Asus Maximus X Hero Z370 Motherboard Review

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This is the new Asus Maximus X Hero motherboard – featuring the new(ish…) Z370 chipset and support for the new 6 core 8th Gen Intel CPUs. Let’s see if it’s worth your money!
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Richard Dale says:

Just bought this board. I found it more difficult than normal to install due to the IO shield. Much easier when you’ve got something to line the board up to.

W0tonA3ian 69 says:

Is this good with an i7 8700K?

Vincent Ernst says:

Very interesting video ! I wanted to know which is the best cooler between nzxt kraken x62 and the be quiet silent loop 360 in term of performance and silence 🙂

Salty Parrot says:

Soo to get auto oc on this board off all i have to do is set ASUS multicore enchancement to dissabled?
And then my cpu will run on normal 3.7 Ghz ? right :I

SlyJuly29 says:

Nobody buys ROG boards to use air cooling, sir.

Entropy says:

Since my pin bent.. yes 1 pin lol. On my msi pro carbon.. not sure if theyll exchange under warranty.. and also that pin is affecting my top pcie.. what are the odds.

Anyway would u say that this board is a nice upgrade from the pro carb or theyre the same?

Entropy says:

Since my pin bent.. yes 1 pin lol. On my msi pro carbon.. not sure if theyll exchange under warranty.. and also that pin is affecting my top pcie.. what are the odds.

Anyway would u say that this board is a nice upgrade from the pro carb or theyre the same?

pam0077 says:

It really is too bad it’s almost required to have to delid an Intel K sku in order to get the most out of the overclock. The only thing Intel understands is profit margin and market share before they will make any changes. If AMD starts to significantly eat away at market share with the Ryzen 2, Intel will finally have to improve their substandard IHS.

Richard Dale says:

What cooler are you using specially? I have my cpu overclocked to 5ghz and my cpu runs at 74 degrees under load. I have the 8700k with a Fractal S24 AIO.

سـالأر مــاكـس - Salar Max says:

I buy this motherboard so is it good with my core 7700k ?


hero x problem q-code 00,solution?

Corey says:

Still has more USB ports than most the z370s for some reason, smh

Joe Momma says:

Great video!!!!!!
Pre ordered my 8700k and gtx 1080 ti ftw3 hybrid. Looking to decide on a motherboard today. I’m so damn indecisive.

For that price range, what would you say is the best board for overclocking? I know you mentioned Msi bio was easier to navigate. But was it better for higher clock on cpu?

I’m looking to water cool cpu with an AIO. What’s the biggest and coolest (temperature) aio cooler for the 8700k?

conan900 says:

There is a wifi version now so you can tick that box.

Bothand Nether says:

Hero Maximus X build Protools for a client was the easiest build I have done so far.
Plugged it all together & turned it on….no software install or bios update even seemed necessary.
Used the EVGA AIO & replaced the fans with noctua radiator fans.
love the ROG Maximus X line, Formula build for me is next!

Bass Junkie says:

@ 5:02 HE IS scrolling threw the memmory speeds it shows UP TO 4600 MHZ ! i thought the baord only goes up to 4133 ?
can any one confirm this ? you will see 2133 all the way up to 4600 im buyign this board in canada and was under the impresion that it only goes up to 4133 not 4600 like in 5:02 mins in to the video wow !! now im even more pumped up

other question is he says he updates the bios ?
on the asus support site for this baord it only shows 1 bios from launch wich is stock

im pumped for this baord can some one answer these questions

SRAVAN S says:

better than MSI M5?

Griff Griffin says:

Great review. Thank you. Question on the IO. Are the back cleats suppose to grab the outside of the case? I thought it was but it was very difficult to achieve. Should I go back and have another go at it?

Lobster Semen says:

Honestly the best tech reviews on the internet. Your voice is so soothing and you get all the info we need without dragging it along for extra add revenue. The awards and ranking are also a fantastic addition. I look forward to your reviews and I’m a proud subscriber. Keep up the great work mate!

David Fernandez says:

Awesome review. Can you explain what you are doing in the BIOS at 4:36 ?

Ciuperca Emil says:

asus multicore enhancement is on since maximus viii hero i gues…it’s really stupid that is on by default…the only good thing that it does is that is keeping the turbo boost equal to all cores but it adds a ton of over voltage for the cpu…as you said,it should be disabled by default

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