how much impact will a better soundcard make with some headsets

Bill Bruce says:

I can’t comprehend a need for a PCI slot, let alone two.

Gio Ruo says:

It’s maybe worth a mention that this b350 mobo is the only one in this price range (correct me if i’m wrong) that has 6 sata III connectors (the others come with only 4). Also, it has 2 pci slots, and i know that people don’t really care about them, but for people who own, let’s say, a good older pci soundcard, it’s a moneysaver. About the fan connectors, personally i don’t use more than 2 so it’s ok.

revolcane says:

I have this motherboard, love it. I have it for both my gamer and streamer pc.

TinBin - Craig says:

i went for the asus prime pro a lot better

Ray Harrison says:

Why are you using such an old BIOS? 0805, with all the major updates and new AGEAS 1.0..0.6a, came out a month and a half before you posted this video. Please upgrade and do an update video!

Austin Kane says:

I own this motherboard, bought it because it was the only motherboard in stock at the time, and i’ll be replacing it when i can, and upgrading to an x370.
Can confirm audio issues and crap overclocking.

Rico Smith says:

MSI B350 PC MATE – Very good board for the price!

Sic Semper Beats says:

This mobo sucks

Lachlan Keene says:

Hey Kevin nice Vid, just wondering what happened to the Tech lounge live stream, that you and Brian had going?

Tech Master says:

I cant believe that motherboard manufactures still include PS2 connectors.

weirdo loser says:

my MSI Tomahawk is designed better than this thing

Jacob Billings says:

Do you think the GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-HD3 might be a better option since its the same price here in NZ ? .. or does it have similar issues ?

Nathan Robinson says:

I already have the b350 Tomahawk, im just here to see Kevin 😉

Horacio Daniel Belardita says:

Tech showdown can you suggest a good chipset b350 motherboard for ryzen 5 1400?

Alexander Arias says:

I really agree Kevin the bios is absolutely horrid. Lack of control over all aspects that you should be able to control, badly organized menus and a bunch of clutter. This board is a regret in that regard but its performance isn’t bad at actually have an r5 1400 @3.8ghz(due to lack of funds and cooling restraints)with 16gb of ram @2933mhz and its very stable but better control and a more organized menu can make this board a much better option for budget users.

HajimariTV Gaming says:

Can you build a Ryzen 1800x with GTX 1080 ti and benchmark with the Acer X34 monitor? I’m planning to build one but I want to see if it’s really a good build or what.

TheSinisterEyes1 says:

Msi and gigabyte seems to be the spearhead of Ryzen mobo… they usually have the newest bios before Asus and asrock.
specially for ram stability MSI was first with their A-xmp

Dustin Rose says:

Every Asus board I have tried and used in the last decade has had issues. They have always been finicky

Haralampi Nedelin says:

Only reason i got this motherboard was because it had an internal spdif header, so i could use my old asus bracket with optical and coaxial output. I think external dac is better than any integrated audio codec, even if the audio lines are on separate layers, there is just too much switching noise directly on the motherboard. Otherwise, was able to run 2666 mhz ddr4 from day one, but even the latest bios couldn’t boot at 3200 or even 2933 mhz, ocdp or manual, no cpu overclocking. Using 3200 cl16 ripjaws v, apparently not the best memory for this board.

Ana Sevi says:

AM4 mobo stereotypes:
MSI: great for budget, avoid the highend
Gigabyte and Asus: good for highend, meh for lowend
Asrock: Tachi? Tachi Tachi Tachi!

David Grimes says:

Cool beans very nice vid 🙂

Alexander Rewijk says:

got this one, it’s a pretty decent clocker if you ask me, not much issues for me there, at least not on the manual settings

the auto settings are really shit, it just defaults at pumping in 1.406 volt on stock speeds… absolutely retarded.
just make sure you put the LLC on regular before playing with offsets or you’ll be in for a 1.49 volt surprise.

the only way to really get accurate vcore offsets on it, is with LLC on regular, all the other settings give a horrible uncontrollable extra offsets.

but the analog onboard sound is the worst i’ve EVER heard… absolute gash
not only is it just stereo, you can literally hear every bit going through your mainboard as interference on your line out signal, lol

good thing i still had like 3 USB sound cards lying around to solve that shit

Long Tran says:

This board does have 5.1 audio. I made it work with my 5.1 sound system. You just have to get the audio software to change the settings for the auxiliary ports. I didn’t really have issues overclocking the CPU. The worst part about the board is the fact it only has 3 fan headers

Hell Blazer says:

Tech showdown can you suggest a good audio chipset b350 motherboard?

pSyk says:

This Board only made sense for me because I have sound card.

pillsburied says:

To be fair, the Prime series is Asus’s low end, but this makes me wonder how low they can go. It might have been better if you were able to flash that BIOS. Strange yours wasn’t working. The other manufacturers seem to have a better product at this price level. They don’t have the Asus “tax” 😉

3DU ORT says:

Las time I was this early Jayz Two Cents was digresisng, wait wrong channel…

PS4 Custom Gamer says:

Pci wise

Sic Semper Beats says:

This is a super cheap mobo

CastAway_Dave says:

Nice review!

RandomBeats says:

Sound is not that bad, you can still use 5.1 system with microphone and line in ports!

I have 2.1 speakers anyway, but yeah it feels like an downgrade since 5 year old mbo had ALC 892… Sound quality is the same, only less ports.

C. L. K says:

Almost bought this, glad I went with the GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming-3. Currently @ 4.025 GHz @ 1.44v on my Ryzen 5 1600 and 3200 MHz RAM. The GIGABYTE was an improvement in terms of lighting, audio quality, fan headers and overall aesthetic too imo. 3 fan headers were terrible on my old Z170 ASRock mobo, I wasn’t making that mistake again.

Anukool Karvir says:

Please do a gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 review.

Sufiyan Khan says:

B350-F Review please

hateWinVista says:

Just get Strix B350-F,best B350 board so far. Decent VRM and rich bundled features.

Shane VanPelt says:

Can you do a review on the ASRock ab350 pro 4?

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