Asus B360M-A Motherboard Review – How Far Can the Memory and Clocks GO?

You guys were spamming me to get a review out ASAP for the B360M-A Prime motherboard from ASUS that I picked up off the shelves in Bangkok Thailand… And here it is!
There is some good news and some bad news, I couldn’t get the 8700k to work properly on it (I am guessing the delid doesn’t like the socket….), but the 8400 worked flawlessly, though I can say with almost certainty that the 8700 will be fine after running a simulated test at 100W (which is what the 8700 will max out at 4.3GHz.

Perhaps buying an 8700 now wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the price:

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Fraser Spurr says:

R9 290x or gtx 780

Vozdovacki Gamer says:

Can someone link the Asus Website for this motherboard

Kundalini12 says:

Did you consider it might be a fake board?

Jack James says:

u should do a day in the lif3

IReefKunG says:

Is this thailand only motherboard..

SirRoger says:

how much was this?

eghetto geeek says:

CHEAP board already reared its ugly head or socket hehe, any under $60 board review in the future?

Alexander Moniuszko says:

Bummah! Why did Asus release such shit?

edwin k says:

In the summer my dell motherboard shutdown it self en i must wait for a hour to boot up again !! I muste cooled it down with extra fans

pauljenkin says:

Hey yes man… I know you probably aren’t interested but saw this on reddit and thought of you.

M says:

For 8700 – it’s a good choice?

Hickisama says:

“Hi” from PRO hi-tech channel’s subscribers

Noiconnotag says:

A request not relating to this video – if you could make a video concerning optimizing air flow configurations in a basic relative old PC case build – front/back/side panels coolers + vertical/horizontal cpu cooler. Perhaps even a modification to a generic PSU (replacing to a different fan or adding a fan to the existing one).

I would also like to know what you use to clean PCs. I saw one of your clips once where you used some kind of oil based specialized formula with Chinese writing on it, is it specifically for electronics and what does it actually do? where can you buy it? are there similar products?

Mr. Magnificent says:

Anyone know the intro music?

Amiga Wolf says:

Wat for software/hardware do you use to measure Audio Crosstalk?

jack newman says:

Looking at getting a ASUS gtx 750 for roughly 63 aud does this sound like a good deal?

Pc ColdWar says:

stay tune for more leak review whit the Yes man lol;)let’s hope that some z390 come whit those b360 h370 as i expect that there going to do a paper launch lol whit there 8 core seem more than likely to counter ryzen new out coming ryzen.More it’s change more often it’s is the same(plus sa change plus c’est pareille)lol.

Dark Ninja Dave says:

Could you do an audio response test on the headphone out port on a Yeti Pro mic please?

Michael Espia says:

Would an i5 8400 work fine with an h310m? No throttling?

Nazrul Islam says:

kinda felt happy that i chose 1600 over 8400. great video anyway

Karl Benson says:

Is it possible the board is a good fake.

Nietzschean Ideal says:

So it’s looking like a power delivery thing? I’ve seen other low end B360s being set with 65w base and variable (80-90w) burst limits. Would make sense that a 95w tdp part would not get enough juice to boot past bios.

Ana E says:

Unless it is an unlocked cpu, there is literally no reason to buy Intel anymore. Stupid tools aside.

roger kaiser says:

Thanks for the content Bryan.

edwin k says:

Can you say when the ssd and memory prizes are dropping !!

GeigerMass says:

Any chance you could do a updated guide on what you do straight after formatting hdd installing drivers and optimizing windows 10 please?

halistine jenkins says:

just wait for a proper release with proper bios…

Олег Дьяченко says:

Hello from chanel PRO Hi-Tech =)

Jason Lee Dee says:

oh wow i’ve just built my mate a rig with a B360-k board and it wont boot up. just power resets. Hopefully this is a fix

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