Top 5 Best B450 Motherboards for AMD’s 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs

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Asrock B450M-HDV:

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Top 5 Best B450 Motherboards for AMD’s 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs

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-Turtl3_ says:

Would you consider MSI’s B450 Gaming Pro Carbon superior to Gigabyte’s X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming?

SnakePlizkin says:

I hope i am asking this Question the right way.
MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro
Are the 6 Sata ports all supported via the Chipset or are 2 of them run over the Cpu ?

Leonel Perez says:

MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon is on its way to my house b4 i saw this video <3. I think i did some fine research for my motherboard buy >:D!!!!

DigDeep says:

Actually Gigabyte B450M DS3H have better MOSFETs then Asrock B450M Pro4 and Asrock B450M-HDV.
Asrock uses PK618BA & SM4336 MOSFETs while Gigabyte uses 4C06N MOSFETs.

ali jmale says:

I love your top 5 videos

Aaron Games Online says:

Do any of these boards have UEFI

Jason Hayes says:

Also, if RGB is your thing… MSI mystic software sucks. Just installed a B450i in a mITX rig and found the software lacking in control. You can pick your color. You can pick your flashy/wavy whatever pattern. But you can not rotate through colors automatically. That’s right you might as well have just bought your fans/case lights, whatever as cheaper LEDs because you have to manually change your colors. No unicorn puke/rainbow/discotheque options whatsoever.

apondo100 says:

Hi Steve, could you do a video testing/comparing all the four b450 itx motherboards ? Thanks!

Harsagar Singh Sawhney says:

Need advice b450 tomonahawk or b450 carbon pro ac… in my country the price difference between the two is not much.. whic one should I go for? Carbon has wifi and heard a lot of ppl saying its the best b450..
Help .. wbu mortar? Or gaming plus? Omg so many options wtf

Praveen Kumar says:

No overclocking,
Only Default/stock configuration.
Yes, installed Windows 10 pro and it is working.

But whenever I try to install Windows 7/8/XP or Ubuntu OS, setup files copies.

And installation aborted with blue screen error like BIOS is not fully ACPI Compliant.

I have reset BIOS to default.

CMOS to default. RAM slot change.

Installation media DVD Disk and USB.



Also tell me full Windows installation procedure, so I can confirm.

I boot dvd/USB by pressing F11.

And selecting media.

Setup starts. Copying files.

And aborts with blue screen with information ”not fully ACPI Compliant”

Please help me.

Anton Antonov says:

Accidentally discovered that this review was literally translated into Russian and posted in the form of an article, sometimes copying exactly what was said on the video.

Silon says:

msi b450 gaming pro ac or b450 tomahawk

Mike Kzr says:

Honestly in my 20+ years in IT, MSI has always been hit or miss on their quality control leading to boards that just flat out die either partially or completely, or have extremely funky RAM compatibility lists. Their RMA process is convoluted and usually requires you being without your board for 3-8 weeks, and half the time they blame you for it dying requiring repair/replacement fees, even if it came that way out of the box. ASRock is still a relative newcomer to the board scene, and I have found their quality is on par with that of junk peddlers SuperMicro and Biostar, where their boards either die every 3-6 months, or luck of the draw you get one that lasts for years. With one of my main work stations (ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP with Core i5-3350P), in the first 6 months I needed to RMA the boards twice (both times got new replacement boards), and finally this third one has been running almost non-stop since 2013 (5.5 years). Gigabyte and Asus are much better companies to work with if something should go wrong, and even have several of their boards still running today. The main Gigabyte boards I still have running today off the top of my head is GA-EP35-DS3R and GA-965P-DS3P, Core2Duo boards, and before that I had Asus boards with Pentium 4s and Core2Duos, including one with AMD AthlonXP 2000+ that finally died after running 24-7-365 until late 2016 when lightning took it out.

This is why I decided to go with the Asus PRIME B450M-A/CSM Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard for $80 to go with my Ryzen 5 2600. Only thing I’m going to miss is the onboard 5.1/7.1 sound so I will need to figure that out to work with my current surround sound gaming setup.

Nervi says:

What about the gigabyte aorus pro b450 and are ryzen 1st gen support on b450??

Hardware Unboxed says:

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive behind the scenes video, covering some Threadripper 2 like the Wraith Ripper support components:

TBUniverse says:

So, if i get a B450, do i still need a separate CPU that is compatible to update the bios before i can use the 2200g?

trustful hamster says:

Can any of this mobo paired with ryzen 2200g ?

Shanto Das says:

can i use those mobo in upcomming 3000 series cpu or apu??????????

Oxim2100 says:

would love to see more info about audio in one video showing whole family like that.

Enzoesa says:

Nice! Just bought my first gaming rig. Ryzen 7 2700 and a MSI B450 gaming pro carbon. Can’t wait! (Needs to be allround since my girlfriend is going to edit videos on it.)

R M says:

Great video, now all I need is money…

Erik Johann Riconalla says:

No Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro?

Kotka Pufa says:

Can i overclock ryzen 5 2600 on asrock b450m hdv mATX

Kilgore Trout says:

Should I go for the B450 Tomahawk or stick with the ASUS Prime Pro X470? The difference is 50$ for me. I do plan on OCing in the future. Pairing with Ryzen 5 2600x and 16 gig trident z 3200 ram, ASUS ROG Strix 1070 OC.

DarkShogun16 says:

I like the asrock but leaning torward msi b450-apro as it has better vrms

paras gidd says:

Sir… Now its quite some time after launch of B450.. So will you please suggest best b450 boards at present time..

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