This Motherboard CHANGED Our Overclocking Experience!

There’s no denying our entire experience with an mATX X299 motherboard and 18-core Skylake-X processors has been a bit frustrating. But before completely giving up on overclocking and better overall performance, we looked for a solution. Enter EVGA with their brand new X299 Micro 2.

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Xcalibur 3600MHz:
Xcalibur 4000MHz:

Find all the items in this build through Amazon here:

Skylake-X CPUs:
MSI X299 mATX:
TT Riing RGB Fans:
G.Skill Trident Z:
Intel 545S SSD:
Intel Optane 900P:
Intel 760P:
Seasonic Ultra Prime PSU:
Kraken X62 AIO:
NZXT H400i:

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Review unit provided free of charge by EVGA. This video is sponsored by Team Group. As per HWC guidelines, NO review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

Gear list:
Panasonic GH5 –
Panasonic GH4 –
Panasonic G7 –
Canon C100 –
Sony RX100m3 –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
Cinevate DUZI Slider –
AKG C314 –
AKG C 568 B –
Zoom H5 –
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Brechan Fraser says:

I gotta say you folks in the east are definitely getting the shaft in regards to your energy bills; here in the west (Calgary) my monthly electrical bill for my small apartment is roughly around $60, don’t know what you pay Eber but I’m sure it’s more than that.
Good video as always 🙂

Connor Bramley says:

It’ll be really interesting seeing how high second gen Threadripper will be able to clock, conventional wisdom says Intel has a clock speed advantage but with just how efficient zen is and the way they have separated the dyes into seperate packages to spread head better, I think they might have a contender in clock speed at the high end, let alone core count.

Grayson Peddie says:

I have a very strong preference for stock clock settings instead of overclocking. In fact, I’m just an opposite. I’d rather want to undervolt and underclock when idle and return to normal stock settings when under load.

Besides, I’d rather be an “energy-conscious fanatic.” 🙂

BankerBlack says:

You guys had a give-away for both your main channel and bootsequence, I was wondering if I missed the winner announcement anywhere?

Marcin Grygiel says:

Is it not easier to install an additional fan on the power section instead of buying a new motherboard – the logic is extinct in 2018 :/

Jason Gooden says:

Ya Toronto hydro rates are just wrong.

PillowSmeller says:

It will probably be a while for us to get Compact + High Performance + Cool + Silent considering the tech we have today.

anikanbounty97 says:

First mistake!!! you did not go x399.

End of thought.

Edward R says:

REmove the small fans and point a 140mm fan at the VRM heatsink.

michael webb says:

i loved my x99 Evga board, i love Evga’s products down to psu’s, but x299 is a bridge WAY too far. which is not EVGA’s fault, it’s Intel’s.

Lukas Schmidt says:

Well its a bit overpriced, I would go for the ITX from asrock, it’s as good and cheaper.

Generic Memes says:

It may be time to delid and liquid metal if you haven’t, and you want to see a benefit.

Ainsley Harriott Meme says:

Lmao still quieter than my pc

Dave Dugdale says:

Interesting about the vrm fans helping. I planning on trying to OC my intel 16 core differently pretty soon to see if I can squeeze more out of it.

endermaster999 says:

I just realized that Dimitry and Eber are the same person

Adel Jano says:

Hello, whichever is better Corsair cooler h115i pro 280mm or h150i pro 360mm or NZXT x72…I have i7-7700k …I have a wide place in the Case…Thank you

Javier Parra says:

I’d probably just wait for threadripper 2

myrir X says:

The same exact expression I have after booting up a new build! Hahaha

A.R.T says:

Hello, this is good people

Pc ColdWar says:

better make big fat hole in the front panel will improve any thermal related issu

Bob Bobson says:

Seems like the solution you need is a monoblock.

Jeff Smith says:

Nice cinebench scores, puts my 1530 to shame.

Francisco Santos says:


XANA says:

You can turn this pc into a true beast by delidding the 7980XE using a kit and by getting a X299 direct die cooling frame by Der8auer.

Luis Scheurenbrand says:

Sad they didn’t stick with real fins on the VRM like with the x299 Dark

Lance Razon says:

Dunno about your workflow but the hardware accelerated rendering using intel igpu is only for h.264 and hevc only has a limit on bitrate I think its around 30mb?? Not sure. Considering you have high end camera equipment I bet you export at high bitrates.

SG118 says:

Did you have to reinstall windows? I’m planning to upgrade my motherboard but the same chipset, I was wondering if I could just replace the motherboard and go about my day without having to reinstall all my games. Thanks

Derek Fletcher says:

nice vid dude.

SDiaspora says:

The noise from that VRM fan was just awful!

Obuti Trankuz says:

Thank you for making this Video. You guys deserve way more sub´s that 100 K – I hope you get to a Million very soon – Nice Job guys Big fan

Luis says:

Love seeing an Matx build

PeterDerBeste says:

not power efficient?
i am rendering on an 6 year old 4 core laptop, 50w under full load, we can trade, if you want 😛

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