ASUS Maximus VII Formula ROG Z97 Motherboard

The ASUS Maximus VII Formula is definitely a luxury item… But with CPU generations lasting longer than ever, is there significant value to be gained from the purchase of a high-priced motherboard?

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martin söderlund söderlund says:

i have ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA and i like it run a i7-4770k and 16 ram with 1000w PSU
right contented me equipment please leave your opinion plz tums up or down

Noor Goossens says:

Hello, What A Genivs! lettuce high “

Squeezy l Squeezomania says:

How does ASUS expect people to use the wifi module, do you need to keep the antenas inside?

MOVIE Lover says:

are asus Z97 pro gamer good or MAXIMUS VII RANGER
plz help me

K5 Vermilion says:

The peanuts gallery hotmail I’m laughing so hard

Joshua Nicoll says:

I got an old Maximus V Formula, I got it for almost nothing as some dumb fuck scratched the back, it actually worked fine as the traces wheren’t damaged. It is a beast of a board.

astala vista says:

you say slut not slot=)

MastaX says:

Beware of this motherboard, over 80% of the reviews say it has a defective pcie combo card.


What’s the difference between this one and the maximus formula viii hero???

y11971alex says:

What’s the use of a single PS/2 port? They need to come in pairs, unless you’re someone weird like me who uses a wireless mouse with a Model F keyboard. And for goodness sake I have two PS/2 ports on my motherboard.

Cakelton says:

What are the two fittings on the motherboard for? What does it cool?

Honey Badger says:

How to install a wifi card?

GenBloodLust says:

I like the impedance detection thing

Mac 99 says:

I’ll buy this cpu..Gaming! Nc

Aamir Irshad says:

Sir, which motherboard is perfect for Core i7 4790k “Asus Z97 Deluxe” or “ASUS Maximus VII Formula ROG” for workstation?

justaman5043 says:

Would i be able to throw on 32gb of dominator 3300mhz and be good to go? Or are there any extra steps?

Iván Sandoval says:

La mobo formula VII se le puede poner un Samsung SM951?

Dee Jay Suave says:

why water coling on the side of CPU? I don’t get that part, the red tubes what are those for? what are they cooling on the motherboard?

happyfrag 1000 says:

aww I wanted a bell

Joseph Galvan says:

i just bought one of these with a 4790k… its amazing!

Squeezy l Squeezomania says:

I am having a bit of a problem. I can’t decide between ASUS Maximus VII Formula and MSI Z97 XPOWER AC.
I like the look of this board but I also like an option of 4-way SLI on MSI board.

nervoustwitch77 says:

About to do a complete upgrade from I7 2600 k to kaby lake and this board If I use Linus link to buy all my parts at one time will I get some form of discount for buying all at once?? dose it cost me more? can someone explain to me how this works I aint looking for no 100 buck discount but free shipping or a few 10 re bate mail ins would be nice ty in advance

MarioLpay says:

do i really need to apply water cooling to this board?

PROJECT 23 says:

I think this is how squeaky voice teen from the simpsons would look if he was human.

Mario Delgado says:

Wassup, Way To Use Your Head. overflow enter What’s your opinion about it !!!

Jayden Robertson says:

What’s up, guys. Sensational! babies skin !!!

Teemu M. says:

What does 90MB0I00-M0EAY0 mean in the Amazon article?

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