What is a Chipset as Fast As Possible

What is a chipset and how has its function changed over time?

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dd410 says:

does chipset determite PCIE lanes on motherboard ?

Agentepic25 says:

This channel is so helpful

Fredrik Rishaug says:

is she watching YouTube 2:27

Odai Mohammed says:

Fast as possible, neural networks, knowledge bases, nlp, spread the knowledge

Albert Calinescu says:

So what’s the diff between Z170 / H170 / B150 ?
OC in any way possible on other than Z170 boards ?

Delicious Kawaiigami says:

Thanks for enlightening us x3

pedrodpadua says:

I got so frikking lost omg

Mason Petrofsky says:

AMD Hypertransport as fast as possible

Michael Rudiger says:

Very nicely rounded up. Thumbs up!!

Patrick Kilduff says:

Linus…you should do a video where you benchmark different chipsets on different motherboards to see if there is any advantage to having, say a 990fx chipset vs a 970….

hoverzap says:

I loved this part 1:15

Soorya prabagar says:

so vulkan only support this

twistdshade says:

speaking of advertisements

Aksshay Sharma says:

linus are you an IT engineer?

Pomo says:

pretty cool my teacher used this vid for learning this in class

Recycle Bin says:

mi2.0? you mean m.2

Michael Hill says:

Those aren’t chips Linus, those are crisps.

KrS Gaming says:

which is the graphics card on this vid

Adad Lawen says:

very nice video!! laughed really harrrrd at 0:08

The Drunken Wretch says:

i have a q33 express intel chepset. i can literally only run minesweeper

nikulaye says:

Maybe the next Cpu will have everything inside (cpu,gpu,ram,vram,chipset,ssd,audio chip,lan chip)

everything._.exe says:


FleX Destroyyeerrr says:

This is too complex for my simple brain

Night Knight says:

I have absolutely no fucking idea what you’re saying.

Pep-Khmu Lao Prosthetic&Orthotic CatII says:

Chipset is potatochip ,lol? how creative you are 🙂

Seth Skinner says:

thank so much very helpfull

Jerrad Willard says:

I am loving these as fast as possible videos I am currently studying for my comp tia A+ cert (self study) and as I read the chapters I can also watch a one of these videos on the topic and sometimes you have things that are related more to real world (as things I will see as a tech) that aren’t what I need to pass the test and what I love about that is I am studying what I need to pass the test while simultaneously prepping for the real world keep them coming bro

IHate Amd says:

x99?!?!?!?!??! fu*k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rommelriot says:


Lrdvltr says:

No gender studies and topics of feminism on Lynda.com


Ironsoul says:

How do you tell what chipset you have?

Charles Spurgeon says:

You’re awesome dude

Braedon Rogers says:

I feel like you consumed a lot of caffeine before recording this video haha

Incredible Zorro says:

Excellent explanation

Tod Todster says:

didn’t actually answer my question. do I need it, or not

RepsUp100 says:

Like for Ryzen!

UnorThoDoxLOL Two says:

this nis about the most educating video i have watched on youtubve hh honestly though actually help me a lot

Lukas Mickeliūnas says:

Awesome !

Richard Getz says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention AMD. Were they not the first ones to move the mem controller to the CPU in modern desktops? I think so.

Emilio Palma says:

How to tell what chipset has the best compatibility for the core i7 6700k?

CN Tech says:

that graphics card though

Joshi says:

on Intel site, they are showing so many different types of chipset drivers like desktop chipset, server chipset, mobile chipset………………..and i don’t know which one can help me for graphics improvement ………….please reply

Idan Ratinsky says:

I love Lynda.com!

Quantum Mechanics says:

so chipset=cpu?

Philipp Jurasic says:

worst. pun. EVARRR.

Bran'sTech says:

Finally! An answer!

Hugernot says:

I’m I the only one that tries to guess what their sponsor is right before they announce it?

Bazz says:

Thanks for these videos. Really helpful and great for learning :o)

Hardy Marty says:

Well this is how i connect all my chips
Chips + a can of diet coke + a little bit chewing = All chips Inside.

Steven Levine says:

fucking best channel, ya gay loveable man

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