Should You Get a Budget Chipset Motherboard?

Should You Get a Budget Chipset Motherboard?
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Alberto Montes says:

I just get a cheap Z170, I got a gigabyte Z-170 HD3P, it was 120 when I got it… overclocks… it’s good enough

Robert Drake says:

Screw Fractal. NO quality control, got mine with a huge warp in the case (not that one, a R4).

Kevin White says:

so do b250m motherboards require a flash to work with kaby chips? specifically the g4560?

Horde Republic says:

Thank you very much I learned alot from this!

Setto Arisaki says:

1:00 i thought it was photoshopped in really badly lol

White Supremacist Hate Symbol says:

I fucked up recently, I bought a z170 motherboard for an i5 6500

Tang chueng khai says:

Is mobo affects GPU overclocking?

lexii miller says:

Remember when you didn’t HAVE to go with Z for overclocking. My p67 still doin well.

⊆Roovy⊇ says:

AM$ isn’t here yet! Where are you? Come out. Don’t be shy litle AM4.

TheGamingSeal 17 says:

I don’t really care for overclocking as it is kinda unnecessary.

MotoK tips says:

intel hustling people with chipsets every year…



Steven Chang says:

Great video!

Leo D. Astoria says:

I got the i5 6600k for really cheap then yesterday I found a Gigabytes GA-H170-D3HP for 50$, soooo cheap I got to buy it lol

Zephir il ventilatore chiassoso says:

8:00 what does that “indipendent displays” mean? If I get a h110 mobo I won’t be able to connect 3 displays? But wasn’t that a gpu thing?

jholotan best says:

First the whole z or x thin is totally bs and because we can’t change it I would like to see some lower end motherboards whit overclockability whit lower end chip sets because and don need that many usb and sata ports

Anshuman Walvekar says:

I’m getting a G4560 with gtx 1050 ti should I get a B250 motherboard or a H110

Michael Novak says:

how much faster is it to have wifi capable motherboards? Is it worth it? im just peasant mechanic, my nerd friend gets mad at me because, I want to spring for the x99.

he whined about muha USBs get worn out and its going to be replaced soon and you dont need all that.

I want to play arma, and swicth over from console gaming, due to the new generation of console’s coming soon.

Lawrence Lemalu says:

Would 2666mhz ram work on a B150 board?

Just some satanist. says:

does it have an integrated sound card?

TrainTruck says:

i really need to know this please awnser i want to buy a intel i5 6600k now i the motherboard i was going to buy is a msi gaming m3 b150 will it work please awnser

All Black Everything says:

are you overclocking? z170. Not overclocking? not z170. question answered in a few seconds.

Thomas Alexander Holm SPE Fælleshåbsskolen says:

If you dont like Black and red, you should not go with MSI

It's Just EMU! says:

ffs I wish u uploaded this before I ordered my mortar b150m motherboard!!!

zaid achmed says:

What about h110

Juan Manuel says:

i’m going nuts trying to choose a z170 motherboard… there are way to many models… and i just need one that lets me overclock a 6700k to the fullest on air. no sli no crossf… gadgets i don’t care… how can i choose knowing what i need ?

Cam Liddle says:

Does the B150 support/have PWM? My main question is if i can use the new Corsair ML120 fans with my computer

Validifyed says:

So I litterally just played the video, and at the end realised I hadnt been paying any attention to it… oops.
Anyone got a Tl;Dr? lol

Beast says:

Props for the pun in the beginning XD

What...the...funk! says:

This is the struggle I have currently so many choices and features I go blind researching and reading reviews. But then I have a aw x51 r2 and yes we can. I prefer a sff not a hulking monster case.

Jaydaks rules says:

i messed up hadnt built a pc in a few years and i went b150 on my i7 6700k cause it looked better asshole at store didnt set me right grrr would buy new MB but then ill need new windows FML!

Quenton Wong says:


Dogman _27 says:

No offence, but your face kinda looks like a pig’s one. 😀

Adam Vošahlík says:

I’m building a 300$ pc. So….

ronjonsurf39 says:

“when AMD’s AM4 is available in 2016” lol thats a nice thought

JMar119 says:

creepy crackhead neck scratch

Bone Crushing Metal says:

If you get something like an I3, aren’t looking to spend a lot and aren’t majorly concerned with future upgrades go with a B150. If you want something with headroom yet don’t plan on overclocking at least get an H170 chipset. If you have a K series CPU always get the top of the line chipset for overclocking.

Dominic Carnaje says:

it must very nice to leave in your country. the b150 only cost around $120, while here cost $250-300 while the z170 around $400-500.

Andrew Sheehan says:

I honestly thought the B150 chipset was better then the H170 chipset. I have been using the b150 chipset for the past year and no regrets using it. Actually my favorite one but, definitely learned something. Thanks Paul!

Master Xehanort says:

I’m getting an ASUS H170

AtomicAJ74 says:

I disagree with the philosophy of only buying a motherboard with an overclocking chipset when buying a “K” CPU. There is no problem or downside to buying a 6700K and running it at default speeds. You’re still getting higher performance for a modest increase in cost. It’s not hard to find yourself buying a board with the features and layout you want that doesn’t lend itself to overclocking.

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