ASUS Maximus X Hero Z370 Motherboard Review! [COFFEE LAKE IS HERE!]

Intel’s 8th Gen CoffeeLake CPUs are here, which means a host of new Z370 motherboards! In this video I review the ASUS Maximus X Motherboard, a more affordable option on the Z370 chipset. The motherboard features 2 M.2 slots, a built-in rear IO shield, 4 RAM dimm slots, for dual channel memory support and ASUS’ glaship 5 Way Optimisation, with automatic overclocking!

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Surrendered Expectations says:

Build quality of Asus motherboards compared to Gigabyte is atrocious. Look at those ram slots for a premium motherboard. What a joke.

Dragoneye Pedro says:

Will a 430 power supply work with your 550 build from a month ago? Sorry for the video unrelated question

Shelton Palha says:

Hi which monitor do u use with this pc

Caleb Ryan says:

what monitors do you use?

Stratos Diakoniarakis says:

There is a version of this same motherboard that has wi-fi.

Paradox Gaming says:

Great vid, too bad I’m shit poor and can’t afford to completely revamp my stuff. Also, in the description, you put “Intel’s 8th Gen CoffeLake CPUs”, I think you missed an E in coffeelake.

Belgrade Town says:

maximus x hero or aorus gaming 7 ?

John Gerding says:

Asus Website is showing this board will be available with Wifi and Bluetooth for another $20…. Im thinking this is the board for me since the Z370 Strix Board is Butt Ugly…

Joe Momma says:

So many damn boards for the 8700k. I just want the best one for gaming. Which one do I get?!?!

Masum Ahmed says:

do budget gaming builds again

Jack dN says:

what do you need multiple lan ports for?

Waiting for Volta And cannon lake says:

Wait but on amazon it says it has Wi-Fi AC

Pistol Pete says:

Maximus: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

David Z says:

Thanks for your review.. Just bought one with wi fi says series 300. NOW just got to wait on the 8700k !! 🙁

Great info on your i5 gen 8 build too! THANKS.

TriggaHappy97 says:

That off focus main shot is making me frustrated 🙁 (also the over used music)

HypedMango5 says:

One of the best videos you have made (that I’ve watched). Very useful and brilliant editing and also good humour. Well done!

Cmdr Flint says:

Any idea if they’ve fixed the ram clearance issues with nzxt kraken aio coolers on the hero board?? The hero IX had a problem where the tubes from the cooler would block the 1st dimm slot.

Ok technically i know it’s NZXT’s fault for the design of their cooler/pump rather than the fault of the mobo manufacturer. But I’m making an RGB build (with 8700k) and want the kraken for its awesome disco lighting and some g.skill trident z RGB ram. On the old hero IX this wouldn’t work with 4 sticks and I don’t want to leave empty slots on a show build!

dante`afk says:

Why does this have only 10 phases while a 100$ cheaper ASrock extreme4/K6 has 12?

shawn patrick says:


Bat man says:

Can someone shed any light on whether you can plug in a USB 3.0 front panel plug into the USB 3.1 header on the motherboard? I have a Corsair 750D and it has 3.0 USB front panel and I would like to use this on the X hero Z370. I really hope the socket is backward compatible for all those who have 3.0 USB front panels.

David Holden says:

Very informative video! Thank you.

GeekaWhat says:

Sorry for the delay on this one guys! I’d really appreciate it if you *smashed* that like button and shared on this video on FB or Twitter 😛

4epa1012 says:

Subscribed! Keep doing the good job mate! Would have been great if you had done some overclocking, results and all that.

fordsrmaster says:

Great video up until the picture went blurry. The blurry picture hurt my eyes.

LuminolBlue says:

Great review! I think you’ve really helped me make up my mind. I was going to go with the MSI Godlike Z370, but I think I’ll stick with Asus for my next build. 🙂

DrunkenBadger says:

Please help.. i have the Maximus X Hero.. and when i try to boot i get the error code A2 (IDE DETECT) i’ve tried unplugging my brand new ssd.. its a completly new build.. never been turned on.. i’ve tried other drives.. still the same.. i have no clue of what to do i just spent almost 4000$ on something i cant use..

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