ASRock Z370 Extreme4 Review – Best bang for buck!

A video review of ASRock Z370 Extreme4 Motherboard, designed for Intel Coffee Lake 8700K.



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BusyBeeCompany says:

Also you’re going to have to install a wifi card, pci or m2 but that will pump the cost up $30 or so, also the ms slots close down some sata ports so be prepared to move around some stuff if you have both m2s used with a drive and wifi card, they will shut down 4 sata ports.

oliver tomberg says:

Will extreme 4 with gtx 1080ti and i7 8700k work?

CSE OOP says:

This one or Asus Prime z370-A? Will be using i7-8700k.

Kamil Gromek says:

There is one thing you haven’t sad which is ….. IMPORANT. SATA Ports on this motherboard are placed on the “level” of FIRST PCIE x16 Slot (the only one capable of using 16 PCIE lines to Processor the 2nd one can use 8x PCIE Processor lines MAX). So if you wanna put some long GPU in the first slot like (GTX 1080 MSI Armor) – you won’t be able to do so cuz SATA ports won’t let you place it into first slot. This is probably intentional placement by AsRock since Taichi SATA slots are placed a bit lower while SLI Killer seems to have the same issue).

Gianluca Recchia says:

Is XMP still broken? A lot of people are complaining about it.

imperator Sklek Hrkljuš says:

hey, do i plug in SATA3 cables sideways into this MB or what? are those some sort of caps?

team moonbeam says:

Does it have wifi

Neromanovic says:

can i get 5ghz with that board on a i7 8700k?

Darrick says:

I know this may be a bit of an odd question but would you throw the 1080ti sc black edition or the silver one on this lol. Trying to decide which might look best on this motherboard

Jordan Curk says:

I expected a voice like mel gibson i had to do a double take

Ozren Zecevic says:

Can i7 8700k go with Asrock Z370 killer SLI with defoult speed and oc cpu ?

Mohammed Hammood says:

because of this video, i subbed, liked the video and im getting this board :D. thank you very much

AVSJ says:

bro , i tot is 12 power phase ? ?

theAce Phoenix says:

That’s quite a very nice board.

ref rodri says:

Does it has thunderbolt header ?

OCD says:

Hi Can the IO ‘armor’ cover be removed? Thanks…nice review too!

Hitler's Cow says:

Don’t care about unboxing? Click here: 2:58

Respawn_Point says:

Can you actually test the board next time rather then reading down the spec sheet.

careuno says:

pcie slot 2 is not working, anyone has a clue?

Wolfchacer says:

Great Review! Covered all aspects very informative. Was looking into this board for a possible Kabylake build sure glad you mentioned 8th gen only! Keep up the great work!

tandar2000 says:

Where is the M2_3 port?  The extra Type M.2 for the wireless board.

Whats it Play? says:

just got this board to go with my new 8700k

Snap_92 says:

I m confused about which z370 is the best for max 130€

Real Hustler says:

Come on if you want Z300 boards you need to get ASUS best of best don’t be cheap. you get what you pay for get it?

Hyperfyre says:

Might just have to get this board, I’ve been trying to decide on a z370 board for hours. Shame that it’s missing the clear CMOS button & onboard error display that my Z77 extreme4 has.

Frizzante says:

Will the usb 3.1 headers work with a usb 2.0 on my case? My case is a NZXT h700i

Alex Swiatkiwsky says:

This board is $144 on sale EXTREME VALUE!

ImaTissue says:

Would this support an i3 8350k

mystic says:

Yo man, great video. Quick question.. do you think the STRIX Z370-F is worth the price premium over the Extreme4? Hardware wise they are almost identical… Can’t figure out whether I should spend the extra bucks and get the STRIX Z370-F… What would you do?

Would really appreciate your input on this 🙂


Video cards, what are you guys using with this board? Tough choice here!

Nate Couch says:

Hugely helpful cheers

leobrzl says:

Man… you are very good at this. EXCELLENT review! Thanks!

VickNet says:

VRM temp?

Tolga Balkan says:

12 Power Phase = low voltage easy overclock , Supports DDR4 4333+ , Nichicon 12k capacitors , quality components really great motherboard for this price.. Asrock Solid!

shaggyego says:

Looking for some advice… this or the fatal1ty k6?

Randy Joe says:

Damn, that beard is on point!

Kyle Vanderwalker says:

Great motherboard. I did my first complete build with this motherboard, an 8700k, corsair vengeance blue led 3000mhz ram, corsair hd120 rgb case fans, corsair h115i pro rgb liquid cooler, evga gtx 1070sc, nzxt s340 elite case, corsair 750w psu, 2 500 gb samsung ssd’s and a 1 tb hdd. Haven’t use the m.2’s yet. The 8700k gets 4.8 ghz on all cores at 1.25v and never goes above 60 degrees while gaming. I have no reason to push it further and quite a few reasons not to.

karim z says:

MSI Z370 Gaming M5 or ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6? Which one is better? WHY? Please help me.

Brandon Attard says:

Should i get this or the asus strix z370-E ? Which one is better ?

Jad Nassrallah says:

Z370 Extreme4
Supports 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (Socket 1151)
Digital PWM, 12 Power Phase



I am considering pairing this with a Delidded 8600k, I am hoping to overclock to 5GHz I found another video using this board and cpu to do so. Could you give your opinions on this Thanks!

Joe Burch says:

your voice is fucking beautiful

The Fast Tortoise x says:

This or the Asus z370 E
Or f

PSPKriz says:

No Dr. Debug, no dual BIOS and no convinient buttons on board and it’s still almost twice as expensive as my Asrock z97 Extreme 4. WTF is wrong with priceing if this is a bargain. If I wanted a board with the features I’ve been used to I wou’d have to pay tripple price for the equivalent in features borad with contemporary CPU support. Pure madness. Same with GPU’s. My r9 290 back in the day cost halm as much as my gtx 1080ti and thay are both balls to the wall card’s from respective time periods.

George D says:

Guys, I need some help here. I can’t get this board stable with an i7 8700k and G.Skill Trident Z 3600 MHz. The computer freezes after idling for some time, or what is even stranger – it runs stable under Blend test in Prime95, but freezes as soon as I stop the test… Any ideas?

Nathan Younghusband says:

Very informative. Thanks for going over the board!

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