Original Microsoft Xbox Motherboard Comparison

Comparing the v1.0 (April-2002) and v1.6 (November-2004) motherboard of the original Microsoft Xbox sytems to see the progress on manufacturing process.


WellBeSerious12 says:

What are the motherboard dimensions? Will a MicroATX board fix in the case?

Austin Souslin says:

that will get extened life for xbox 1.0-1.5 consoles the v1.6 xboxes need clock cap. xboxes v1.0-1.5 need remove clock caps

Austin Souslin says:

there is link http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/does-a-v1-6-xbox-need-its-clock-capacitor-removed-replaced.57809/for clock capacitor removal only for 1.0-1.5 xbox versions don’t remove clock capacitor on v1.6a-1.6b

Mvds100 says:

Nice video. Miss the podcast 🙁

s l u m p 2 k says:

whats that white stuff

. says:

so did u completely remove the nvidia fan? I need to do somthing about that on mine and if I can just get an 80mm fan like you to shut it up, i will

mistahsnart says:

Cool accent. My cousin is from Scotland too!

Felix Kjellberg says:

Are you selling these units? Would love to get one.

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