X299 Review – Is it Worth it? / Which CPU to buy? / vs X399?

Which X299 Motherboard? | Which Skylake-X CPU Should you Buy? | X299 vs X399 – Which is Better? | Z370/X370 vs HEDT? – Which is right for you?
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Full Playlist of Videos on my X299 Build — http://bit.ly/2xCmiy3
Playlist of Games Tested the i7-7820X – http://bit.ly/2wHxOGs

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— CPU Choices (Suggested) —
8 Core – i7-7820X — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2gfQn1P — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2v5oX5s
10 Core – i9-7900X — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2Agejdy — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2AIh5cK
12 Core – i9-7920X — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2zP7Ze3 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2BxKinK
16 Core – Threadripper 1950X — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kb9Se3 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2zSxTws

— X299 Motherboard Choices (Suggested) —
MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2w7HX23 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2wIIqti
Gigabyte X299 Ultra Gaming — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2jxhDHn — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2i39IRP
ASRock X299 Taichi — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2Apdyzs — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2k6LtGq
ASUS X299-E ROG Strix — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2AkzJ9L — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2jx6JRI

— X399 Motherboard Choices (Suggested) —
MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2ApfxUq — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2AmAgFR
Gigabyte X399 Gaming 7 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2BxvNAn — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2Ak7ohq
ASRock X399 Pro Gaming — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2zQPOVc — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2zCtNpj
ASUS X399 ROG Strix — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2BxXb1a — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2j1w7Qg


MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK Review — https://youtu.be/w5JCYwchTS4


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Misael David says:

Hello! Great information! I love this channel! I have a question.. I am a content creator, I’ve been rendering videos at h265 lately with an old I7-5820k (x99). I’d like to improve my rendering and other task. If I can stay with x99 chipset, what CPU you recommend me to upgrade to? Or do I have change to another chipset? Let me know!! I can’t find a good source of answers. Thanks in advance.

gurvinder pal sharma says:

sir , can i connect vga display to gtx 1070 with an active vga to hdmi converter

Raivo K says:

Hello an welcome to my comment!

Let me be very clear – this comment has good value and you should absolutely not waste your hard earned free time on reading other comments here.

Like this comment if you liked it, share it with your friends if you liked it and remember not to subscribe to my channel.

Vu Hieu says:

I never ever considered X299 or X399, and TBH I don’t even understand all that enthusiastic info/terms lol, but somehow I still enjoy watching the whole video

lol lol says:

so this has nothing to do with this video but I still have to ask, are three monitors easier to run than 4k since 4k is 4x 1080p?


1200 for a CPU lol. The price of fucking PC components has literally gone off the railes. I remember back in the P4 Prescott and Northwood day’s the best MOBO an Asus P4C800 was 110 bucks and the P4P second best was 89 bucks. The processors were cheap too like a couple hundred. Only the Extreme chips cost close to a grand. Now having MOBOS cost 300 400 bucks on avg is fucking insane and overpriced bullshit. Intel is just price gouging and it’s because customers put up with it. There equipment should cost much less. Video Cards too. The best video card back then was an 8800gt was 500 bucks and that was a ton.

Corey Francis says:

This is by far the best review I have ever seen. Thank you very much this is really helpful because I was stuck on iBuypower trying to choose motherboard an CPU lol until I saw this video.

Symon says:

Are the new 9th gen i9s going to make these 2066 i9s obsolete? They have better power consumption and look very similar and cheaper :/

Looking to build a new rig for heavy rendering etc.

Dane Cook2 says:

check out Asrock x299 Extreme4. It’s on newegg for only 200 USD. And it has everything. VRM is properly cooled. 2×8 pin cpu power cables.

Owen Jennings says:

Your videos are the best. The level of details you provide are second to none. Keep up the good work.

MidnightBanshi says:

Great point is that these are for those who want to go for the max. Most people don’t need either one, but if you do, it’s soooo nice to have some great choices out there!

PC 12345 says:

I think you are the best reviewer and the best computers channel around , really , you explain all the topics well and you’re probably the most honest one among everyone I’ve seen, I love watching your videos, you really deserve a lot more subscribers and I hope you reach them soon 🙂 . I’m agree with you on the subject, the X299 series is not a fail at all as a lot of people define it , indeed is a series that offers many features and many performances, I see it as much as a series projected to the future, obvious also has flaws, one among all that the famous TIM of Intel, would have been much better to use the solder on the top chips of the range.. I am assembling a PC with an i9 7900X (I bought it new for a great price , otherwise I would have chosen the 7920x) for gaming , some works and multitasking and I think I could not choose better, I wanted all the features that the X299 series offers including a possible SLI x16/x16 that with an 8700K and the Z370 series I could not do , plus I use 2 SSD NVME.. AMD this year did a great job and I hope they continue so but for my use I excluded it regardless, I am a demanding gamer and Ryzen does not offer great performance in games , threadripper even less in fact I see it more than anything else a series for professionals users who play only occasionally or do not play at all, for the rest both platforms are excellent and certainly under a professional point of view AMD this year did better but for a 360° use , I think Intel is still the best choice 🙂 .

CorneredTarget says:

Could you make a video or give an advise about best GPUs for pci express 2.0 x16

Ditra Pamungkas says:


Acb game says:

X299 HEDT NEEDS delidding and a custom water loop

Héctor says:

finally someone mentions that this platforms are used for scientific applications and not only “content creation”

TechXSoftware says:

In like 3 or more years I’m gonna get X599

Abdulrahman Moustafa says:

I am an extreme enthusiast I don’t know why

Metsukone says:

Hello, do you think i can get 150-170 fps at 2560x1440p with 1060 3gb and i5 7500 or i5 8400 in overwatch?
-Graphic settings:
Render 100%, Graphic Quality:High, Texture 16x, Shadow: Low, SMAA High.
Everything expect it Off/Low

manofawker says:

this dude could take over the world and i’d be okay with that

Pax Justica says:

11 weeks of research and I now finally have a little more clarity. I cannot thank you enough for these finance to performance + needs breakdowns to help me make more informed decisions. Not only are you helping me to help myself with particular goals and needs, it’s helping me to help others when explaining things on this particular level.

Branching out from being a tech support person and Consumer gamer only person into a more Prosumer gamer, producer and streamer goals and needs driven person, has been a confusing time after several years of not keeping up with hardware developments.

You’ve lifted the curtain of confusion in a fragmented market where people like me are making serious transitional changes into territories unknown and I want to thank you for that. You have definitely made a difference and I look forward for more to come.

JayzBeerz says:

All these mother board models get me confused.

Miriya Cross says:

Discovered your channel while looking for information about how SWTOR does with newer tech, your work is amazing, I love how easy you make everything to understand especially for someone who isn’t tech savvy. Thank you so much for that! I’m looking at building a small form factor PC because I don’t have the space for large builds and I move around a lot. Do you think you could do some informational videos about building small computers for light gaming (I play SWTOR the most and Star Craft a little. All I really care about is making them look as pretty as possible while playing for immersion.) and Photoshop work with some light and occasional content creation (I like to upload recordings of my GSF games to share with my friends for example.)

kyriakos tsaknakis says:

You should get a better microphone I think.

alen adahoo says:

It was absolutely fantastic video. Very informative. Very comprehensive. Thank you

Reynaldi Liandi says:

Keep it up bro

Brian C. McGuire says:

Why have they brought back serial ports for the mouse and keyboard on x299 motherboards. Just asking…

Vozdovacki Gamer says:

I need advice for these combos (i want to buy a combo that can last me for 10 years like my i7 970, graphics card is RX560 4GB because my job workload is cpu dependant – i create programs for companies and recode car endgine computers, SSD is Samsung 850 PRO 256GB aditional storage is 2xWD Black 4TB 7200RPM, power suply has 2x8Pin eps connectors Cooler Master v850)
Asus x299 TUF Mark 2
4*4 GB HyperX 3200Mhz
Asus z370 TUF Gaming
I7 8700K
ASUS B350 TUF Gaming
R7 1700
4*4 GB 3000Mhz HyperX ram

the one you dont see says:

The 14 core is the best it beats threadripper 1950X both editing and gaming. 14 core intel x299 is the sweetspot for everything

leonardo ok says:

Take this high end pc monster motherfoca and xit into Xbox x face. Just kiding….

Dota raw says:

AND 2. DELL S 2417 DG +ASUS GRAPHICS CARD PASCAL SERIES – GTX 1070 TI ADVANCED 8GB GDDR5 ROG STRIX package almost same priced ! i know no.1 comes with a 1080p monitor and don’t match the GPU,but then at same price on deal no.2 i can get 1080 ti and may be upgrade monitor in future dell is quad Hd monitor i need not tell you! I am 40 % gamer and 60 % miner ! rest specs-
MotherBoard- Asus X370 F Gaming-
SSD m.2nvme Samsung 960 EVO 250
HHD Seagate baracudda7200 2TB
CPU AMD Ryzen5 1600 X
Liquid cooler Corsair H60
Cabinet CoolerMaster Lite 5 RGB
Psu-antac EAG 550W pro

my first build please don’t hate me
looking help to for GPU and monitor !!
thank you..

Tech Deals says:

*NOTE* – Most people are better off on the consumer level platforms, I have a comparison of i7-8700K vs Ryzen 7 1700 here – https://youtu.be/iXqfaQU7UzE

Unless you really need the features of X299 or X399, your money will go much further on the mainstream platforms reviewed there.

samaravadi3 says:

TL;DR- get X399- more cores cheaper (yes I know the i9 7920XE has a 20 core but it’s 2,000), 64 PCIe lanes on the entry level CPU and top level, quad lane ram, but it is a bit slower

JAZZY E says:

This Channel is just Awesome!!!

nathan kruger says:

I’ve just bought Intel x299
chipset atx pro with
Intel i7 7800x 6 core 4gh
240mm enclosed liquid cooler
16gb DDR4 core
500gb SATA3 SSD 420MB/S
nvidia GTX1080 8gb
750w 80 plus gold power supply
With windows 10 64bit home edition. I have no idea about computers just got over serious lag during games and making music, am I going to hsve any problems with my selection and what should I hsve changed any help is appreciated.

paulotex19 says:

Congratulations for this clear video. I have a 7820X running since September on a cheap X299 Mobo (MSI SLI PLUS). Everything that you say here I agree with. I couldn’t have said it better. Continue with the good work and thanks for sharing all your research and testing.

Acb game says:

kaby lake x is a joke and bullshit

Dr. Vodka says:

Anyone with some experience in overclocking that can help me with a problem? Want to overclock the i7 8700K to 4,5 GHz (permanent OC). Using a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooling tower. Is it necessary to delid the CPU if i wanted to go to 4,5 GHz? What is a good temperature line that the CPU should stay below to reach at least 5 years of lifetime? Below 80°C? Just an approximation, nothing specific. Would be awesome if someone could help.
Btw, awesome video! Not gonna fanboy here but honestly your videos are more informative, serious and very fluently spoken without any grimaces unlike another big tech oriented youtube channel…

Elstan McFrolicker says:

Thousands of people own expensive sports cars like Corvettes, Vipers and they do not need them. They would be better off to take the bus.
What I am really saying is we need a new motherboard format. One for rich enthusiast focused on cooling the board components. It needs to be bigger and be a work of art.

Alex Ortiz says:


Rey Fuertes says:

Very informational pc channel. thanks!

pawan m says:

Beautiful explanation .. thank you so much ..

Andrei Oprea says:

Sry men i agree with you on many videos but this no,just no.x299 or skylake-x is a total failure.Ridiculous power draw,heat and cpu based pci-lanes.That’s total bs.O yeah and lower cpu cache.Everyone agrees that skylake-x was a mistake and should never exist.
My honest opinion is if anyone want to do video rendering ,gaming or anything else anything from skylake-x 8 or lover core versions are shit when you can buy a ryzen 8c16th or i7 8700k and have both a great gaming system and for anything else and very close to the 8c16 skylake-x,which are are premium price for cpu and mobo.

Gerry Abbott says:

No nonsence, straight talking. Great info!

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