Z170 Motherboard’s Compared (Full Overview)

Kevin checks out 6 different z170 motherboards from Gigabyte & Asus and compares them!
Pricing & Availability: http://www.playtech.co.nz/afawcs0139234/CATID=1296/page=1/intel_skt_1151.html


PhantomVapor says:

What’s the differences between the asus z170-k and z170-p

Arif Naim says:

asus z170 pro gaming or gigabyte z170x gaming 5?

Jackie Tan says:

You may want to try 50p or 50i for video capture with panning movement.

Santosh Prajapati says:

Asus z170 pro gaming vs gigabyte z170x gaming 3 which Best ?

Sam McWethy says:

Was this filmed with a toaster?

Aaponton says:

are theese prices australian dollars

Manik says:

What board do you think I should get. I have a i5 6600k and want to overlock and a gtx 1060. Which board is best for overclocking and will last long

ClassicPork says:

Can you clarify what you meant by “this only has USB type C, no type A, but has 3.1”
Isn’t the USB 3.1 connector type a?

Mazeingpower says:

no msi??

Ashanur Zaman says:

please insure me that which ram will support this motherboard GA-Z170-HD3

FilmFactry says:

What sub $150 z170 motherboard can reliably/easily boot from a M.2 raid without crippling the board? Dual M.2 sockets preferred, but an added pcie adapter is an option.

I’m not a gamer, but would like the most USB 3/3.1 options.

Very confused at so many z170 boards.


Kevin Stanley says:

This or msi z170a m5

Mayur TecH says:

Does asus pro gaming mobi from this video has SLI?

Southeastern777 says:

If you know as little about motherboards as you do spelling, (motherboard’s = possessive) then, you’re stupid! Lol…

Septimus says:

Think ill get the Gigabyte gaming G5.

Gary Schnitzel says:

For me I have the z170-d3h motherboard with 64gb ddr4 ram plus a 1070 and a 1000w which I all like all lot

Moody 10k says:

how about MSI mobo
are they worth ?

Marcos Renan Da Silva Rocha says:

for a i76700k and gtx1070 the asus z170 pro gaming or the gaming m5?

ccricers says:

Asus Pro Gaming Series huh… man I thought ROG _is_ their pro gaming series lol

holmiumNZ says:

Good video, thanks.

lharchmage says:

A slight correction According to GIgabyte their z170 hd3 does indeed support 64 gb ram .I also have 64 gb ram in mine and it works fine

UNBoxed It4U says:


peter jones says:

the new version of the GA Z170-HD3p does come with a type c connection and thunderbolt header

YOU 기꺼이 웃다 says:

what’s different from those and z170m plus?

Harikrishnan says:

gigabyte is better

The art of competition says:

which one do you reccomend for 6700k cpu, 1080 evga gpu. im looking to run two 4k tvs. and 4k gaming. seems like asus z170a seems like the go to choice and most popular. reading reviews of all the z170a models they all have some sort of drawback according to newegg and amazon reviews. msi has sound issues asus has ram slot issues. 🙁

ZZstaff says:

Why is it that almost no reviewer counts the mosfits [phases] at least for the CPU? —-  The low end boards are easy to count, however, starting with the Gigabyte G5 some are covered up. —-  Please tell me how many mosfits, or phases, are for the CPU.  —-  Thank you.

MarkTechGaming says:

so my amd fx 4300 pins got bent and now I’m just going to switch to Intel but I need help I have 16gb ddr3 that I don’t want to wast and I need a motherbored that has a lga 1151 socket because I’m getting a i5 6500 what motherbored do I need

Niloy D says:

hey , ga-170-hd3 has 64 gb ram capacity

Mafia Assassin says:

my build is
gtx 970
kingston 8gb ran
600watts power supply
a corsair 300r case
please recommend me a z170 motgerboard which supports sli

Marcos Diaz says:


BroadStreetProductions says:

lol… Looks like im gonna just start off with
16GB of DDR4 Corsair Vengance
i5 6600k
ASUS maximus VIII

Monch Penz says:

so, can i use ddr3 on this one? not the ddr3l.

Fox250R says:

Ok so I’m a noob when it comes to building my own system but I’m giving it a shot. So far What I have Corsair 780t case
Corsair HX850i psu
I7 6700k cpu

Now I’m looking at mb’s! Was told the z170 was a good start but I’m confused as hell on what one I should get. Any help would be awesome!! Thank you

Me Of course says:

I wouldn’t pay more then 150 for a motherboard.

Petalite Shiner says:

i7 6700k
gtx 980
gigabit z170x gaming ??
please help

blupione says:

no msi

ZZstaff says:

It looks like the Gigabyte Gaming G 5 has 11 chokes near the CPU [8 CPU phases + 3 for video] and the Pro Gaming has 10 chokes [8 CPU phases + 2 for video?].  —-  And the mid-range Gigabyte Gaming 5 looks like it has more chokes on the entire motherboard than the other mid-range board. —-  More [and/or better] mosfits & chokes = better cooling = longer life expectancy.

Harikrishnan says:

Any one have a H61M-WW motherboard?

m minu rajput says:

you have to chang your microphone

Pinki Pinkovai says:

so assus 170K or gygabite HD3 better?

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