Top 5 Best AMD X470 Motherboards

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Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming:
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Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7:
Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming:

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Top 5 Best X470 Motherboards

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MichaelXF says:

the reason I would go for the asrock taichi is because of the side-mounted 2x usb, most case have 2 usb on the top of the case and they give a very bulky cable, the asrock taichi has a side-mounted, right-angle port just for that, the reason I need this is because I’m going to the 570x(corsair also sells a psu shround for 3.99 now!) and cable management is very much needed and this will help because gigabyte boards put this port at the bottom which would be very ugly!


does asus prime pro support zen+ technology?

Trevin Shu says:

please do a video like this for b450 motherboards

Luca Fauna says:

Hi I’m thinking of Asus Prime X470-Pro…I’ve already bought 2600x and 970 Evo NVME SSD..can you please tell me if that mobo can boot from nvme ssd? thanks bye!

Rom3 says:

whats with Asus Line of Crosshairs, motherboards sees they all have the add-on with 8-Pin +4-Pin CPU Connector, i don’t see Gigabytes x470 with that shit

Yosoress Esguerra says:

X470 Aorus ultra gaming or B450 Gaming Pro Carbon which is better in your opinion overall?

Hardware Unboxed says:

If you’re looking for something else to watch check out our Ryzen 5 2600 vs Core i7-7800X benchmark, it’s an interesting look at Intel’s mesh versus AMD’s fabric in 37 games

Juan Cruz Yezzi says:

Hi, between the Aorus ultra gaming and Asus Prime Pro, what is the best? the price doesn’t matter. Thanks!

Ngurah Bramhyang says:

No asus x470-f??

CaptainVKanth says:

Coming from the B450 motherboard review, does the Gigabyte X470 ultra gaming suffer the same vrm heating issue like the Gigabyte B450?

DTXGaming says:

6:12 Any updates on the mATX topic?

Eddie Meltzer says:

Its amazing that y think the Hero 7 and Taichi both have good “heat sinks”!

Ghost Zombie says:

I’m upgrading from an X370 MSI gaming plus to an X470 board. My RAM is 3200mhz, so which of these 2 boards have support to use that. X470 MSI Gaming Plus or Gigabyte Aorus ultra gaming. I understand I can just check and I have but my last MSI board wouldn’t go higher than 2133mhz so I wanted to check from someone who uses one to see if they know. I just need to know which one will run it better.

Julio Cesar says:

Just ordered MSI X470 Gaming Pro w/ R5 2600 ! Happy camper !

Juan Manuel says:

Can the gigabyte aorus ultra gaming run ram at 3466?

Manny Ribera says:

How do you get wifi and bluetooth if the motherboard doesnt have it?

Rusty says:

3:31 “as TUF as that choice is”

Slice Typhoon says:

What about the x470 Taichi ultimate motherboard?

Sword says:

Great video! I have one minor suggestion. That is to put on screen all best boards you chosen to be at the end of the video. That’s it. Thank you for the video

Daecoth says:

Do all Asus boards have that memory select pr just the top cross hair models?


Please which MSI b450 motherboards are compatible with the ddr4 athlon CPUs?

prd x says:

No MSI boards?

jim Hunt says:

i got the x470 gaming prro. i have had so many problems first was my ram. then my samsung 960 pro was not compatible. and voltage. no matter what i set it as cpu z an hwmonitor was reading 1.50v i got fed up and went back to my Asrock ab350 chipset a side its a way better board

BoomWithPeter says:

Where is Asus G series X470 mobo, on Intel platform that G is rog matx bobo like b360g or z370g

Cliff burton says:

HI, there was no sticker in my motherboard box. is it normal? are they selling old stuff? im confused.

drunkmothrfckr says:

what is that pc setup behind you?

Alexander Larsen says:

I went for the Asus Prime X470 Pro and I’m really liking it for my Ryzen 2700X 🙂

Darragh walsh says:

He just ripped off the tech radar review literally word for word

mikejhonson says:

The TUF branding used to be a nice series of boards but now they are junk

CasualYoutuber says:

Biostar X470GTN what about it?

TForce says:

Biostar x470gt8 best am4 motheboard

SauS Gaming Shizzle Channel says:

ASUS boards are horrible in the x470 line-up. They ALL have issues with their fan headers and sensors. From the prime-pro (that I personally got with those issues), to even the crosshair 7.
Google or ask links, but people should stop endorsing this horrible company. They’re not the ASUS from 5 years ago anymore.

rgray318 says:

I guess Steve doesn’t really like the STRIX X470-F Gaming? Looks as good as the Hero and has practically an identical BIOS no for much less money? Is there something maybe wrong with the VRM design perhaps? I personally can’t find a better X470 board at the moment. It has the looks, the $194 price isn’t too bad and the features all wrapped up, or so I thought. Wish I could find a decent video review of it. lol

KyleB5 says:

Shocking. All Asus. We see who pays the bills

Eaglos says:

Having just watched the B450 VRM Temp test video, it seems to me that many of the X470 boards will have the same vrm airflow issues as their B450 counterparts since they deploy the same “big plastic IO hoods”. My personal choices would be either the Asus Prime Pro or the MSI Gaming Plus

DeathStar012 says:

The only thing that is holding me back from switching to AMD is… There’s no Maximus X Formula or Code equivalent for AMD.

ilTubodiEliGabri™ says:

Now the real question: Asrock X470 Master SLI or Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming?

Daniel Nainggolan says:

How about the MSI x470 Motherboard? For the cheap category.

mankybrains says:

GOOD JOB, Steve! love the benckmark videos and reviews. looking to build a new pc down the road and your vids have been a great help on keeping up on the tech sector.

ADEN Yu says:

How to choose when x370-i is $60 cheaper than x470-i?

Dean Kan says:

A few years ago motherboards and CPUs for AMD were cheaper then Intel’s. Today that rule is not true. (

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