PC Motherboard Sizes as Fast As Possible

ATX, mATX, mITX, eATX – All of these are different sizes can be confusing and this video explains what’s up with each of them!

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Guys I’m aware of the buzzing in the audio… Something was interfering with my mic… Nothing we can do about it 🙁


STEVIE G4M1NG & Vlogs says:

None Of These Are As Small As A Raspberry Pi

josepabloramirez10 says:

donde se puede ver este vídeo subtitulado en español?!

7249xxl says:

Do one about Half SSI motherboards like the ASUS z10PH.D16

sirderpalot says:

getting really good at those transitionssss

Ninja Cat says:

What is uatx?

RRGS_Omen says:

That was too much information to sink in XD!!!!

HellGod67 says:

Did you voice spongebob? ;D

Gokul Rama says:

I love how Linus transitions to the topic of SquareSpace in every single video

BleachGaming says:

is this a good pc build?

Case: A Cardboard Box
Motherboard: Paper With A Drawing Of A Motherboard
RAM: 1 Byte Of Paper Ram
CPU: Cat Food
PSU: A Power Cable
CPU Cooler: Fidget Spinner
HDD: Phone
Graphics Card: GTX 0 Ti
Keyboard: iPhone 4s Home Button
Mouse: Paper
OS: Windows ME

Salman Sohail says:

But my mini itx has 4 memory slots wtf

rudteko says:

im changing itx

Tom Read says:


Christopher DeFabis says:

what about btx from dell

Spork Man says:

Size doesn’t matter

Maxwell Duffy says:

I know this is going to sound funny, but for videos like these i wish they weren’t fast

Singularity says:

The green screen is annoying the hell out of me

Pavel Plyushch says:

Someone got a horrible sense of squared, 170 mm squared is 170mm*1mm, a board like microacx is 28900mm squared.

Mulchy YT says:

Thanks for this, I was trying to find a regular ATX because I didn’t think a Micro ATX would fit my ATX case but I think it will

Dominik Müka says:

Just search HPTX
thank me later

Gleb Belogolovtsev says:


Riztech 101 says:

Thanks for the video it really helped!

EJ fabskie says:

thanks for this informative video, came here just to know if which mobo can fit at corev21 😀

BlueAcid9 says:

What is an “expansion card”? Is there a limit on how many I/O rear and front ports a motherboard can have? Video/audio, USB, etc…

Tadgh O Leary says:

no no no! It’s 177 squared mm2 not 177mm2 !!!

Kevin Grahv says:

Does anyone else notice that after a short duration, he looks away from the camera

Perseus3248M says:

Extended advanced technology…. Extended?

Craig Lowrey says:

he talks too fast

Brum Kid says:

Has this guy had lessons from the war criminal Blair on using he`s hands all the time he talks, it drives me mad can he please put them in he`s pocket.

random stuff says:

Now i think you can get 10 cores on mitx because i saw a x99 mitx mobo and the 6950x has 10 cores

Дмитрий Лопатин says:

ATX – Advanced Technology eXtended. O_o
E-ATX – Extended Advansed Technology eXtended?

Flowty says:

I´ll stick to my
Palit GTX1060 3GB
12GB 1600mhz ddr3 ram

GP Patrol says:

why is there so much rustling noise god it hurts my ears

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