X470 vs. X370 Chipset Differences, Benchmark, & Specs Comparison

We compare the X370 and X470 AMD chipsets for AM4 motherboards, with benchmarks and specs for X470 vs. X370.
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This benchmark compares AMD’s X370 vs. X470 AM4 motherboards, showing chipset spec differences for Ryzen platforms. We’re using an ASUS X370 Crosshair VI Hero and Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7, with most testing on the 1700X and 2700X Ryzen CPUs. AM4 chipset comparisons include gaming benchmarks, I/O difference discussion, Blender benchmarks, and a couple of other things. We also talk about memory timings, subtimings, and tertiary timings on the AMD platforms, along with RAM frequency scaling (and higher frequency vs. tighter/lower timings).

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


RedSoul001 says:

thank you for saying it…. I saw the title of bitwit video for this same test and listened to the beginning and face palmed so hard…they are the same….

Ezra Lee says:

Any difference from upgrading ab350 to x370 or x470 for 1700x?

TheYosiFTW says:

will we see any mATX x470 motherboard?

Charles Leffew says:

I have a Asus ROG STRIX B350-F with a R7 1700x and 3200mhz GeIL Super Luce, with a Swiftech H220 X2 Prestige AIO, Seasonic Platinum 660 PSU, and it rocks everything I throw at it.

VisualArticulation says:

Good day and great video. Is the store mi and precision boost Od worth a 100+ dollar premium for ryzen2k series and x470 combo in gaming/ art/3d/video workloads?

moaz khan says:

Help needed
If I choose an r5 2600x with x370
will they work initially?
I know that I have to update the bios but can’t I boot the system to get to the UEFI?

Carl Kahler says:

Thanks for the vid.I bought a Thai chi X370 and now the Gen 2 AMD’s are out so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a lost cause getting the Gen 2 for a X370 board. Super #thumbsup .

Teknical says:

Thank you for this video I can happily keep my x370 board and grab a 2700X when the price drops in a few months, or skip this generation and wait for the 3700X.

Hayden Binkley says:

Corsair ram is awesome and thanks to the auto timings you can overclock the ram farther than what it’s rated for. Play the silicon lottery today.

strikerhiryu says:

Corsair LPX 3200 mhz, easy overclokeable to 3466, good improvement in performance. I oc’ed my 2400g and works great!

Gamers Nexus says:

Find our R5 2600(X) review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDggr3kt96Q
And our X470 Gaming 7 PCB / VRM analysis here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNRQZkYB0ns

Neil de Guzman says:

Is it safe to assume that the first gen mobos will be good up to the last AM4 based cpu? Its almost for sure good enough platform in terms of power delivery since all else that follows gen 1 will be in smaller manufacturing process and will demand less and less power. Only the add in features like maybe 7.1 audio or pcie 4.0 or USB 4.0 will be the difference… just looking way ahead right now… LOL

Dan Gingerich says:

Maybe nobody has mentioned it yet, but I’ll reiterate if needed: There was only a minor change from Intel’s 100 to 200, and no change at all from Z270 to X299 or Z270 to Z370. So, Intel doesn’t get a full pardon on it.

Shmozone says:

I’m just wondering why my x470 motherboard hasn’t shipped…
I got my 2700x and ram on the 19th, they’ve just been sitting on my shelf :,(

tamarockstar45 says:

Mod mat looks nice and all, but $100 is a bit steep.

Kirk Dave says:

I lose performance with another motherboard of different brand?

yumri4 says:

so in short do not get GEIL RAM and Corsair RAM seems to be good for AMD if it is a validated kit

Chakshu Sharma says:

Amd plz bring socketable chipset to market

KillDeer says:

Can you drop the gen2 CPUs into the X370 and update the BIOS or is it like that Intel fuckup a couple years ago where the only way to update the motherboard is have the previous generation CPU first?

Torjus HT says:

I have 16GB (8×2) 2133 mhz RAM from my previous build and I want to buy either the 2600x or the 2700x Ryzen chipsets, and I can’t really afford a more expensive RAM kit right now. Will it be horrible slow at that speed? (ive heard ryzen loves fast ram). Not sure if I should just wait or not.

Artas1984 says:

Thermaltake case add with Corsair PSU? WEIRD…

N Gauge England -Synthematix- says:

so XFR2 precision boost2 and storMI will all work on my x370 taichi with my 2700x?

Connor C says:

Your confidence intervals for the Total War Warhammer test for the 2700X showed the avg and 1% FPS were significantly different.

EDIT: with Corsair beating GEIL

Kevin Green says:

Recently just updated the bios on my Asus Strix B350-f motherboard to the most recent one that came out. Wasn’t the first time i had flashed an updated bios version on that motherboard but this time after it had completed the updated it went to restart and now it won’t even post. The motherboard indicated it doesn’t even recognize the cpu. Completely bricked my motherboard.
I read that others had a similar problem earlier on with b350 boards but there really is no fix. I can’t even access the bios to reflash to an older version of the bios

skratchhh says:

Once I noticed the vertical blue bars on either side of the video during the chart presentation anxiety hit me and all I could think of was how little time I’ve got left to extrapolate information, lol. FYI: I know there’s a pause button.

Thiago Carvalho says:

But what about the temperatures?

Zupez says:

Looking to make a Ryzen 7 2700x / GTX 1070ti build, what MOBO do people recommend?

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