A Capable B350 Board? My Attempt At a Motherboard Review – Asus Strix B350-F

My attempt at a motherboard review, hopefully the information I provide is accurate. I did quite a bit of research before making this video, please let me know any additional information that I may have missed if you feel so. Thanks for watching!

You can purchase the Asus B350-F board here: http://amzn.to/2j0GiYB

You can purchase the Asus B350-F board here: http://amzn.to/2BffhIk

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Clint-Excalibur71 says:

Beautiful Intro

C.L.K. says:

This and the GIGABYTE AB350-Gaming 3 prob the best B350 mobo’s.

riteu says:

I really like how in depth you got in this review! I was considering this motherboard but ended up going for the msi b350 pc mate instead.

I don’t like Your kind Faggot says:

I bought this board and I’m getting an 1800x would it work fine?

ryuu -chan says:

That’s a nice review man. I have some question here btw. I’m very curious about how do you check the VRMs temperature in this board? are you using software or do you check with FLIR thermal camera or etc.?

MambaMike says:

I love you 🙂 you should send me the box of the motherboard not the actual motherboard just the box. Just the box. Aye did I say I wanted the box?

zuriel keta says:

Thanks for the review! I would like to ask does strix b350f have the 5x protection i.e. the full esd protection like the prime b350 has? I was thinking of buying strix because of the Intel Lan chipset.

Jimbo says:

What kind of ram did you have?

Sylvain Blanchet says:

Excellent video , ty

Yachint says:

Would you recommend this board if I pair it with an R7 1700 to get a modest overclock of about 3.6-3.7 Ghz and get about 3+ years of (mobo)life?(Assuming I’m not doing any intensive tasks like rendering etc.)

Andy Wan says:

So if i need to install 6 pwm fans for this Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming board could i use 6 four pin Y splitters and how much watt should each fan be ,does this board have onboard fan xpert software?

Its Neight says:

Same motherboard I have! I was honestly not that big a fan. Think I could have gotten a better one for the cost like the Asroc Pro4 or MSI Tomahawk which was a little less.Thanks so much for posting the overclocking guide though. Always nice to know for those who haven’t done it before. Asus BIOS is a lot more tricky than other mb manufacturers, particularly for new OCers.

@JDTechGear – the upper sata ports are separated because if you are using an M.2 drive that takes up two PCIE lanes then those top ports are the ones that get used so they will not be usable.

Hades sixfeetunder says:

i got this board with ryzen 1700x and corsair dominator platinum 16gb 3000 mhz. Works perfect !

prabinsframe says:

I’m getting this on January, I can’t wait ahhhhh

Thiago Trannin says:

Which psu do you recommend for overclocking on this motherboard? I am divided between 650 and 750 W, probably going to get a 2700x and vega 56 when prices get lower

brandon kukurudza says:

yes thanks for going through this very helpful

actuallywill says:

Man, love your videos…but I have to disagree with the OC settings you are talking about..
“you don’t wanna overclock more than a quad core with this motherboard” I have an overclocked 1700 at 3.975GHZ and 1.380v and the rig is stable as hell. Temps below 55c while gaming, under 70c on aida. I know everyone will have different experiences but you should not say things like “don’t overclock more than a quad, or hexa core cpu.” This motherboard is very, very good, albeit only priced well on sale. $130 full price is a little too much, $15 overpriced, other than that it is a good motherboard. I have my LPX vengeance ram overclocked just by upping the SOC voltage barely at all.
This motherboard is MORE than adequate for ALL of ryzen’s chips up to the 1800x.

That being said, this is one of the best reviews I have seen for the board, well done.

Legit Username says:

Please answer did you use the amd stock cooler?

Legit Username says:

I had just got this board, love it

Ζ † N says:

the memory speed is limited to 3066? i was planning on running 3200 oc’d to 3600.. this can’t be right. also is there no way to pstate oc with this? i know on the hero VII you can set pstates and their relative multiplier.

Carlos García says:

Please retry overclocking the APU you had from a previous video.

Joseph Hasek says:

Can you change light color in BIOS?

Vineeth S says:

Hi awesome video, one question how do I change the display from VGA card to onboard display I dont find the option in BIOS, please help.

Gagan uska teddy bear says:

will it support ryzen 5 1400

machf16 says:

Can you use this board with the 2600x or the 2700x?

YaRmgl says:

for 1500x you can do 4ghz with 1.325v

Eddie says:

Did you buy this at Micro Center?

tigerbalm says:

I has me som dimm sum…

İsmail Turanlı says:

b350f strix r5 2600 best setup 🙂

David Johnston says:

I bought this board & paired it with a Ryzen 5 1600. Awesome!

Kevin S. says:

Hey man; thanks for the vid; i’m likely getting this board very soon with a rysen 5 1500x. I really get confused with the details of the memory. I wan two 8gb stilcks but looking at the QVL, there are very few choices for a 2×8 paired deal. I also need help figuring out what speed to get. 2400? 2800? any input would be nice. Thanks

Ed Jackson says:

Do some form of collab with ALittleDIMM. He is another tech YouTuber and I think the two of you would make a great pair.

Abagail Reyes says:

Yeo my dude I just finished build ,but I get a orange light saying sb power ,please help everything turns on but no response on bios

scott peters says:

140?? I got it for 80$ mahaha

BoomWithPeter says:

The best motherboard review by far…u deserve much more subs

Sameeran Nath says:

This is what I call a review. Thanks a lot!

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