Asrock X399 Taichi Threadripper TR4 Motherboard Review

Can the Asrock Taichi actually mange to beat the ROG Zenith?


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TheMorbiousStone says:

Tom is really trying to hate on threadripper 2 vids now & he looks like a fucking fool compared to every pro and regular Joe reviewer because no one is crying just Tom… I know Sintel pays your bills Tom but FFS dude lay off it. HardOCP had 4ghz You can’t get 4ghz on air ROTFL Guess what no one can LOL WATER COOLING


i own an x99 taichi and it’s hands down the best motherboard I’ve ever used. Rock solid stability under heavy overclocking, able to handle RAM speeds far faster than my ASUS boards. Nice to see the x399 is great as well.

Excal abur says:

Another cracking video from TTL!

Sam Pique says:

Thank you for the review.

Jay Tee says:

ASROCK makes some solid boards. Don’t know if I would choose this over an Asus board though….

Steve Watson says:

That pic-in-pic at upper left… “Hereee’s Tommy!”. 🙂

Matt McGregor says:

23 minutes? What am I going to do with the rest of the hour? :0

TheSaintST1 says:

The question is… will the VRM’s blow up if you wanna get frisky and start over clocking the CPU…?

Karsten M. says:

Ok good board – nice. PLEEEEEASE also test the AORUS one 🙂

MrDman says:

At least we can shut off the Light Effect on the board after all right? Seeing RGB up on the ceiling would be the last thing I would wanted to see in my room, nice and simple. Like the old 290x XFX and I think that board is perfect for it. Sadly, that money is going to be invested somewhere else.

Lawrence Timme says:

No ding that I’ve been waiting for 🙁

Vibration Crew says:

Understand its subjective but I think its one of the best looking boards I’ve ever seen.

zettle 234 says:

OC3D I’ve heard you for ages tell people not to cheap out on their power supply, Thank you, for including the cooling in these videos. AMD or Intel, need better cooling than in the olde days, because of all the cores they are offering. Great job

K1llrP3ngu1n says:

Just saying xD

UltraDXSASC says:

Miss B/W theme of the Taichi 🙂

Jervon Jaxx says:

Crap brand motherboard!

spano lorenzo says:


Jerry Patterson says:

I’ve done research into this board and others ever since they 1st started showing up. I picked this one due to price and available features. Will there be better boards in the future? Sure, but there comes a time when you have to say “I better get a new one built before my old one craps out!”

bogdanut says:

the wi-fi in there isn’t god though.

Raziel says:

YMMV… but I like the looks of that board. I have a Zenith, but for M.2 solutions and watercooling support. On pure aesthetics, I would go Taichi…

MrDman says:

My Dream board. Any chance of getting Enermax Liqtech TR4 360 AIO on the way?


I prefer black mobos with no RGB. Tbis one does it. So i give it thumbs up

rockdvd says:

thx 4 the review

Alexis Gaming says:

A few thoughts from a few weeks with these boards.

I put the Zenith, Asrock Taichi, and Asrock Fidelity through hours of benchmarks and setups, and drilled down through many of the BIOS options.  My eventual conclusion was that the Zenith was the superior board, but not by much, and perhaps not by enough to make it worth the price tag.

Some comments for Tom’s review:

Tom, you should never present results from single benchmark runs for comparison.  Rather, you should replicate the benchmark at least 10-15 times, calculating its mean, standard deviation, and sample size.  This gives you a statistical index of comparison between two boards.  Like Tom, I found that the Zenith benchmarked better than the other two boards, by a factor of 1-2% of the score.  Overclocking stability and speeds were IDENTICAL across all boards.  You will NOT be able to overclock CPU or memory faster on one board or another.  At least reliably.

Tom did not test the on-board wireless, and depending on your needs, a very replicable flaw may cause you problems.  Two independent websites have already confirmed that the Asrock onboard wireless suffers slowdowns with certain high speed setups for some reason.  The Asrock Fatality X399 also has the same chipset.  Having tested the Zenith, Fatality, and Taichi, I confirmed that the wireless was more robust, and faster to connect, on the Zenith board than the other two.  

Tom’s comment about the ASUS vs Asrock BIOS voltage behavior seemed odd, because my recorded values and ranges were the same for both boards, using Ryzen Master while it was running in Windows at idle and under load.  Is Tom referring to the BIOS display of voltages?  Because I noticed the ASUS Zenith would display the intermittent reported voltages on the BIOS screen, whereas the Asrock did not, but only listed the user settings.  This could be simply a factor of the ASUS board displaying something that the Asrocks do not.

Although not a deal-breaker, the ease of installing drivers will be a factor for some.  In the Asrock case, you MUST, as in MUST, use the included CD to install drivers, as the navigation of Asrock’s website is downright impossible.  There are hundreds of cryptically named files, that it is difficult to tell which one you precisely need.  That said, in my testing, the Asrock utility did seem to grab the updates okay.  Also a point for Asrock for being the only BIOS that could grab its own FLASH update wirelessly.  The ASUS board kept failing, and required a wired connection to complete.

Like I said, when all was said and done, I decided on the ASUS Zenith.  Extensive BIOS options, slightly better performance, more robust wireless performance, and such, might not be worth the difference in price in isolation, but taken together, was worth peace of mind.

Thanks for the video, Tom!

Matt McGregor says:

You been watching Buildzoid BIOS rants too much. That had to have influenced your very last statement 🙂

YonnyMestampo says:

Asrock just release the latest bios a couple of days ago. Did you tried with that one or an earlier one?


I really like Asrock boards I used 2 in the past they were pretty bullet proof

Faris Leonhart says:

Guess I’ll be waiting for 7nm cpu’s, I was torn between TR 1900X & i7 7820X

girlsdrinkfeck says:

is that a motherboard or the hydraulic crankshaft for one of NASAs telescopes ?

Icemaker says:

The review ive been waiting for

Chuck says:

I’m running 4GHz without any issues. Let me know if I can help any others.

Mora Fermi says:

I think you should add a “workhorse” award category. Little tinkering, little eye candy, just works.

michael barrett says:

X399 here I come

Scott Thomas says:

I’ve had a 1950x and the Asus Prime board for a few days now. After proper monitoring I’ve never seen it hit 4.0ghz at all. Only around 3.81/86 on stock with the board set to Auto. So I do not believe AMD should be stating it as a precision boost at 4 on the retail packaging. Temps only as high as ~65C Idles around ~34C. Volts never higher that 1.41 on Auto.

Thanks Tom for the review.

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