What Case Size Should You Buy???

In this video we explore how case sizes matter in the current context of 2017. The enclosure market is quietly changing with everything slowly becoming more space efficient and compact, so what size should your next case be?

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I asked a PC vendor that I wanted a portable case for my new gaming rig cause I have to travel alot..but he says no the smaller cases have heating issues and suggested a bigger cases….is he right or wrong?

I am planning on getting a 1060 or 1070 with Ryzen 1600x with an ssd 256 gb

Ludwig says:

HAF X, bitch

EnergeticTK says:

You did a survey on twitter of the size of our main systems, on wich you predicted full towers would become less popular and itx build would gain popularity. I’d like to see this survey again to see if you’re right and if itx is really getting more popular


Be quiet 900 pro rev2 !!!! One of the best cases ever

William Tindal says:

I love the s340 elite

zergtoss1 says:

Nothing like “Enthoosiassts.”

il ballo di zaza says:

cougar panzer max or CM MasterCase Maker 5t?

FireGuyPlayz says:

It really matters one what you want and need
like if you have not much space
get either mid or itx case
It would probably make sense if you were using a full tower for a server or something

opticnirvana says:

Why do cases hide the power supply! I love seeing it in my build.

Maxwell Starr says:

I’ve been running an mATX setup since I sold off my last Full Tower in 2009. Sometimes I find it cramped to work on but it works well and love the smaller space it needs. I wish there were some better options though for space, such as for cable management, perhaps something with an added 5th slot to accommodate a dual slot GPU for mATX SLI configs..

Mr.Huggles says:

I’m late to finding this channel, but to add my take I’ve decided to make my first custom build with a phanteks evolv shift case. while i may be spending more for some water cooling than fans and have a potentially fun/challenging time routing cables, I think the smaller footprint is great as it means it can fit on my crowded desk no problem and be safely tucked away on the floor if needed. I really dig the small size of the itx cases that take a considerate mind to build in and don’t suffer too much on the performance side (never mind some of their wonderfully unique case designs). A very rewarding build once finished.

lena lena says:

Why Corsair spec-03 is not there? It is the best case i have ever used/seen on market. It’s pretty. It offers 2 fans. It costs around 60-70euros so it’s also cheap. It has everything you need. It offers 2 front spaces for DVD-ROMs a “feature” most of these “top-end” cases are lacking. It offers good cable managmend. It has 2 useful specific spots to install 2 SSDs easy way. Has good air flow. Has leds. It’s compact but can easily fit a full-atx motherboard. And you can even fit an hydro cooler into it (although i use noctua’s air coolers myself) So I really do not see why it is missing from your top list. I currently own 2 of them myself , got them over 2 years and they rock. And I built a system for a friend where i also used one there. For me it is the no1 case in every way. I plan to get another one soon in order to be futureproof because I have a feeling they might stop selling it not because it is bad but on the contrary, it is that good that probably Corsair loses money since people prefer that one over their more expensive models. If you haven’t tried it yet please do and tell me what you think.

FromPlsNerf says:

I’m very happy with my Phanteks P350x. I put an 8700k and a 1070 in it last month. 4.9GHz and 2037 Mhz respectively

Astro Malone says:

So after a year is the trend going to mini or no?

Derek Jonez says:

I wished ITX motherboards didn’t cost so much. I also wished ITX motherboards would have more than 3 fan headers which sucks especially if you are using an AIO.

Elite Baffling Verse says:

I know this is kinda of a noob question……. But when you buy the mid tower”case” do you have to buy anymore specific components for it to be running? (I don’t know PC’s ok so give me a break) 🙁

Negative Nancy says:

Can my Micro ATX mid tower fit my ATX motherboard?

Glenn McEnroe says:

Nice comparison video, lots of information with concise editing, like all of your videos. I am leaning toward a mid tower case that will accept a 360mm radiator such as the TR4 water cooler , and EATX motherboard for my next build.

Данил Нестеренко says:

NZXT S340 и Fractal Design Define C. Не знаю какой выбрать, нравятся оба 🙂

F.B.I says:

I like the hyper beast one

misterx zxc says:

remember your precious HDD it can heated and fail if they couldn’t find an air flow in the case especially midtower cases an their small dimantion I see no reason to risk my precious Data on a midtower I prefer full tower over it

LAMLM24/7/365 says:

I’m looking for a case to fit dual everything exactly the same from power supply to Pcie cards and cpu so it can work as one and that it has a handle for carry..

Gianfranco Pizzuto says:

Are you Canadian?

Karl Pitterson says:

I have a Thermaltake X71 and love it.

Linden Arden says:

from an aesthetic point of view I love mini itx cases. But I think I will buy a micro atx because of the better airflow and space. What I don’t know (I’m REALLY ignorant) is how many sticks of Ram I can use in a micro atx configuration. The prices of ram are super high right now, I don’t want to pick just one stick but I don’t know if with the matx I will have other slots if I want to add other ram in the future. An answer about this would be truly appreciated.

Rysdan says:

I’ve been using full towers but am definitely switching to mid tower with next build. I’m currently in the old Cooler Master CM Stacker, and it’s just way too big and bulky. Your video covers the reasons why perfectly. The extra space is just not needed for cooling these days and the footprint the case takes up is just too big when I can fit the exact build in a smaller case. Leaning towards the Fractal Design Meshify.

Meta Cube says:

Had an ITX build, would never do it again.

Dustin6980 says:

what case is that with the sweet design on the front?

Outside The Box says:

What I don’t like about m-ITX format is the lack of options of cheap motherboards that do not have integrated graphic options (Well, at least in my country) which most of the time drives up the build price if you still want a dedicated graphic card.

Michael Olsen says:

Midi tower all the time. Have allways been on corsair and fratal design. But Now in my nzxt h700 i am happy, Perfect size and best quality i ever have seen or feel.

Nikhil Sanjeev says:

can i buy the hyper beast case from you

devin code says:

mid is the best

Gwyn blade says:

I think the larger, the better.

BW022 says:

Not the best organization. I would start based on your requirements…
1. Where is the PC physically going to be? (Under your desk, on your desk, under a monitor, in a cabinet, do you move around a lot, etc.)
2. What is the PC going to do? (Home, gaming, basic productivity, media box, media network, development, databases, etc.)
3. How much time/effort are you going to spent on the build?

I see little reason to spend time on a mini-ITX case if it is going to sit under a desk which has tons of room. I see little reason to look at a full-sized tower if it is supposed to sit behind a TV and run Netflix all day. I see little reason to look at a mini-ITX case if you are trying to run a video editing company and have massive storage, power, and rendering issues.

Emulation Club says:

Man, you talk too much.

Jeff Smith says:

Full tower always for the main rig, large mid tower (450D, 912) is acceptable for other builds. I don’t get why people want to torture themselves working in tiny cases, but to each his own.

Chris Gulleson says:

I wish more pc case manufactures would put the io ports and power/reset buttons on the bottom of the case like inwin does with some of there cases for all the people that put there case on there desk. That way you don’t have to stand up to plug in thumb drives or buy a usb hub.

Mormodes says:

I’m going for a smaller pc build the next time around. Right now is a horrible time to be a PC builder, though.

Winston says:

Fuck cases, I bought a server room in a warehouse.

architectsofthenewscum says:

i really like your videos and how there shown but i think you have not addressed the main question of the video very clearly, so like what is recommended for each kind of consumer etc… idk maybe I was not paying attention but I did not know at the end which would be better for me

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