X399 Threadripper Motherboards…. WHICH is the BEST at What?

Today we are overclocking, stressing and testing out 3 different Threadripper motherboards from X399 Asus Zenith ROG Extreme, ASRock Gaming Professional & Aorus Gaming 7. I am testing with a 1950X at 4GHz. I also look at the audio crosstalk and frequency responses and check out VRM temperatures.

Asus X399 Zenith ROG Extreme – http://amzn.to/2y1hogl
Asrock X399 Gaming Professional – http://amzn.to/2xiMeNN
Aorus X399 Gaming 7 – http://amzn.to/2ypCPst
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X – http://amzn.to/2y2AClN
Corsair H100i v2 – http://amzn.to/2y0LQXv

Also check out my AMD threadripper review if you are keen to see how this stacks up against the 7900x from intel.

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TheRangeControl says:

GRRRREEEAaaaattt review!!! Thank you so very much!

Allen Ivy says:

the taichi is hands down the best available board. i made the mistake of purchasing the asus prime-a. Asrock is the only manufacture that has released a bios update to be able to use the new AMD nvme raid driver. the zenith does have beta bios to use this but they are not officially released yet. for the Prime-a asus has told me “sometime within Q4”

TheRangeControl says:

ALL OF YOU TALKING ABOUT M.2 not being RAM, are MISSING what he is stating. He is NOT stating that m.2 is RAM. He is stating that the M.2 is being added on as a supplement in a style to function in a manner similar to something in between Page Tables and RamDisk. So, stop attempting to correct people before gaining a clearer understanding of what he his communicating.

TheDarkClucker says:

Are you going to EB expo?

highlander says:

this was the best motherboard review at this price point anywhere! Thanks Brian….

Dinis says:

Where is the middle motherboard standing in the thumbnail?
(blink blink)

Oshmog Gaming says:

I went with the ASUS, and sold the 10gb card in e-bay. for exactly $100.

anikanbounty97 says:

Im still waiting for x399 I want

TheSynrgy1987 says:

ASUS board mising a PS/2 port is a deal breaker for me, although most wouldnt use it these days.

Peter Jenner says:

What about the X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC???

Fred Flintstone says:

Bro where is your coffee lake review lol.

Toby Cueni says:

Brilliant, thank you for making these types of videos — they are very helpful!

Lukas M. Foditsch says:

I’m temped to make a new build with the Asus Zenith and a 1950X. Threadripper just looks very interesting!

lex Tr3 says:

can’t you stupid reviewers test DPC latency on these motherboards? do you even use your computer for something?

shinymegagengar 1 says:

Always love the sleek and intimidating look of the rog lineup of boards.

wakesake says:

AsRock Taichi if you dont need the mostly useless crap on the other boards
If you want led then Gigabyte is the best
if you want premium feel go with the Zenith

anikanbounty97 says:

Thimnking of going asus dk yey

Sebastian S says:

Bryan looking like a snack in the thumbnail

edwin k says:

What is the best choice for gamers an Ryzen 1500X or Core I5 8400 ??

anikanbounty97 says:

Msi better just look at specs

someone says:

hey brian, netwtw04.sys is intel wireless nic duh

Simon Ocean says:

It would either be the ASRock or Asus. I definitely expect 10GbE at this price point for Threadripper. Ideally I would want Thunderbolt 3 as well, but you know… Intel.

bgtubber says:

I really enjoyed this review, thanks! Asrock Taichi x399 owner here. Love it! No problems so far. OC was easy and stable. I’ve been swearing by ASUS but after trying an Asrock board for the first time I can say that I’m really impressed! And it’s not that expensive too. I didn’t really need all the bling on the expensive models like 10Gbit ethernet, LED etc. so I even save some bucks.

Ram Michael Villanueva says:

Good day sir im a big fan(not the cooling type) you make the best videos i have ever watched i watched all of your vids atleast two times thanks for the vids man. Im from the philippines im a pc enthusiast and gamer my pc only pc just broke because of old age it was at least 4 to 5 years old when i got it on 2011 it was a gift from my mother i have used it for 3 years but sadly it broke the specs are amd athlon 64 le-1600 Motherboard: GF7025-M2 1gb ddr2 ram for its storage a 160gb Hitachi hdd unfortunately our current financial situation i cant buy a decent pc im hoping you will make a give away contest so i can at least have a chance to win a decent upgrade

Dennis Dowd says:

I gave you a thumbs up but how do I give you “A big” thumbs up? I don’t see that.:) Great review truly pointing out issues that I haven’t found others doing. So truly a big thumbs up for your extra effort reviews.

Dominic Fastbender says:

Always been Asus but Asus support is terrible and I would like to try something else. Looks like Asrock is a good all rounder.

Daniel Nathan says:

The DIMM.2 slot is to plug 2 more M.2 SSDs and is not used as RAM. Both of the other boards have the same onboard.

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