The i5-750 Vs. i5-8600K – How MUCH of a Difference is there 8 Years later?!

Everyone loves a good showdown, so today we are pitting the 1ST Gen i5-750 from 8 years ago, against the newest latest and greatest 8th Gen Coffee Lake i5-8600k, both overclocked to see how much of a difference there is with a 1080 Ti.

Z370 Motherboard:
Better alternative to the i5-750:
P55 Motherboard:

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Escalofrios29 says:

the i5 750 is equal to a core2 quad q9450 is the same architecture at 45nm and clocks at 2.66ghz the diference is very tiny

S Young says:

Moor Law is transistors / price / performance , and we are still thinking the CPU companies are not just in for profit , Selling us a slighter faster CPU the Last year ? theirs profit in selling the same chip with slightly faster clock speed / i think this caparison is interesting but multi tasking is the true comparison / Gaming while down loading ? But good Gob keep it up .

KDingo81 says:

When looking for older/used hardware one should look at what top fps he can achieve rathern then how stable the fps are above 60. Quite often you have no chance to break a record in speed but nearly all games run flawlessly still above 60 fps (given a proper gpu added).
If you play single player game 60 fps (or even less then that depends on the game) are all you need, for competitive online multiplayer fps i would sure go with more but you can usually lower the settings to get more regardless what system you have.
Still sitting on my i5-3570k@4ghz (undervolted), sure the newer intels are all faster but nowhere near an amount that would justify the money necessary to upgrade, like mainboard, ram, cpu…
At one point i ll have to but this point is clearly not today or tomorrow as all games i play run flawlessly on my current rig.

Niko Nolawz says:

great video. with this logic I’m picking up an icelake i7 in 2020 and using it until 2030 😀

Marco M says:

I remember speaking to an intel engineer playing cod4 on an i7 and in teamspeak he said that the new i7 was going to be like nothing before. A year later it came out.

Eric Albertsson says:

So the setup with the 750 gets 100 fps at 1080, but also at 4k?? at 1:55

gendalfff says:

should’ve compared to the sandy bridge, the 6xx and 7xx were fails imo, compared to the core2quad and 2xxx success

VujaDe says:

Moore’s Law Is about transistor count not speed

M i t c h B says:

4690K OC’d to 4.7ghz is still my pride and joy i5.

VnuReo says:

You should have compared the 7600k just because of the 4 cores

Sali Ali says:

Perfect for 9 years old CPU, if you got first gen i7 you don’t need anything else for gaming.
I’m still with i7-3770K and GTX 1080 and believe me there is no noticeable FPS difference with same card compared to 7th gen I7 of my friend.

Cap'n 01 says:

Why not the 8700k

The Final Illusion says:

The law, in this case, doesn’t hold up when the manufacturers are holding back what they release to public. Elon shot a rocket into space and they have drones that ship me Jolly ranchers, Intel and AMD are holding back 🙁

Connor Tripp says:

Should’ve done an apples to apples comparison.. disable two cores on the 8600k and keep the clocks the same at 4GHz. You would see only a few frames difference if at all

Akash Yadav says:

CPU performance has been stagnant for almost a decade. I was completely Happy with my Phenom X6 1090T. Most games and software ran fine. Just upgraded to Ryzen 1700, although I can feel the speed difference it’s still not night and day. I would have not upgraded, but my PSU failed and it roasted my motherboard and my CPU as well.

joblessalex says:


Escalofrios29 says:

The comparaison maybe was better wit a i5 7600k because the 7600k=4 cores and the 8600k is 6 cores, the i5 750 whith his 4 cores maybe can’t be a contender to the 8600k and the 7600k will be a more equal competitor

Harry says:

I had an i5-760 up until last year when I fully upgraded my system. Worked it hard, got it and a 560Ti for Skyrim. Though, you should have looked at actual CPU tasks rather than just gaming as that is primarily GPU based

Stooo Marshall says:

How would the two processors compare at comparable clock speeds? I’d be interested in the results of both CPUs clocked at 4ghz…

MonkaS says:

This goes to show how much Monopoly Intel has had through 8 years and it makes me mad, fuck Intel.

Berserkir 79 says:

Great video and all, but i noticed a big brain fart in the PUBG gameplay. Why the hell did you swap from Lvl3 vest to lvl2?!? xD

Hans Wessel says:

i7 975 @ 4.2 ghz here… Runs perfect on my sabretooth x58. But I’m thinking of upgrading to a 8700 now because some games are bottlenecking on my cpu now..

wizzardoffuzz says:

quick maths brian. its double the performance every 2 years so after 2 years 100% better, afer 4 years 200% better, after 6 years 400% better, after 8 years 800% better. that means only doubling performace oveer 8 years is 12.5% of expected. not 25%

Pendemic says:

Definitely a fan of these videos! Keep em up. I wanna build a used budget build soon!

Jake Hardy says:

shouldn’t they both be clocked as 4ghz for comparison? and measure preform, power draw, etc?

Vinicius Consorte says:

1Ghz extra per core, IPC improvements and 2 more cores, paired with DDR4, PCI-E Slot improvements, if the difference was less than what was showed here i would be surprised.

A hell of a lot of time gone by….

William Baldwin says:

Once again, a video comparing only video games on a tech channel, not what the majority of users will use a computer for. Also, there is way more than performance that makes modern CPUs better than the older ones. A bit one to talk about is power usage/ TDP. You will notice a huge decrease in power usage/ heat in 8 years, which by the way was Intel’s main focus, and still is. If you go by what Intel was, and still is focusing on, they have done an amazing job improving their processors. I will take a processor that only has about a 15% increase in overall performance, but uses 75% less power to run it any day.

Shellz Hilol says:

Moores law stopped? Rofl you gotta be kidding me dude. You compared fairly good i5 750 (budget cpu) to i5 8600k (budget cpu). It’s obvious that you wont see 400% or 500% difference on i5 lineup in 8 year span. And btw if you compared i5 750 to i9 Black Edition X series or Threadripper or some insane new CPU that they’ve created (in that 8 year span) you’d see that number of transistors match moores law, hell i’d even say it’s exceeded long time a go. I like the video of used Hardware but keep your shit together when you go against science.

Sony Wong says:

maybe you should compare the temperature between those cpus, not only the fps results…

Jorma Jurrila says:

You can get almost equally good results with even older Xeon or Core 2 Quad LGA775 processors…

a7dfj8aerj says:



I had to retire my i5 760 because it started to bottleneck my GTX 1070 at high framerates (over 120fps). It’s a beast it lasted me for more than five years. As long as you don’t have a beast graphics card and high refresh rate monitor, the first gen is still going strong guys.

Scott Snider says:

Because Intel got lazy. There’s been nearly zero performance increase from the 4th to 8th gen. They’ve stayed on 14 nm for like 5 years while everyone else is moving on to 12 and 7 nm

Ray Ward says:

Talking about cheap hardware….I pickup up a CoolerMaster k350 case (new) off gumtree for $40 and old mate was like “I got an OEM dell MOBO with a c2 q8400 and 2x2gb ddr2 I can throw in it for an extra $20” so I was like fuck it…..why not.

From a quick 5 second glance through the window, it looked like any older OEM dell board (green and gross) and cooler, I noticed the “ddr2” sticks were red, sinked Gskill DDR3 1333 sticks……and there was 4 of them.

To my surprise I got home to find an i5 760, 4x2gb DDR3 1333c7 and a dell 1156 h57? Board…..for $20. So to say I touched myself heavily that night was an understatement.

Daniel Smith says:

I still run on one xD

R Visscher says:

I’m curious about the difference between an i3 350 vs q6600 overclocked, I think the q6600 will win because of the security updates of win 10 which made the i3 350 much slower,
greets from holland! & hope you make a video aboud it!

rbc21 says:

Wow it’s still holding up

IntoTheVortex says:

Really 4ghz vs 5ghz (+xtra cores). Come on. Really? Really????

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