The BEST X370 Motherboard? Meet the Asrock Taichi Ft. DADMAN

Is the Asrock X370 The Best AM4 X370 Motherboard to get? Well today I do a review of the Taichi to put it through all the usual paces, and not only is it one of the most awesome boards for x370, but it is also a seriously good price/performer as well.

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caziqqxe says:

pls do an asus x370 crosshair vi

jayant khollam says:

bro can u make review of Asus b350m-a & biostar b350 gt3 (this 1 has dual bios) plzzz

2LoLGaming says:

WTF he only says random numbers… Feels bad i dont know what to buy i dont want to spend more than 80 pounds on a motherboard help me!!!!!

Alex Bevan says:

ur dads cool as hell

Anti-Gravity Gaming says:

I think the AsRock x370 Fatality Gaming Pro is best.

Hardik Patoriya says:

And where is the Display Port? HDMI? VGA? for this Top end model of ASROCk?

P.S. GPU will get Later?

fede lopez says:


Musky Elon says:

Ok I’m tyring to decide on a board. The Gigabyte K7 looks awesome but has some bad reviews. I want maximum fexibilty and connectivity for future growth. This Taichi has good reviews, what do you think? The single bios is a big negative.

canuck21 says:

Can anyone please explain the lower M.2 slot? It is an M.2 PCI Express module up to Gen2 x4 instead of Gen3 x4. What does it really mean? Can I still put any M.2 NVMe PCI-Express SSD there?

Sergey Kislyak says:

Man I need you to review the biostar X370GT7, no one is doing it properly, but this thing turned out to be a piece of crap for memory support… I’m thinking about even switching to a different board, rather than buying really expensive memory that might not even run close to its factory specs.

Rick Cash says:

Is ASRock ASUS’s second tier models? If so, how can it be better than ASUS mobo?

Larry Costa says:

As an owner of this board, I can say it’s great. I love the power delivery like you said. For 199 with a $40 rebate from Newegg, this exceeded expectations.

Storm Jones says:

Brian, it’s always a pleasure watching your videos. You’re one of the few youtubers who we can tell actually enjoys what you’re doing.

Umbles says:

I love this motherboard, I was super fortunate to have it show up one of the times I refreshed the page, since NewEgg’s email alert wasn’t working. It promptly sold out just 30 min after I got mine, and it’s still sold out now. But again, LOVE this board. Would recommend 10/10.

Jdjd Jdif says:

Seems like successfully operating.
May I ask what memory on it?

DonutMan 100 says:

I was lucky to get this sucker before it went out of stock 10 minutes later. Now I just need my 1700 to pair with it 😀

teeblack06 says:

i like this board and the color scheme

Stephen Rimington says:

Asrock Taichi Ft. DADMAN love the motherboard and the build baddasss mate

B Mcginnis says:

IMO, Asrock is the top mobo manufacture now. I’ve been an Asus fanboy since the 478. They have been dropping in quality and features – increasing their margins by keeping their prices high. Just compare the Strix Z270 matx against the Gene VIII. Same price and the Gene VIII has dozens more features.

I will be going with the pro4 matx board when I can find them in stock.

Red Phoenix says:

@6:14 That’s frustrating, even the Aussies get a better deal on this mainboard than the EU fags. 🙁

Steve RX4 says:

The X370 TaiChi has some good and some not so good. I think the Crosshair 6 is a better, but more expensive, mobo. Bios was easy to update by downloading the latest to usb and booting into bios and choosing instant flash. But the manuals for the TaiChi board and bios are crap – they show virtually no detail. And bios would be better showing BCLK and keeping the voltages – fixed or offset – near BCLK.
I got to 3950 on my 1700 at 1.425v, but am happier leaving my cpu at 3900 with 1.375v. (using offset voltages). My GSkill 3200-14 ran 3466 just by choosing it and leaving settings at Auto – but only for 3900 CPU.

Franky Franky says:

Hey you have whisky 5:46 Bottle in the back of your room , drink ehh mann !!!!! Hahahaha

moo factory says:

did they fix the bios yet?

Barış Mekik says:

I just have one question, can this motherboard handle 144hz while gaming i couldnt find it its own specification

abiem zorg says:

yeah those bclk bios so suck for memory oc but its most beffy mobo x370


I loved the taichi series
the x99 taichi is very good

Ramzinho says:

Keep it up man. love that audio segment 😀 made me fall off my chair 😀

Stephen Rimington says:

more and more Aussies mate are fans crikey bonza

MidnightPikachu says:

Does it have aura headers?

Shaxuul says:

Why is this particular board so highly sought after? What exactly sets it “apart” from similar X370 boards?

Medokn says:

dat intro

Darkpharoh says:

Wanted it but it was always sold out Happy with my Fatality K4 and works fine and was only 140 US dollars. My 1800x runs at 4075 at 1.37 volts ran it stable at 4125 at 1.40 volts.

TigerArmy1962 says:

@4:45 Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). What is that? Forgot to install drivers?

SubVersaXTZX says:

that “tech city” in bg look alot like pornhub lol(colours)

MrRaivokasMagma says:

Dadman’s the best.

Taha Mudassir says:

You should compare more MBs with it.

kamata93 says:

The only problem for me with this motherboard is not enough System Fan headers. The Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 seems a better buy for me. Both look awesome though.

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