X370 Motherboard Roundup! What’s Right for Your Ryzen?

Choosing a motherboard is like picking a porridge. You have to find the one that’s just right!

ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero: http://amzn.to/2oyUFny
ASUS Prime X370 Pro: http://amzn.to/2oyVE7u
Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5: http://amzn.to/2oFijMH
AsRock X370 Killer SLI/ac: http://bit.ly/2nGkbnp
Biostar X370 GT5: http://bit.ly/2nZ1Qof

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Panasonic Lumix G7 – http://amzn.to/1U8rptd
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Limo Studio Softboxes – http://amzn.to/1YrI8ge
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3Pod Orbit 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod – http://amzn.to/2eqlNkR
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Rick Cash says:

Did you mean to say you could hardly recommend (Gigabyte GA X370) ? This means you can’t recommend!

Gary Pierantoni says:

just built in the gigabythe board and it is great. I got my 1700 to 4.0 pretty easy (though I think that is it). my only issue is memory. I have corsair vengeance 3000 led kit and I can’t get it to do any more the the 2133 speeds. going to spend more time on it today.

nappydrew says:

I’m running the ASUS Prime X370 Pro, with Ryzen 7 1700 and 2 of G. Skill’s Flare X 3200 RAM (2x8gb=16gb) . I’m VERY stable at 4Ghz, and 2933Mhz DRAM. Running STOCK COOLER (Wraith Spire), and haven’t seen any temps above low 60’s under load, and around 35-ish at idle. I have seen no better performance, for the money, from any other board. Asrock, and MSI make some nice boards, too, but I think ASUS is the clear leader, for now anyway. I also can’t justify spending the extra cash for the Croshair VI, as it doesn’t really offer anything more than my Prime X370 Pro, except for a few more pretty lights, and a little bit easier BIOS for Overclocking. All in all, SUPER happy with this MOBO, despite some early issues they had in March, before BIOS updates, and the release of AMD’s Balanced Power Plan (download the power plan from AMD, if you haven’t already). After installing the new AMD chipset driver, I was easily able to push my CPU to 4.1, but dialed it back to 4Ghz, for stability. Hope some of my rambling helps someone. Happy Modding!

XJS1982 says:

What about some of the higher end ones, like the MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium or the ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming Professional?

Tomy M. says:

Is it true that Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 board doesn’t support Turbo-Boost (BCLK modifier) ?

XboxCarsForza says:

what about the X370 gaming pro carbo?

Knoxux Arkhaos says:

I knew AMD would come with some number higher than “270” lol!

Ian Macayaon says:

is gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 pair with ryzen 5 1600x and flare x 3200 will work great.planning to build this.

DJHeroMasta says:

MSI X370 Krait Gaming paired with G.SKILL’s TridentZ Series 16GB 3200MHz FTW!!!

Cliff Mwawa says:

currently leaning torwards the msi x370 sli plus, orkrait, the asrock killer x370 sli ac was my original 1st choice

first last says:

lol subtitles say ninja con instead of nichicon

Samuel Kline says:

I have the Asus ROG Crosshair VI with a 1800x and love it. Tons of features. I’m running the latest public release of the BIOS, 1002, and my 16g (2×8) of Gskill FlareX DDR3200 ram runs at 3200 speed by enabling D.O.C.P. standard in the bios.

Hawkinsm210 says:

MSI x370 Titanium 😀

Fernando Cárdenas says:

No MSI? Was hoping to see a Gaming Pro Carbon AC or a Titanium

1967 kID says:

Biostar been around since the 90s

Adam Roy says:

I think I would’ve gone with ASRock Killer, but ended up with the Asus Prime X370. I really like it, I just wish it had a shroud over the io.

Thomas Lawler says:

Review the ASrock X370 Tiachi its one of the best AM4 boards u can get right now.

rbgChipDawkin says:

Great video! Super informative!
Now here’s my question:

What board pairs best with Ryzen 5 1600/1600x? I’m running dual monitors and hoping to stream current gen games and new releases at 1080p 60fps. I have a gtx 1060 6gb and 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz ram. Is ryzen 5 even the answer? or am i overlooking something.
My other option is i6 1600k with ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E. Any tips or comments would be nice 🙂

AKABattousai says:

For my Brother’s Birthday present, I went with the Gigabyte Gaming 5 board. w/ Ryzen5 1600x. Board Audio, OC features, the sleek design, and RGB Fusion, sold me on paying the extra $50 for a gift PC. In my own system, I would probably go for the ASUS x370 Pro for a Ryzen 5 cpu. The 3200 ram speed is not going to be needed if you’ll only be gaming on a single RX graphics card. I got him 16 GB G.skill Flare X (2400) Memory. MSI Armor OC 8GB RX580. So it all matches on the inside.

skeets saer says:

These things are so subjective but I am going to say that my experience with 2 Asus Prime X370 boards. Both bricked exactly one week after the return policy. To top it off the 2nd board was only able to run my RAM at 2133 MHZ. I bought an AS Rock X370 Killer SLI for (with rebate) $169.99 CAD. I love this board the build quality is higher than Asus. It’s like buying a Cadillac and then getting a Chevrole and the CHevy being a better overall package. I may have lost 2 SATA Ports but I gained 2 M2 slots. 12 Phase VRM are two that jump out. I will say though that Asus has a much more evolved software package.

Chrysovalantis Andriotis says:

Thanks for the nice round up video. It really helps.
That Asus Hero what really misses is the second M2 slot and 3200+ memory support. That’s what a Z270 chipset motherboard would have at the same price point.

mpilksjr says:

Please do this with B350 boards

Kevin Knapp says:

Just built on the Biostar x370 G7 w/ RX 480 crossfire. 1700 overclocked fine ram still an issue but the system runs great. Board was in stock and came with a M.2 ssd. Happy so far with the purchase. Good video man

Red Team Gaming says:

Im going to building a new system with a Ryzen 1600, Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury(4gb Hbm memory) and the Asrock Killer Sli x370 MOBO with 16gb oh hyper x predator 2666 mhz ram which i will overclock to 3000mhz. Cpu cooler is the Deepcool ex White aio liquid cooler with a 240mm white radiator. I have a 650 watt EVGA Fully Modular Gold Power Supply. 2x 256 gig ssds and 1x samsung 256gb m.2 nvme ssdas boot. Using the Deepcool Dukkase case (white edition). Thermaltake Blue Led Fans and Custom blue and white cables. Windows 10 on top.

Skyrabbit Ranger says:

I have the Biostar X370 GT7 and it’s a fantastic board. 6+2 and very well built. 100x better than the Asus prime X370 i did have (absolute garbage).

gbanto says:

Nice informative video.. will be getting the Asus prime x370 after a lot of research.. the initial bios issues have been resolved in the board and it will only get better over time.. love the looks and for the price it is a great board. I initially had crosshair in mind but, reasoned myself out of buying it. Prime is more value for money. For the extra money can probably buy couple of more ram sticks 🙂 . Crosshair looks gorgeous nevertheless.

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

dat x370 gt5 doesnt support sli ._.

Richard Green says:

im not building an amd rig untill vega launches I want it all nuff said

Mustang Loyd says:

I went with Asrock 370 K4 gaming board with The1700

Damona 15 says:

great video, so far i have gotten a MSI Pro Carbon and an Asrock Taichi

eugkra33 says:

Someone needs to do an m-ATX round-up

Evil Inc. says:

Could you guys help me out figuring out which X370 has the best bios out of the box? I’m a novice computer builder and I’m comfortable building machines but I’ve never had to flash a bios…..freeks me out and don’t wanna have to do it now the I have my Ry7 1700. Grateful for any suggestions

Lawrence Timme says:

They are all equally crap lol

Stephen Holmes says:

I plan to use the Asrock Killer x370 in my first build with the 1700!!

nvllified says:

I have the Asus Prime X370-Pro w/ Ryzen 1700. Using the 604 bios I’m able to run G.Skill FlareX 3200 @ 3200 with the d.o.c.p. RAM profile. I was running stable at 3.9GHz, 1.35vcore and 2133MHz on RAM, but with the RAM cranked up to 3200MHz, I incurred some stability issues. Dialed back to 3.85GHz, performance is about the same, but system stability has been solid.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Asus Prime X370-Pro. One nitpick, why does the Prime Z270-A get an I/O shroud while the X370 has a naked I/O???

Great video!

The Gain Domain says:

Why no MIS O_O

minimonkeyplay says:

I am surprised he did not mention any MSI board or Gigabyte board

Wolf Moonstar says:

My goal is to use the ASRock Taichi and 1600x along with Corsair’s Vengeance 3200 16gb kit.

ossme says:

Asrock Killer will also work if you are an actual Killer, don’t forget that.

Pootin Plays says:

hey man you didnt even mention at all that all of those boards besides the asus prime board are 4 of 7 that I know of that have external clock generators that allow bclk overclocking

Roy Antaw says:

Just build with AsRock X370 Taichi, Ryzen 1700 OC 3.8GHz stable with Stock cooler (so far anyway) Corsair 3000 MHz 16GB kit, Samsung 950 Pro Nvme SSD, ASUS GTX 1070 Strix. The Taichi is a step up from AsRock Killer board. I’m very happy with this motherboard and system performances. Thanks for the video.

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