X299 Chipset Explained: How does it compare to X99 + Z270?

Intel launched X99 in a vacuum, but X299 is their first enthusiast platform with real competition. So where does X299 fit in the current enthusiast desktop market?

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock


Sam Smith says:

I would gone with Taichi, personally seems superior.

alyraver says:

Intel biased much…..

James Wood says:

Ill stick with my x99 for now. Maybe I’ll upgrade when the next gen of amd or Intel mobo chipsets come out… I don’t know. I feel like both chipsets and cpu lines are gonna need some ironing out before I buy one of them. I’ll stick with my asrock x99 taichi and 5820k for a couple more years.

Md Rafi 54 says:

too many “X’s”

DarkPhoenix says:

Intel can’t count correctly what happened to X199?

Jason cheever says:

The aura software is a lie you cannot sync you board to your mouse/keyboard not even with commander pro..

Alien Hunter says:

DDR4 2666. Can we add a DDR4 3000 instead? Thanks

Somebody Was-Here says:

i wonder how much intel paid you for this one

Xeon says:


PeaceKeeperMoe says:

After clicking on the link to the NCIX website I was shocked… apparently NCIX need a web designer/developer… LMAO

tecam2 says:

awesome vid

Liso Ndlovu says:

Sometimes I wish there was a third major competitor in the processor manufacturing market. I understand that this platform is more of a niche for the enthusiast but ever since AMD unleashed Ryzen, there hasn’t been any fall in the price of Intel’s i3, i5 and i7 processors here in Southern Africa. We need more competitors to take on Intel’s market share.

Dušan Pešić says:

riley i love u

Kíre Howard says:


enzno20 says:


SpikeTiger0 says:

the battle between red and blue is back

Davey says:

fuck it – just bought a x399 intel can go screw itself

Henry Ettoit says:

why buy x299 when the x399 is newer

Cole Taylor says:

I need a new mobo

Yermenshi says:

so x299 suitable for gaming?

PRO Potato says:


tustevev says:

i dont know why people posting about threadripper as if they going to buy one. its not meant to be a gaming CPU and neither is the x299 stuff. Most people that buy these CPUs are either content creators or people that knowing blow their money to be an enthusiast. Honestly some of the stuff Intel does is pretty rushed, like the new kabylake-x shit is pure garbage and anyone that buys one should be ashamed of themselves. Thats the same as buying an unlocked processor and getting a board that doesnt support overclocking, whats the point. As for the upcoming core i9 stuff with the higher core count that could be pretty interesting stuff.

PRO Potato says:


karan valvi says:

NCIX Tech Tips good

Lucas Miranda says:

If I win the giveway i’ll be mad ok?

Austin Thompson says:

tell this to your non techy friends and see what facial expression you get
i like how some friends pretend to know what you are talking about and others hear intel and say, “dude i don’t know tech like that”

Laith Salman says:

heeeelllllllllllllllllo I want that MB

The MaehraoughVynjiaan Excellcxaejyjouraattii says:

wuts the highest end motherboard right now (plz dont answer with a question)?

shinz says:


Joe Momma says:

I’m going with a i7 7700 (8700k if it is better) and 2x sli 1080 Ti setup.

Which mother board in the $300-400 range is the best?

BangDroid says:

Ha! I love this guy! (not in a gay way, just that he’s funny af)

((ok maybe a little in a gay way..))

Mario Sandoval says:

When will the Asus x299 WS Sage motherboards become available?

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