The Ultimate X470 Motherboard Comparison – Which is the Best?

After days of testing we go through the ASUS Crosshair VII, Gigabyte Gaming 7 Wifi and also ASRock Taichi Ultimate X470 motherboards, to see which is the best one for enthusiasts. Everything gets tested here, VRM temps, Overclockability, Onboard audio, features and price.

**US Links**
X470 Gaming 7 Wifi:
X470 Crosshair VII:
X470 Taichi Ultimate:

Crosshair VII:
Gaming 7:
Taichi Ultimate:

Crosshair VII:
Gaming 7:
Taichi Ultimate:

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Keoal Kel says:

Only 3 boards? So other boards like ultra gaming by aorus ain’t worth it?
I think I’ll go for the ultra gaming as it’s 150 dollars in my country and I get storemi.
Even tho it’s 3 boards, it’s a really thorough video! Great job!

★SkillZ★⑲ says:

Insider News:
2nd Gen Threadripper will be X399 Compatible and X499 launching in June

George Lukanov says:

Could you make such a comparison for the cheaper x470 boards and for the b450 when they come out? such a videos are exteremely useful, because motherboards are the hardest component to choose.

Laxmi Narayanan KS says:

How do you check the cross talk stuff between motherboards? Can anyone help me?

conspirecy theorist says:

just bought Crosshair VII without wifi for £229.95. Upgrading my FX8350 system

Winston Smith says:

Considering the delay in the B450 based mobo release until late July, I’m much more interested in seeing a LOW END X470 mobo comparison.

grey hound says:

now that you covered the atx mobo can you do one with the itx mobos about to release?

Myers Tech says:

This new x470 platform sure packs alot of power, wonder what AMD has next up it’s sleeve

Samekas says:

Asus CH7 vrm is better then the Asrock Taichi, not the taichi like it’s on the video.

J P says:

I would have liked to see the cheaper x470 boards for comparison. Not everyone is going to get a mobo as expensive as the cpu.

Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi hil says:

@Tech yes City which one if any has a 5 Pin RGB+white input output?

mjlancraft says:

What about Asus Tuff x470

Cloudz says:

Does this apply for z370 as well or you have a video for that too?

Parsa Strife says:

I think you should mention ActualHardcoreOverclocking (Buildzoid) in your videos mate

gertjan van der meij says:

Asrock rules !

Bartosz Maj says:

Hey. Is it worth waiting until next month for AMD Z490 motherboards, if u need more pcie lanes?. Even if someone dont need more pcie lanes, X470 boards should be cheaper soon, since they wont be the top ones anymore.

Green Dargon says:

awesome motherboard
like this board with 3 thinks.
1.Supports DDR4 3466+ oc
2.NVIDIA Quad Sli, AMD Quad CrossFire X
3.8 SATA3, 1 Ultra M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA3, 1 M.2 PCIe Gen2 x4 & SATA3)

Les says:

Great video mate

rosan rai says:

Hello can you help me fix my computer I can’t log in when I try to log in it just kicks me out please help me I am only 14 and need help.

W4NN1 says:

Great comparison. I was always wondering if you lose any audio quality if you use frontaudio output compared to plugin your headphones directly into the mainboard. Can you give any info about this?

PCs After Dark says:

I’m hung up on the phrase about the Gigabyte being “another kettle of fish.” – that has me in stitches! 🙂

BladeScraper says:

Hey man I’ve got a ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac. Just wondering if you think it would be worth upgrading to a X470 Taichi for a 2600X?

Lothyde says:

this is fucking amazing dude, awesome work

Hakeem Samuddin says:

no RGB = no OC

MR Dot1 says:

the Gigabyte has “special” USB audio port…. just saying ( dont know what difference it makes )

CastAway_Dave says:

My Gigabyte x470 Gaming 7 WIFI also has the sound problem, it is only picking up one channel, if you jiggle the plug it will start working again.

Hiroo Matsunaga says:

Film caps are pretty fancy for integrated audio

Markinpuff says:

One crazy issue I have found/read with the ASUS Hero, is that the top m.2 slot with the heatsink preinstalled, steals lanes from your primary GPU slot. You heard me correctly, this slot shares the 16 lanes from the cpu with this slot. So if you plan on using an m.2 NVMe drive, make sure you put it in the bottom slot. Otherwise, you’re primary GPU runs at x8. So basically, you really can’t use both slots, not many do. But still, the x470-f gaming doesn’t have this problem, however one of its slots can only be used at SATA levels if both slots are populated. Considering the price of the Hero, I find it a bit ridiculous that the PCle lanes are divided up this way, I guess it’s not a big deal, as you can move the heatsink to the bottom slot and it’s probably a better place for it anyway. But forget about getting full speed on both. I hear some people telling me this is documented in the Hero manual, but I can’t find it specifically.

Tech Showdown says:

Fantastic video Bryan, you covered absolutely everything dude, couldn’t ask for a better motherboard comparison!

MrPicaso72 says:

You can also pick up the non wifi ASUS Crosshair VII for $265US

Silent Woodfire says:

I see some PS/2 ports……

Gaius Trollius says:

I have to agree, more manufacturers should follow gigabyte’s path as far as heatsink design goes. Though I’d pick the asus one myself due to the better bios layout and the fact that’s less flashy.

Djangles LeVaughn says:

What I want from a motherboard is to, for example buy a 16GB kit of Patriot Viper 4s, then buy another kit later on, fill up dimm slots and be able to run at their rated speed (3000Mhz).

Pc ColdWar says:

wow impressive round up you did cover all the important thing one of the best motherboard review ever saw and did saw many of those thx for your time and quality content.Let hope we peasant got some info b450 as good as this 😉

Francisco Santos says:

I hope ZOTAC would still making motherboards but not they quit on that.

Brett Prior says:

You know, it’s funny to me… The i series started with x58, where it was lucky to have something like 4, maybe 6 phase power delivery at best… but at the time the CPU’s were consuming more power than ever… 145 watt was normal on a cpu… Today it’s low double digits, at times hardly breaking 25W…. and yet the power delivery could drive a welder.

jimmy jim says:

Asrock bios is aa big shit

Carlos De Bernard says:

what what 14:21 again. ON bios? super. I wish that get on All asus boards.

mcopyright says:

Having the power button on the back of the motherboard like Gigabyte has done it, is brilliant.
Having the power button on the motherboard itself was literally the dumbest thing ever.

Having it on the back of the motherboard saves you from:
A. Defective power buttons on the case, yes that can happen. So now instead of opening up your case and pushing the button on the motherboard, you can just reach at the back of the case and power it on.
B. Forgetting to plug in the front panel connectors. Something that happens to a lot of people.

Aj says:

Heck, I blue screen w/o RGB…….. :-). AJ

lyle_rl18 says:

All Cool Motherboard carried by only gt 730 so rare

Omm says:

What software did you use to measure freq response ?

FredVee [FrQc] says:

hi bryan i will need a headset mine just died i want something with surround i am a bit mad that my hyper X died but i have to build a new pc , i cant spend money on accessories until i got it really… can you reccomend me something darn cheap with surround to play games that are competitive !? please !!!!

Veritas says:

it’s the asus that moved the vrm soc to the middle not aorus.

Night Hawk says:

Bryran … Great video and thanks for including the actual Dual M.2 NVME abilities. So ASUS is the ONLY board with the ability to have gen 3.0×4 at the same time. for now. 🙂

Qyngali says:

Some details missing here, the Asus uses some of the GPU lanes for the second M.2 slot, so SLI wont be supported Since the GPU’s will only get x8+x4, and the last x4 goes to the M.2. Crossfire will still work though. Not that anyone should use SLI/CF anyway anymore as the game support is getting worse and worse. The 10Gb NIC also steals lanes of course so a similar situation there.
And lastly, the VRM’s. You do know that there is NO VRM controller generally available that supports more than 8 phases right? And even the 8 phase designs cost a fortune comparatively. You can’t simply count inductors to determine number of phases. There are several other schemes than straight single phases.. Doubled in some way is probably the most common, but there are also some solutions that pair 2 inductors in paralell. Look up spec sheets for the components and trace, measure etc etc to figure it out. AND FOR GODS SAKE; TEST BOARDS WITH ALL RAM SLOTS FILLED in addition to just 2 sticks.

Angel says:

GIGABYTE has a shitty BIOS. I don’t regret buying Aorus Motherboards but just BIOS is ugly AF!

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