Z370 Motherboard Family Overview

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Toggle Pr0 says:

what about people who cant hear

Jared Ho says:

Are different Maximus boards gonna come out?


Nice boards! Please shoot video in 60FPS next time… massive headache from stuttering

Bothand Nether says:

Wondering why the TUF Pro Gaming has 1 less vrm than the TUF Plus Gaming motherboard.

Ray Marquina says:

We want the formula!!

Finlay Norris says:

I’m not sure why some of the more insane boards have fancy sound chips on them….shouldn’t high-end PC’s have one of your Xonar Essence STX soundcards installed?
I get having an above average chip/chips for lower end boards, but why on a high-end board, you can say “oh well they should have good audio shouldn’t they”, true, and for that they should go balls to the walls and bypass motherboard audio all-together, it’s good no doubt, but not as good as your soundcards, no way, so why not cut it out completely/have an adequate, cheaper one, allow people to save a bit of money toward getting the soundcards instead?

I mean, I’ve already got one of the soundcards, certainly worthwhile, they sound excellent from my audiophile perspective, but this means any cost increase of the motherboard for premium on-board audio, is a bit of a waste. I guess from a business perspective, it makes sense, but from an ethos perspective, not really, really wonder why more high-end enthusiasts don’t get soundcards, namely your Xonar Essence STX (or STX II if you use a surround sound setup – headphones *are* better though so saving the little bit of money and getting the “older” or less fancy card, is actually a smarter choice I’d say) , I suppose people may blast Asus for not including fancy onboard audio, but they’d have no right to – you should get a soundcard instead.

Perhaps Asus could offer a coupon to make soundcards cheaper with a voucher, thus negating the perhaps increased cost of missing out on a chip and getting a soundcard which would almost certainly be like double the cost of the chip at least. It really is a shame enthusiasts and gamers overlook soundcards. They’re the one part of the PC that really never needs upgrading, if you get the right one to begin with. Asus honestly knocked the ball out of the park with their highest end soundcards, they come way above anybody’s motherboards or CPU’s in terms of being an investment and a worthwhile PC part, people should really own one in their rig. Asus just need to get more people to buy them somehow, a new model to refresh the line simply isn’t required in my opinion, they’ve got headphone listening and surround-sound covered, audio doesn’t change much, it’s not like the 90’s where you may actually need a new soundcard to play modern games or anything, just seems a shame all that effort went into it, and it resulted in one of the best PC components PERIOD, and yet the amount of people with them is pretty low, seems unfair to me lol.

Oh well, I’m sure nobody will read this rant anyway. In summary; the highest of the high end motherboards shouldn’t have any sound equipment on them at all as any super-high-end setup will have a sound-card anyway, just like how CPU manufacturers won’t include cooling solutions with super-high-end really hot CPU’s as you should just own a beefy cooler to begin with if you’re at that level – this will help lower the cost of the motherboard and prevent true enthusiasts from having a little bit of their money wasted on something they don’t need.

Tomáš Gulas says:

Hello wich one giwe me best sound, in games/moovies?

amaskedman says:

When is formula coming out?

andruman33 says:

i dont give a **** about all the RGB features and watercooling. I want to overclock to the max using my trusted NH-D15. which board would you suggest?

Ag0nY Gameplays says:

I am in doubt on a Prime Z370 or a Rog Strix Z370-f
I Will use a 1080Ti with a 8700K overclocked and a 2x8gb 3200mhz tridentZ (now only using 2xHDD and 1xSSD, in the future I will but some M.2)
the price is the same in my shitty country
Some sugestions?

Bjorn Horlin says:

Woot no Tuf armor, thats not god :/

Aurora I.T. says:

Love the new look!

Melvin Lee says:

hi, is asus planning to release any other Z370 m-itx boards?

Braeden Goodman says:

Any word in when we are getting a z370 code

PC Enthusiast says:

Where is the Formula?

fordsrmaster says:

I would like to see longer videos of systems built on each board. I’m torn between the ROG Maximus X, the ROG STRIX Z370-H, and the ROG STRIX Z370-F

CrossFire X says:

W T F happened to TUF

letho letho says:

so, 5yrs or 3yrs warrnaty for the tuf z370?

cy2087 says:

Where the heck is JJ???

λGhost says:

What about the strix z370-g? Also, with there be micro workstation board for z370 like the z270 ws?

Soumyadipto Ghose says:

Too few usb ports on the E and F boards… main reason for a no go ..

teddysurf says:


Juan Carlos Celestino says:

The best motherboard Brand is Asus and Gigabyte

Aksshay Sharma says:

Asus is obsessed with black…come up with soke white boards also

Sky D says:

Fix ur llc. Be more responsive thanks.
Dont buy the strix unless u dont oc or u can wait for a bios uodate.

halistine jenkins says:

it’s a dam shame that after 3 generations of these boards and the extra pcie lanes coming with each gen, that you still can’t manage to get both m.2 slots to run two m.2 x4 pcie ssd’s without gimping or disabling 1 or 2 of the sata III slots. this is unacceptable that you have to buy into the “enthusiast” line up to get all 6 sata ports or even 2 more making 8 to work properly when utilizing all the m.2 slots with x4 pcie ssds.

AftermathXJ220 says:

Wanted TUF Z270 Mark 1 equivalent for Z370 build & Asus really dropped the ball this time. No TUF motherboard back-plate, less fan headers, & much cheaper looking in comparison to Z270 versions. Really Asus, really? Going Asrock now with better power phase design, especially for the money. Extremely disappointed in Asus!

kristoffer says:

Three ports for integrated gpu is pretty pointless.

zombie says:

I am so disappointed, what is that tuf 370?

PetesPC says:

I find your lack of USB ports disturbing

Judge Dredd 3D says:

So what is the power delivery of the Hero, Strix and Prime? DO they have the same vrm setup?

Richard Dale says:

Where’s JJ

MrKZdemos says:

fuck you asus no tuff armor, no buy

Silver Werewolf says:

You fucked up the strix with that shitty dvi and taken off the usb 3.1 gen2

rentzusuken says:

More RBG vomit and then someone took a piss on the TUF board. Oh, yeah, thanks for the awesome DVI port, super useful.

MrKZdemos says:

sabertooth armor was the best and now its gone for good

Jesse Rigano says:

hey I got a deal for you ASUS I have 2 of your way older mobos p5n-e SLI witch still works fine and the one I’m using p8h77-v i’ll Trade you them for one of yours

Shadow Blade says:

noice but i already have a x299 deluxe and core i9 7900x with two 1080ti poseidons

Alex The Average says:

Maximus X Extreme?

sudhansu9dm says:

Sorry, you dropped the Deluxe. Not everyone is excited by the “gaming” series that are more of a gimmick.

Geoff Lewis says:

Disappointing line up from ASUS, the TUF board looks rubbish in yellow, go back to something like stealth black and armour. Have a board range like TUF for clean look, have a range maybe Strix or something for flashy RGB led stuff and maybe the ROG range with both options.

ibrahim ahmed says:

Where the Z370 WS Board?

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