Top 5 Best Value Intel B360 Motherboards

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Asrock B360M Pro4:
Asus TUF B360M-E Gaming:
Gigabyte B360M D3H:
Asrock B360 Pro4:
Asrock B360M-ITX/ac:
MSI B360I Gaming Pro AC:

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Top 5 Best Value Intel B360 Motherboards

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Amjad Hanna says:

the guy at techdeals said dont go for the b360 , do you happen to have any idea why he said that?

SuperJosteen says:

That X470 and Ryzen 2000 Box in the background tho.

SSammER XD says:

Which motherboard has dual bios? Except gigabyte

Amjad Hanna says:

if i am not inn the overclocking arrea at all and will never do anything but gaming on 1440p do you think these boards are future proof?

Syping says:

Hey Steve 🙂 I’m long time a subscriber from this channel and even from Adored’s, and i really like your channel and see a good way for future improvement on this channel here, i really would like you take his points to heart (from Adored), because he said some points which i thought about a time too, i never saw you as biased, more likely like every does mistakes because of lack of information or other reasons, and there is nothing wrong about it 🙂 Even when you would take more time to get Reviews out because of double checking how you configured a System for example, i really would love improved accuracy and variety of Reviews, i tell you that as viewer because the channel is in my heart and i want a good future for it, have a good day! <3

Pato Hernandez says:

I don’t get how we got from B150 to B250 to B360… H/Z170 to H/Z270 to H/Z370 makes sense, why is the B different :/

sami R says:

if somebody can answer 🙂 I am planing to build PC and dunno if AMD or Intel. Is there a difference between b350 Pro4 and b360 Pro 4 in quality ?

Freddie1980 says:

Guys’s please refrain from trolling and voting down Steve’s videos just because of certain Youtuber recent uploaded video.

Darkswordz says:

What… no ISA slot??

Michael Wentworth says:

I noticed your mistimed RGB ram near the end. I can’t unsee that. Triggered.


Gigabyte b360m D3H or Gigabyte b360m D3P. Which is better?

Gustavo Suarez Menendez says:

No MSI mobos in the official top? 🙁

Jáy Klepács says:

Gigabyte b360 hd3 has WiFi & dual pci-e 16x for $95 USD

halistine jenkins says:


666nataS says:

Steve can you look at the Doom Vulkan performance AMD or NVIDIA and do some testing ? many sources claim that the new Vulkan version is turning tides to a green team.. is that true ?

Someday Rock says:

I can use gigabyte b360m d3h with i7 8700 without k? I worry about temperatures

Hubert Bibr says:

Hi Steve,

there’s a one guy from Poland (living in UK) that got a msi x470 gaming m7 ac motherboard, so if you’re interested in cheking out this board maybe you will contact him somehow and ask about sending it for a week-two for some test ? His name on Youtube is blackwhite TV and on this moment it’s the newest video on him channel (3:18 long). His mail throuth which you can contact is:

Have a nice day and I’m waiting for this sweet graphs that you will show to us on 19.04 😉

hussein hussein says:

Hey Steve thanks for the quality content. I am an amd fan boy amd your videos made me switch to skylake years ago.

It must be tough trying to review either companies products since they aim to show their products in their best light. Still though, thanks for all your content, and your patience.

Hardware Unboxed says:

Hey hey, still benchmarking 2nd Gen Ryzen for Thursday. Is 54 graphs in a single video too much?

Vozdovacki Gamer says:

Nah just go with Asus H310I-PLUS for 76€ and put on it a i5 8500 and a GTX1050

mentalplayground says:

When we can expect replay to ADOREDTV?

derfreak says:

Are your picks also based on own experiences or just from analyzing the PCB, spec sheets and prices? At least one of your favorite picks for the B350 Ryzen boards, the Asrock B350M Pro4 seems to have some serious reliability issues according to several recent comments at a big German online shop:

Hence all these spec sheet analysis are fine, but some customer experiences and RMA quotas are worth considering as criteria as well.

Albert Gooner says:

Asrock H370 Pro4+8700 VRM 120°C(rendering video), very bad

djmandrick says:

The price of everything seems to go up £20 every generation – applies to CPUs (even more for coffelake, an i5 now is nearly old i7 money) and now mobos. Long gone are the days when a £50 mobo would do you fine for a medium spec rig. The ASUS ROG STRIX B360-F GAMING @ £115 + delivery!! How many do they think they are going to sell when the Asrock B360M Pro 4 is £73.99 + delivery? Is it because they only made 5 and it’s an investment whereby it’s value will increase over time?! Add DDR4 = lunacy!

Hans Behrends says:

I ended up buying the gigabyte B360 aorus, because I really wanted the integrated Intel 2×2 AC WiFi and Bluetooth radio with the antenna. Also like the color scheme of the aorus

low q says:

i5-8400, 8500, 8600 need board with vrm cooling ? whats vrm cooling for?

Fizzacles says:

There’s a reason for the price bumps, copper is becoming more scarce and expensive. More PCB layers = more copper traces, most of the time, the VRM for Coffee Lake adds significant cost to the package. Manufacturers are pricing them accordingly.

Jeff says:

Wish Intel had just made Coffee Lake backwards compatible with Z170 and Z270. Aren’t Sandy Bridge CPUs compatible with P67, Z68 and Z77 motherboards? Having 3 overclocking chipsets to choose from is really nice.

Amine Elhaouch says:

ccan i use Samsung SSD 960 PRO M.2 PCIe NVMe on asrock b360 pro4 ?

Jay Kresge says:

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say that I, like many others, saw the hit piece from Jim (Adored) yesterday. He’s the Alex Jones of the AMD community. So unless you do a parody video showing that brand X’s hardware makes the frogs gay (if you don’t get that reference, then you live in a far better world than I do), please don’t dignify him with a response. He’s one of the ring leaders of a very toxic community that cannot be reasoned with. Stick to what you do, which is being one of the best reviewers on YT.

Thanks for all that you do, and I’m sorry for all that you put up with.

EDIT: The comments below from some of Jim’s fans really highlight exactly what I was saying.

NapoleonBonaparte says:

Cant i just get 1 stick of DDR4 8gb ram for starters for the B360M-E? why would i need to get 2×4?

Red Power Ranger says:

The b350 asrock pro4 was also the best value board for that chipset! Asrock is killing it with the value

Luca De Lisi says:

How in the actual fuck can people go so nuts about a BRAND? I mean we, as a community, HAVE to give the benefit of the doubt about pretty much everything; and on top of that if you cannot test something yourself you’d be better off by watching all the possible content about it. Going with one source and then blaming it is plain dumb: I have to admit that this whole thing about your two previous videos I was a bit skeptical about Steve’s methodology; but again, SKEPTICAL is the key word here. I had nowhere near enough information to make an educated statement so I politely shut the fuck up and waited for this video that was just bound to happen. And I say so considering your faith in Journalism as well as Steve’s: all of that while always keeping in mind that we’re human beings and mistakes can and will happen. I’m happy that this whole thing got resolved, now I’m pretending you Guys doing a video together; I can already imagine my brain melting with the overwhelming amount of information that would be dumped on us in a single video, lol.

I already posted this comment on AdoredTV’s channel for the sake of it. It’s not very common to come across two nice human beings who also happen to be two nice tech Journalists (capital J is mandatory).

Bren says:

Looking to make an mini-itx build in the DanCase A4-SFX V3. Given that the case is so small and that I’m a rookie, I don’t plan on overclocking. That said, would the i7 8700(non-k) and Asrock B360M-itx be a good combination? I’m worried that this relatively cheap itx motherboard would provide insufficient power to the cpu.

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