Skylake Overview – G4400 / i3-6100 / i5-6500 / i5-6600k / i7-6700k – H110 / H170 / Z170

With all the choices of CPUs and Motherboards out there, it can be quite confusing what to get, what each one does, and why you should consider each one.

This is my summary of the 5 CPUs and 3 Motherboards worth considering either for an upgrade for an older machine, or a new build. Which one works for you depends on your needs.

First, we have the lower end third, the H110 Chipset motherboard and the Pentium G4400 and Core i3-6100. These are best for basic computing tasks and light gaming. If you have the budget, get the i3-6100, it is the long term bargin of the two CPUs, but the G4400 is fast for the price.

Intel Pentium G4400 – –

Intel Core i3-6100 – –

(Which motherboard you get depends on the type of RAM you’re using, if upgrading and keeping your old RAM, you likely need the DDR3 version, if buying new, get whichever costs less and RAM to match)

ASUS H110M-A D3 (DDR3) Motherboard – –

ASUS H110M-A (DDR4) Motherboard – –

Second, we have the middle option, the H170 Chipset motherboard and the Intel Core i5-6500. This is by far the most recommended option, and it should meet the needs of about 3/4 of computer users in my opinion.

Intel Core i5-6500 – –

(Which motherboard you get depends on the type of RAM you’re using, if upgrading and keeping your old RAM, you likely need the DDR3 version, if buying new, get whichever costs less and RAM to match)

ASUS H170M-E D3 (DDR3) Motherboard – –

ASUS H170M-Plus (DDR4) Motherboard – –

Finally we have the enthusiast/performance option, the Z170 Chipset Motherboard and the Intel Core i5-6600K and i7-6700K. This is for the top end of the market, either gamers who want the maximum performance for a gaming rig, or professional content creators looking to build a machine that handles video, images, and/or 3D content with ease.

Intel Core i5-6600K – –

Intel Core i7-6700K – –

ASUS Z170-A Motherboard – –

Anandtech Gaming Performance Review

This link will show how there is almost zero difference between the i5 and i7 K CPUs for gaming.

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Darrny H. says:

would it be fine to put an i5 6400 in the h110m motherboard?

Syed Mubashir says:

Love you video, very detail and good tips…. Thank You

Emmanuel Marshsll says:

i wanna believe you but i cant trust sombody who says 2 out of 3 75 percent of people #canitruncrysis


I love your videos very much

Rules Mugen says:

If i don’t overclock my i5 6600k then is that cooler master 212x cpu cooler is enough for me?

Mr. Y says:

You cleared my all doubts. thank you sir.

Cristian Sosa says:

thx tech deals. love you’re videos.

Simon Laliberté says:

Wow good video, do it still make sense to buy the i5-6500 and the ASUS H170M-Plus in 2017 ?

Fooblefud says:

Good clear vid- nice

Nikos says:

Hello Tech Deals. First of all congrats for your reviews. They are as detailed as needed.
I have a 5 year old PC.
Current hardware
Motherboard: Gigabyte H61MA D3V
CPU: Intel i3 3320

I have started the search for the upgrade components for my PC. I am between 2 motherboards:
Asus ATX DDR4 Motherboards
I want your opinion, as tech expert

Manas Dubey says:

why you don’t added b250 and b150 Mobo?

Xavier Stankowski says:

I gotta i5-6600k hyper 212 evo, gtx 1050 TI, can I upgrade to 1060 gtx ?

Wolfgang TRO says:

That’s what i looking for. Tnx

Matt788 _ says:

SOMEONE HELP! Is it ok if I get the H110M-A and an I5??????

Shiladitya Biswas says:

I mean Sir you can be the best teacher ever, the way you explain is so fluid and easy to understand. I wish if you were my teacher, would have scored high in my academics. You’ve earned a subscriber.

Dylano Boellaard says:

At 17:08 i rly hoped you said f*ck you xD

And thx for this 1 year old video! I was planning on getting the I5 6600, GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6GB, 16 GB DDR4 ram and the mobo i’m not sure yet when i have the money for it but now i will get the I5 6500 since it’s 20€ more expensive then the 6600 and it has 1Mhz more.
Thank you @Tech Deals for making this video to save me some money! 😀

Sean Eredia says:

I know its a bit late, but why did you recommend i5 6500 instead of the cheaper i5 6400?


Keep up the good work sir.

Gordez says:

which H110 motherboard will work with i5-6500? please reply

Jerry25 says:

I want to game, and I can’t decide between two CPU’s. Should I get the i5-7600k or the i5-6500?

Sylux Ben says:

I came from the future! AMD is now better than Intel :v

mininijafan says:

i have g4400 and i play gta 5, nba 2k17, at 30 – 60 fps

pon anbu says:

Will H110 m with i5 -6500 and 8gb ram deliver the same performance as H170 with i5- 6500, 8gb ram ?

Melicore says:

Will the i 5 4460 go with h170 motherboard ?

Brandon Camarillo says:

Hey tech deals. If I wanted to start streaming my gameplay (over watch, bf1, world of warships) would you suggest upgrading my 7500 to a 6600k?

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