What is a Chipset? AMD vs. Intel (Z390 vs. Z490, etc.)

This video defines chipset differences between AMD and Intel, defines what a chipset is, and talks about what motherboard chipsets do.
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Article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3313-what-is-a-chipset-amd-vs-intel-2018

We talk about chipset differences for computers, with a particular focus on the confusing market of AMD & Intel motherboard chipsets for modern Ryzen and Coffee Lake CPUs. Examples of overly similar names include B450 vs. B460, B350 vs. B360, X299 vs. X399 (and soon X499), Z370 vs. X370, Z490 vs. Z390, and more. We also talk about differences between Intel’s chipset naming scheme, like Q, B, H, and Z prefixes, and AMD’s A320, B350, and X370 chipsets.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


Russell Purcell says:

This video illustrates the reason why I sub this channel. I usually watch these deep dive videos a couple of times…then read the article on the site…then watch the vid again (and maybe again, when necessary). Within a day or two I realize that I have learned something really cool.

Nicholas Wilkowski says:

Confuse people, at least with AMD’s underhanded move.

FDN says:

Where can I download more lanes?

Brian Beauchamp says:

Can I buy a Mod Mat with all my bitcoin?

Cessna Dreams says:

Excellent video Gamers Nexus. This is the best video explaining the ‘chipsets’ that I’ve seen so far. Thanks for the time and effort put into it.

Jason Leon says:

So….WTF is backwards x 599??? At 14 seconds? Or is it 566 backwards? WTF is that?

Vierax says:

Hi Steve, nice video. I always thought that chipsets were only good ol’ southbridges, I was wrong.
I wonder where is connected the SPI link on Zen arch ? I guess it’s directly on the SoC just like ARM ones but not sure.

Peter Waechter says:

What’s up with the backwards paper towel roll? That doesn’t bother anyone there?

Thunder Kat says:


Thunderbird 1 says:

i thought u were girl with mustash

Kenneth James says:

Sorry…all these new chipsets still don’t hold a candle to the groundbreaking highly stable to a fault a versatile 440BX back in the day…the chipset that just surprised many and it stuck around a long time.

Hose2wAcKiEr says:

Clickbait intro

Too many duplicates

Nice try tho

You guys should stop making daily impression sucking videos and do some actual journalism. You’re targeting your peers and you seem misguided.

Mark Davenport says:

Q: if I have four RAM sticks on an X370 motherboard, does it run in quad channel or “2x dual channel?’

grimketel says:

Gamers Nexus must be making some good money these days, if Steve can be affording to be drinking RAM modules in his GN mug on set.

Ray Ward says:

Lions are majestic as fuck. Id get pretty fucking pumped if u swapped Steve’s head with a lions, as Lions hair is straight up shit compared to Steve’s. That would be Majestic.

Nick Shvelidze says:

Intel chipsets suck.

Alex Leserra says:

Good bc I wanted to know wtf the q chipset and Q370 are

Elstan McFrolicker says:

Why can’t we remove and upgrade the chipset. Why dont we have dual-chipsets ? Why are NVMe slots not easily hot-swappable ? Why cant we buy NVMe’s preloaded with TOP 1000 p*rn catologue or with entire music library or an NVMe with Wikipedia preloaded.?

Why cant I buy a XXL motherboard with 5 NVMe’s on it ?

In 2030, people will say 2018 was the Dark Ages

Nuka-Cola Quantum says:

the z490 was canceled or im wrong?

Aaron Garza says:

10:27 – Hahahahahaha.

kalmtraveler says:

aww I’m outdated, couldn’t see my X99 on there anywhere. 4.5 GHz 6900k serving me well for a while yet!

Fred Laruccia says:

Gamer Nexus heres a question, does messing up with the Zenith Extreme x399 bios update can “brick” your MOBO? Iv herd some comments about the MOBO Zenith Extreme having a “safty” feature, is that true?

Francois Weber says:

Did you bend over far enough

Gamers Nexus says:

Article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3313-what-is-a-chipset-amd-vs-intel-2018
You might also like our video about the Chinese anti-monopoly bureau and memory suppliers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx2GwniYruM

h hr says:

you guys are putting the thermal paste really bad all over the board

Rane Fisher says:

Great vid! Thanks for explaining this!

J0kk1s says:

Realy like the new sett

ISEE YOU says:

Z490 killed…

KingHados says:

Bloody good idea having the side timers for each slide pictures <3

Soda88 says:

6:06 Unit 8200’s favourite feature


true fact intel dmi 3.0 lot faster than AMD pcie 3.0 4x lane…due to intel cpu lv2/lv3 cache speed….500gb’s per second total

Ohio Houston says:

5:12 WTF IS THAT!?

seraphis says:

With graphics card prices dropping a bit, are retailers going to be taking a loss when they have to sell the GPU’s for less than cost(if it gets there)?

Nick Chapman says:

I think I knew most of this…but feel like this was a great refresher! Enjoyed the history, for sure!

Evan Grove says:

Dual threadripper motherboards when

Hansel Law says:

Wasn’t there some buzz about Ryzen being more of a SoC? I thought it meant it can work with no or a very “weak” chipset. X300, which never got into a product I think?

Hansel Law says:

I wonder if 3-channel Memory on mainstream will ever be a thing.

kian moiny says:

Oh my GOD, you look amazing in 720p

NinjaGamer says:

Nice video. I been having usb issues with my X99 board from day one. Some devices work. Some connect and disconnect repeatedly. Tried registry mods and turning power savings off. Driving me nuts. Maybe a fresh install I don’t know.

FoxTopia Minecraft says:

my first computer that i bought on my own, had a cyrix processor to start(socket 7) and i was able to get an Intel AND an AMD to fit the same motherboard… that was a nice time for consumers, i’m often frustrated nowadays shopping motherboards and not finding a specific model that is compatible with the cpu i want… bring back standardised sockets!!


Thank you soo much steve, love this video, im a pc enthusiast not a pc genius. i love building computers to collect them, but i love learning more things about computers. love ur channel keep it up man

Tyler Tuthill says:

I have an i5-6600 @ 3.3Gigherts (not overclockable), what kind of motherboard would give the best performance for gaming ? I was looking at ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO/Whetstone LGA115. Even if I’m not overclocking I still want the best gaming performance ?

Giancarlo Paniccia says:

AMD: It’s a chipset. Make a relax.

thekraken8him says:

Why is there a random oscilloscope running in the background?

Aditya Ranpise says:

I thought it was a set of bags of chips…..Lol….Btw great upload as always ( love your mane,cat & your mod mat,I don`t really need the mat but I would like to buy one later as a collector`s item its soo cool as you……

Audherbagn says:

are chipsets like cpus in that they are all identical with certain things disabled?

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