Why the MSI B350 Tomahawk is the best B350 motherboard.

a quick overview of the MSI B350 Tomahawk and why its a great motherboard


nateo200 says:

MSI REALLY went the extra mile with memory certification. I don’t want to spend $160+ on a 16GB kit only to have to send it back or run it at 2400MHz or something like that. Haven’t installed my MSI B350M Mortar Arctic yet but the VRM’s look pretty great and I really like the design. Same would apply to the B350M non-arctic and the full size B350’s. MSI did a good job. Everyone is stuck on ASUS and they make great motherboards but if you are doing a Ryzen build a $175+ MB can eat your budget.

John Smith says:

What budget cooler to go with this?

Thiago Bruciere says:

The Asrock AB350 Pro 4 have nine CPU power phase. The Tomahawk have six CPU power phase.

Codian says:

The msi b350 pc mate kicks the tomahawk ass. You can’t even clock the ram to 3000mhz.

David K. says:

this video is just so focking wrong

Wan BerryHD says:

i never found any A320 build..it”s the cheapest board i can find locally..seems everybody been doing only X370 and 350’s.. i wonder why..?

SirMetrowy says:

Tier list:
1 – asus rog strix b350-f / MSI Pro Carbon / Krait Gaming /
2 – ASRock
3 – Asus
4 – Every other MSI board
5 – Gigabyte
6 – MSI Gaming Pro

Never buy mobo without heatsinks.

I would never buy tomahawk… there’s better mobos out there in this price range.

Taughty Klaiber says:

Which Ram are u using to get 3200Mhz ?
Nice video keep going !

Abir Ahamed says:

I need to make a decision. Either this tomahawk board or the asrock fatality ab350 gaming k4 or the rog strix b350f. Which one do you prefer and why? Do think the tomahawk is still a better choice? I really need to make a decision fast and I need your help.

Leonardo Guelfi says:

Hi i was thinking about buying the asus prime b350-plus, but after watching some reviews i changed my mind into buying this msi tomahawk b350, but i’m in doubt between the tomahawk b350 or the gigabyte gaming 3 b350, the main reason beeing that the gaming 3 has 2 more sata conections than tomahawk. Do you think that tomahawk is still the best option between the two?

alex rgi says:

Asus rog strix b350 f is easily the best.

X π says:

God that mic is annoying

Good vid otherwise

Nick's TechBits says:

Well, are you gonna talk further or keep stalling??

David Jones says:

Would anyone be interested if I did whole videos on questions? Like you put a question in the comments or tweet me and I’ll record a video answering those questions in depth.

TheElmorenous says:

What about the msi b350 gaming plus?

tam eric says:

Msi sucks,I brought two of them but have many problems,last night even can’t get into bios,and the cpu debug light on,i dont know whther the my ryzen 1700 was damaged by this board or board damaged ,today I brought asrock main board but still not working,I have to go to agency to check my cpu,don’t ever buy msi again,totally rubbish!

Edris Ahmed says:

What about the MSI B350 PC Mate, it’s exactly the same like the Tomahawk but it’s all black and it doesn’t have red LEDs.

Robert96 Tech says:

If i buy 16GB ddr4 3000 MHz kit from corsair i can OC to 3200?

BOX666 EWSER says:

Is this sponsored by MSI?

Milad PcDay says:

Hi, what about the asus rog strix b350-f ?

Quan Washington says:

Also the worst looking

Louis Paterek says:

so now, waht’s the best 350?

Codian says:

Mate your video makes no sense, your title says it’s the best b350 then you open with it may not be the best mobo. It’s not the best, not by a long shot. The PC mate is better. The krait is better. You can’t even clock the ram at 3000mhz on this mobo

Marko Vujošević says:

guys, how i should know what ram is compatible with mb
i was searching for that but couldn’t find it, cans someone help because i dont want to return ram and buy different

thefeet says:

This board was the clear winner for me as i NEEDED the 2x Standard PCI slots for interfaces for my recording studio gear. I use two older PCI cards in my multitrack-recording rig that I simply cannot give up just yet if possible. A “Soundfont-capable” PCI Card and a PCI Firewire Card needed for my multitrack studio gear(Presonus FireStudio Project)… This motherboard allowed me to keep up with gaming as well as use the SAME PC for recording with the gear I already own and am used to. LOVE IT! I aaaaaalmost went for the ASUS Prime B350 Plus but as soon as you plug in your PCIe-16 video card…one of the standard PCI slots is no longer available as it is a shared slot on that board! (covered and cannot be used) IMO…of ALL the boards I’ve looked at, MSI is the ONLY one that got it right! (for my unique needs)…someone at MSI was thinking! THAT’s for SURE! I looked at A LOT of boards… this one rocks ’em all imo.

Dimitris Koutsikounis says:

This better be true, cause I ordered the Mortar for R5 1600. Guess it is gonna OC fine

MrBackyardMechanic says:

I’m looking to build with Ryzen 7, MSI Tomohawk b350 and debating 3200 vs. 3000 (32GB 4×8). I don’t think there would be much of a difference , is it worth another $40-$65??? (Depending on led etc..) What do you guys think?

DominatorRGX says:

i to will buy or msi tomahawk or asus strix b350f , but more like will be asus strix because of aura+rog sound+intel lan

Randall Lawkin says:

Builtzoid did a video it seems like the ASRock had the best vrm and ran cooler and uses less voltage for max overclock which is a 3+3 design they scale this up with the teichi board which has the most power and efficient vrms

Toni Marques says:

The m.2 slot behind the graffic card and the heat that produces maybe you have a big problem…

9niggas says:

Hello, what temperature on your VRM under stress test or load by some 3d or video render? I mean if you overclock at ~ 3.7-4Ghz at 1.285-1.35V ? Mine is realy hot under load at 3.85, 1.3V (88-91C by Aida or HW monitor) and don’t know is it safe to have such temperatures on vrm? Thanx.

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