ASRock X370 TaiChi Motherboard Review- Ryzen

Ram kits we tested in this board as OK!


All memory was tested in dual channel configs only, in DDR4 slots 2 and 4.

CPU-Z Validation: (4.2ghz!!) (4.1ghz)

Ryzen Tweets:

CPU-Z Benchmark Comparisons:

This was a bit rushed, and I had some help with the broll. We’ll get some cooler broll shots next time. The x370 motherboard shortages are real!!!

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacCleod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


nauti0007 says:

Hi, did you managed to make G.Skill F4-3200C14D-32GTZ work at 3200 Mhz in this video without touching BCLK ? Because there is no motherboard where it works for the moment with 2 x 16 Go kit, but 2 x 8 go kit works well. Thank you.

1cavvyper says:

hello if you use both m.2 slots will that make your sata 3.0 connection un- usable for storage drives

Ryan Shea says:

First time watcher… What a Wendell. 🙂

SimX says:

Does it have adjustable memory timings just like on Intel boards? Why did ASRock cut down the dual UEFI from all AMD boards? Intel ones have them and it’s awesome.

Garage Geek says:

have you guys taken a look at asrock b350 pro?

Shaxuul says:

I think the board’s “cogs & gears” artwork looks ugly, but thankfully it’s a solid, feature-rich board, and one I’d consider if I were building a Ryzen rig. But yeah, the PCB art is just an eyesore to me. :/

kaidoobie says:

Digging the jazzy music at the end.

Edward Johnston says:

someone for heaven’s sake tell me how to get HYPER-V working on this board. I have windows 10, and I enabled IOMMU. PLEASE I AM DESPERATE.

cold proxy says:

i’m a simple man i see Wendell an click like

Iron Will says:

can you please try a hackintosh on it, i know its early but i want to see it 🙂 thanks

Robert says:

10:11 “Graphics card. Yes everything is fine. You can run 2 graphics cards. BUT, the two graphics cards that you might run in the “by x” slots are in the same IOMMU group. (Face palm!) So if you’re gonna do GPU passthrough it’s not gonna work.”
*Skipping!* Waiting for Naples. Hoping for a 16 core 32 thread (1P / non-SMP) SKU with 64 PCI-e lanes to be released in 2H17.

Samuel Stevenson says:

what Distro did you use in your testing?

Lars Kulseng says:

Great video. In the overclocking results at 14:25 , why does the voltage show 0.752? I heard you say that it was set to 1.46 volts, so os it just CPU-Z showing the wrong value?

Fábio Mallaco Moreira says:

I love your bonsai

Marlon Orellana says:

This or the gigabyte x370 gaming 5?

Andomaca1 says:

You good sir are the best in the biz <3

charlie brownau says:

Does this mobo support ECC in proper ECC mode ? Ryzen ECC capable freenas mobo ??

Dmitri Weissman says:

I’m just curious since I’m kinda new to this channel …
GPU pass through is an interesting thing. If and when you would successfully create a VM with dedicated GPU I’d really like to see gaming benchmarks between ryzen and some other 6-8 cores intel part.
But why there is no code compilation benchmarks for ryzen (in comparison to intel) ?
I love Gentoo for many years. IMHO it’s the most powerful distro. But sometimes, installation (compilation time) is very long.
Since my current aging i7-4770K does not have VT-d, I’m considering an upgrade to something else this year.
Ryzen 7and X99 are falling a bit short on my requirements for now since I prefer mini ITX and therefore need an iGPU (or partitioning of single GPU with SR-IOV or whatever). USB video adapters do not seem to solve the issue.

fajar adi Pradana says:

am i the only one who keep on watching without understanding what wendel is talking about?

Dean Thomson says:

@Level1Techs – What did you do in Linux to get past the 3600mhz limit in the cpu governer? I’m verious curious.

S1L3N7D3A7H says:

Hi Wendell, I was wondering if you can do a test on x370. I wan’t to know if a x8 PCI-E 2.0 RAID on chip card will work in that bottom x4 slot, and if not will it work in the x8 PCI-E 3.0 slot. If it does work in the x4 slot at the bottom, will it also work even if you have two graphics cards installed?

Thanks a bunch if you can do this. Love your channel.

Simon Fuller says:

Great video guys, really enjoy learning about computers with L1

Paulie Nordaker says:

Ok please do a video of overclocking and bios trying to put together the most info i can on my channel in one place In a play list ..thanks

BrownieX001 says:

How does FreeNAS work on Ryzen platform?

James Shea says:

Hey was wondering if you removed the pre installed fan mount to see if it has both AM4 and 3 mounting holes like so other AM4 boards. I have a zalman AIO cooler I love and they don’t have an adaptor out.

Garry Perkins says:

It is really impressive how much of the functionality worked under Linus. Way to go ASRock

mchilds83 says:

It sounds like 2x16GB TridentZ (F4-3200C14D-32GTZ) memory modules were run successfully at 3200mhz on this board. I’ve ordered this board and this memory. Can you please explain if you had to modify the BCLK or if this memory frequency was achieved simply by setting the timings manually on the memory without a BCLK change? Thanks.

charlie brownau says:

All we need now is UNITY and UE4 to correctly use 4 and 8 cores multi threading

Jonny B says:

Looks like its the board to get, with all those power phases… cannot go wrong

r00t hkr says:

I really appreciate the Linux info. I use Linux as a daily driver. Good review.

ess wasim says:

I was made to believe Ryzen wouldn’t go above 4.1 Ghz now it is 4.2 Ghz. Squeezing the last ounce outta Ryzen. Great Work.

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