What Ryzen Motherboard Should You Buy?

Ryzen is out!

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Rohab says:

you are the only person i’ve seen that pronounces asrock as A S Rock. it’s kinda weird.

Love Kush says:

AMD has confirmed that their Ryzen chips will not officially support Windows 7

Dan K says:

All of current AM4 motherboards are mid-tier and not enthusiast variants.  I’ll wait for the real high-end boards to be released within the next month or two…my 1800X can wait 😉

Wandereru says:

I learned absolutely nothing which would make my decision for an AM4 easier

AD Victoriam says:

The MSI carbon series has it down.

You can’t go wrong with all black. lol

Jan Kopanski says:

As much as ports and SLI/Xfire is a feature I’d also mention overclockability possibly? For example people were able to achieve 4.5ghz only on Asrock Taichi and Crosshair VI due to better power delivery to cpu.

Dre' Plays says:

are there any that support sli

Nick says:

Waiting on a Strix Z270E copy in x370

Admin-i strator says:

4:52 Yes, always use protection! 😉

AloisioPonti says:

I’m going to wait the many bug fixes Ryzen motherboards need – drivers, bios, chipsets, etc… before I buy the 1700x or 1800 x.

A. K. says:

why theres isnt any good motherboards from asus nor msi with wifi/bluetooth built in supporting zen cpu ?

Man Yawns says:

It just needs to release so reviews can get released and I can start buying more parts. Can’t even pick a cooler. Just ram and case fans. Which is a 2 stick limit at the moment due to potential release issues.

Ferenc Fajkusz says:

Just to add something :–)) For me the deciding factor was the number of SATA ports. Asrock Taichi is the board that I’m gonna go with because it has 10 ports of SATA3.

OC Macrobob says:

gigabyte appears to have CF on a B350 board. Saw it in a pic and the Amazon page also said it had 2 PCIe 3.0 lanes

max bootstrap says:

However, if you want to overclock… the top-end motherboards have better power-regulation (with more phases) which helps eek out a bit higher overclock speed.

Butterfly İnfect says:

Subbed 😀

beachboy boobybuilder says:

I have pre-ordered my 1800X. However, I’m not impressed with the current crop of the X370 mobos. Too flashy/gimmicky and not enough substance. Where are the AM4-X370 work station mobos?. I want an AM4 solution to rival my Asus X99EWS.

RawLu says:

m/ Ryzen m/

ÐΔz says:

Do we need to buy a new motherboard for this chip?

Mr11ESSE111 says:

cheapest as you can

Scott Greenhalgh says:

Overclocking potential is also key factor. I wonder if X370 boards will feature beefy VRM’s compared to B350.

max bootstrap says:

Some DDR4 questions. Today I ordered 4 * 1800X, 4 * ASUS Crosshair VI Hero motherboard, 4 * H115i coolers and 16 * 4266MHz DDR4 SDRAM with 19-19-19-39 timings.

I’m not sure the actual values yet, but for purposes of illustration for the following questions, let’s assume the top guaranteed speed of the Ryzen memory controller is 2400MHz DDR4 and the motherboard is rated for 3200MHz DDR4.

Q1: What will happen if I just insert the CPU and memory sticks into the motherboard and boot up the system without changing any memory speed or timings in the BIOS? Will the BIOS automatically configure the memory speed and timings in a way that assures the memory sticks will at least function? If so, will it configure it intelligently so the DDR4 runs at roughly the top possible speed all things considered?

Q2: If I want to configure the memory speed and timings in the BIOS, how do I compute the appropriate timings for any given memory controller speed I choose?

Q3: Does the naive approach work, namely the following?

BIOS timing n setting = (BIOS memory speed / rated memory speed) * memory timing n

Q4: What exactly do those 4 timing values mean?

Q5: Does the BIOS allow settings that force the CPU memory controller to [attempt to] operate at a higher speed than the speed advertised for the installed CPU? In other words, can the BIOS “overclock” the CPU memory controller? Do people do this? Is this wise?

Q6: As an example, if I configured BIOS to set the memory controller speed to 2133MHz (half the rated DDR4 SDRAM speed), would I set the timings to 10-10-10-20 to compensate?

PS: I never purchased “too fast SDRAM before”. Thanks in advance for answers.

Bartosz Maj says:

Looks like Ryzen do not support x16/x4@3.0 configuration (graphics card at x16@3.0 and pci-e ssd at x4@3.0). If u put your NVMe ssd in second pcie 3.0 slot, your graphics card will be gimped to x8 speed. If u put your NVMe ssd in lowest x16 (x4 electrical) 2.0 slot u will gimp not only speed of your drive but also add alot more latency since thoose lines are connected to chipset.

If someone have for example Intel 750 ssd in pcie form he is screwed.

Alexander Rewijk says:

when it comes to SLI, usually 2-3 years down the road you can’t even find the same card you already have unless it was the bleeding edge card at the time, (older AMD cards seem to be a bit easier to find here in europe though)
that combined with all the potential headaches like microstutter / increased frametimes, or not even having the benefit of the 2nd card at all really make it not worth the hassle

not until games released on 3rd party engines supporting explicit multi GPU are widespread anyway, if that even ever is going to be a reality 🙂
stick with a single GPU for gaming.

comedyman112 says:

is there a good ryzen mobo with wi-fi? for not over 150 GBP. Wi-Fi is a crucial factor for me as I rent a shared house and dont have the router in my room

Peter Saint says:

I ordered the 1700x and Asus Crosshair mobo. See how it fares against my Intel i7 6800 and Taichi combo. Roughly same priced systems (Intel chip £70 to £100 more expensive). My Taichi board was £250, same as the Crosshair. Mid-tier boards.

I wonder if i need a new AMD bracket to install either my Corsair 105 or Kraken x62 AIOs in the AM4 motherboard. Should be just a usual AMD bracket i hope.

vishal Sharma says:

I’m going to add 4 hard drives how many SATA I’m going to need?

Sheetij Seepersand says:

nice video man

DanceTweety Looney Tune says:

No Raid 5 on any of the boards really frustrating

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